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Here's How Teens Can Workout & Stay Active For *FREE* All Summer Long

For most teens, summertime is relaxation time — hours spent on the couch catching up on favorite TV shows, beating your own high score on the latest video game, and generally loving a homework free lifestyle. But there are some that enjoy a more physical brand of summer entertainment. And for those that don't, here's some news that might give them a little more incentive. Teens can workout at Planet Fitness for free this summer and there's a special incentive in it for all of them.

High school students ages 15-18 can workout for free at their local Planet Fitness starting Wednesday, May 15 through Sunday, Sept. 1, according to CBS News Denver.

All they have to do is walk in to the location of their choice, sign a waiver (mom has to be present if under 18) and jump right into their gym workout. The promotion also includes free workout classes through Planet Fitness PE@PF program. At least one class a day is offered Monday through Friday.

And this might be the best part of all: All teens who sign up for the free summer program will be entered into the Teen Summer Challenge Scholarship Sweepstakes. Fifty one teens will receive a $500 scholarship with one grand prize winner receiving a $5,000 scholarship. A total of $30,500 in scholarships will be awarded, according to ABC News.

Right now, there are 1,700 Planet Fitness locations in the United States, so it shouldn't be hard to find the closest option. You can look it up on the site's gym finder feature.

And if parents want to workout along side their teens, getting a membership is basically stress free, as they start at just 10 dollars a month and there's no commitment, according to the company's pricing info page. You won't need to worry about carving out time for the gym, because many Planet Fitness locations are open 24 hours, according to the Tampa Bay Times. You should check with your local Planet Fitness for their complete schedule.

This isn't the first time Planet Fitness has stepped in to help keep youth active within the community. They are active members of a nationwide anti-bullying campaign and have given out additional scholarships to deserving members of The Boys and Girls Club of America, according to the company's press releases.

Overall, Planet Fitness is known for their Judgement Free Zone promise, by creating an environment that promotes encouragement and understanding. And that's good for both parents and kids.

Why? A recent study by Planet Fitness showed that nearly two thirds of Americans feel that they need to get in shape before walking into a gym for the first time for fear of being judged, according to a company press release. About 42 percent of the people surveyed said their fear of judgement keeps them from pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

So, is your teen interested in hitting the gym this summer? If not, try the scholarship angle. Everyone could use some bucks for college. It's an expensive world out there!