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'Teen Mom OG's Amber Portwood Shared A Super Sweet Update On Her Pregnancy With Baby No. 2

Although she stars on the show, Amber Portwood is no longer a Teen Mom. The 27-year-old is mom to an 8-year-old daughter, Leah and is currently expecting a second child with her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. Since she announced her pregnancy last year, people could not be any more excited for the Teen Mom OG star — and Amber Portwood's latest pregnancy update means that baby number two will be here before you know it.

Portwood announced that she was expecting her second child in November, according to E! News, when she confirmed the news in a tweet. "Thank you everyone for all the kind words!," Portwood tweeted, according to E! News. "I'm very excited for my future with Andrew and the little family we are starting together! Love."

In the five months since then, Portwood's pregnancy has been progressing along. And on Wednesday, Portwood provided a pretty great pregnancy update informing all of her fans about her progress with her second time around. In the photo, posted to Instagram, Portwood posed for a selfie at the doctor's office, looking more than happy to be there. Glennon, on the other hand, looks intently focused on a book. "Andrew reading his baby book and me making sure little James is a healthy boy!! #lifeisbeautiful," Portwood captioned the photo.

But this isn't the only pregnancy update that Portwood has provided fans. Although she has a few more weeks left in her pregnancy, according to People, there are plenty of details that fans do know about her upcoming birth.

In December, just one month after her big announcement, Portwood revealed that she was expecting a baby boy, her first, according to Us Weekly. At the time, Portwood made the announcement on Twitter in a seasonally appropriate way — through a Christmas ornament stating "It's a boy." Teen Mom OG cameras later caught Portwood's anatomy scan for a Teen Mom OG episode that aired in February. During the episode, Portwood revealed to her doctor that her daughter "wanted a little baby brother."

But during the episode, according to People, Portwood's doctor revealed that she was carrying one very stubborn baby (because she couldn't get a good look at the baby's anatomy). "That is a boy, a very little stubborn baby boy," the doctor said, according to People. "Super stubborn."

After informing her fans about the baby's anatomy, Portwood also revealed that her baby boy had a name in a super subtle way. After Portwood's brother, Shawn Portwood, tweeted at his sister that he had just completed a gift for his sister and her baby on the way, she tweeted back that she couldn't wait to see the gift and that "little James" would love the gift, according to People. This led many people to believe the baby's name is James and Portwood's pregnancy update on Wednesday confirms this. Portwood and Glennon are definitely expecting a baby boy named James.

The baby's arrival might be here sooner than expected. In February, according to In Touch Weekly, Glennon reportedly posted on Instagram that Portwood is due this Mother's Day on May 13, meaning the baby will be here before fans even know it. Although Portwood revealed to Us Weekly that she was a little scared at the beginning of this pregnancy, she has been super happy and excited for the arrival of her baby boy. "I just kind of sat down and thought about it and realized that it was a big step in my life and it was a good thing actually, and I was really happy within 30 minutes," Portwood told Us Weekly.

Hopefully the next pregnancy update that fans get will be a birth announcement from Portwood and Glennon.

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