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Teddi Mellencamp & Erika Make Up In France On 'RHOBH'

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills group trip to a French chateau wasn't without conflict, and despite seemingly working things out in the Jun. 25 episode, Teddi Mellencamp and Erika's feud on RHOBH still doesn't seem a hundred percent resolved. It began in the previous episode, when Kyle Richards and Teddi tried to get Erika to talk about an incident in which Lisa Rinna had unflatteringly impersonated her. They wanted Erika to admit that she was offended, but Erika genuinely didn't seem to care, which apparently upset the other women. Teddi thought she was being "fake" by not admitting that the impersonation was weird and mean, while Erika grew frustrated by the other women trying to tell her how to feel.

The next morning, Erika woke up with a bad migraine, which understandably affected her mood throughout the day. She wasn't able to participate in a wine tasting along with the other ladies, which meant, among other things, she was ill and sober while everyone else was drinking and having a good time.

"When you don’t drink, you get a little irritated with the drunks," she said in a confessional interview. But the group took her grumpiness personally and Kyle accused Erika of "being in a bad mood all the time." Needless to say, the last thing anyone wants to hear when they're in a bad mood is how upset their bad mood is making other people.

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On the ride home from the wine tour, Kyle and Teddi discussed how Erika never seemed to be having any fun. "Sometimes it feels she’s annoyed to be hanging with us," Kyle remarked. So Teddi confronted Erika about their tense dinner the night before, assuming there were some linger feelings over it. That devolved into its own argument — just as Erika was starting to feel better — which resulted in yet another bad night. The next morning, Teddi finally spoke to Erika one-on-one and apologized for internalizing her bad mood. Said Teddi:

"I want to start by apologizing. I'm sorry. I take full responsibility for bad behavior last night. What I was trying to say is, one-on-one, you are above kind, you are a good friend, you're nice, all of those things. And then sometimes when we're in the group and...you seem irritated, I think I take it on and I feel almost uncomfortable."

Teddi admitted to being "drunk and stupid" when Erika pointed out that she wasn't being herself. For her part, Teddi seemed genuinely apologetic and understanding of her own role in getting overly involved in Erika's feelings.

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Erika urged Teddi not to take it so personally when she felt grouchy, and promised that it had nothing to do with the group. Erika wanted Teddi to know that it wasn't a sign of two-facedness that she was sometimes nice and sometimes irritated; that's literally just how emotions work.

"I'm accepting Teddi's apology because Teddi beats herself up more than anyone else," Erika later said in a confessional interview. "She feels bad enough."

That may be true, but unless Teddi can actually get to the root of why she takes responsibility for Erika's negative feelings, this conflict is only going to repeat itself.