'Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska Chose A Beautiful & Unique Name For Baby No. 3

by Brianna Wiest

Chelsea Houska is officially a mom of three. After weeks of fan speculation that she was in labor, Houska finally gave birth to her daughter. On Wednesday, she took to Instagram to inform fans of the long-awaited news. Aside from the delivery, Chelsea Houska's baby name is here, and honestly, it's so unique and so pretty.

"Happy birthday to YOU, sweet baby Layne," she captioned the first photo of her daughter. Fans immediately started flooding the comments of the photo, sharing their congratulations with the new mom, as well as pointing out an important detail: baby Layne was actually born on Houska's birthday (August 29). "Congratulations to you, Cole, Aubree and Watson! And Happy Birthday to you as well!" one fan comment read. "Happy birthday momma bear and baby bear Layne," read another.

Fans had been speculating for weeks on when Houska was going to deliver, though just a couple of days prior to her daughter's birth she actually revealed some of her plans for delivery. "I can promise everyone that whenever I AM in labor... nobody will know.. and there def won’t be posts and silly little articles about it," In Touch Weekly reported she responded to a fan on Twitter, who linked to an article that claimed she was getting ready to deliver.

Houska also addressed two very important fan questions in the comments of the post: first, how to actually pronounce her daughter's name, and then what her middle name is. According to the new mom, Layne is pronounced like "Lane," just with a different spelling.

And as for her middle name? It's Ettie.

A few days before she gave birth, Houska took to Twitter again to joke about the struggles of her third trimester, which TBH, every mom can probably relate to. "I read something that said at this stage of pregnancy, the baby is so smooshed in there that the big kicks will now just be small jabs," she posted. "I’m here to tell you that is FALSE. There’s nothing small about these jabs to the ribs."

She also polled her Twitter followers to see whether or not it was more common to go into labor in the day or in the night (interestingly, it turned out to be a pretty fascinating social experiment). "So I’m just curious... I went into labor in the middle of the night with Aubree and Watson... and I’m anxious to see what happens with this baby. Did you go into labor during the DAY or NIGHT?" she wrote. As of Wednesday, the results came in as 43 percent went into labor in the day, and 57 percent when into labor at night.

Houska first announced her pregnancy back in March, OK! reported, sharing a sonogram of her daughter on a letter board with a bow on the top. "....GUESS WHAT! A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited!" she wrote. Among the flood of congratulatory responses, one fan predicted the delivery almost exactly. "You should have her on August 28th so her and my daughter can have the same birthday," they wrote. She ended up delivering Layne on August 29... which was Houska's birthday.

As Houska and her husband Cole DeBoer are probably just adjusting to life as a family of five, fortunately, it seems like they're willing to share it all with the loyal fans that have followed Houska over the last decade.