Thank God For These 40 Cheap & Clever AF Products On Amazon

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Amazon is home to such a panoply of products, that it can be hard for the truly life-changing items to work their way to the top. Well, get ready to say hello to these cheap and clever AF products on Amazon that'll have you on your knees in gratitude that they exist. (Well, maybe not literally.)

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find: a set of super soft sheets with more than 77,000 five-star reviews(!) that cost less than the price of dinner; this great stroller organizer that makes it so much easier to head out for a walk or quick errand with your little one; or, for a little bit of outdoor fun, this lawn sprinkler that your kids will love skipping through while it waters the grass (because entertaining doesn't have to be expensive or complicated).

You're bound to see a few things that ring your bell on this list, and you'll feel great about adding them to your cart, since they're totally affordable, and above all — very useful. God knows we can all use a little help these days, so go ahead and let a little retail therapy brighten up your day.


This Natural Shampoo That's Packed With Biotin For Thicker, Fuller Hair

Help boost hair growth and nourish your scalp with this botanical shampoo. The volumizing formula is made with strengthening biotin, along with essential oils like rosemary and evening primrose to help stimulate growth, and tea tree to deeply cleanse your scalp. One reviewer wrote, "I wanted to find something that would stimulate my hair follicle (cause I prefer not to take pills) and this shampoo has definitely worked for me. It’s been about a month (April to May) and I can see my baby hairs coming back."


The Power Cube That Can Be Controlled From A Phone App

Plug in from any direction with this ingenious power cube that features three AC outlets and two USB ports. Even better, you can turn the cube on and off via the easy-to-download app, or by using voice commands when synced to your Alexa or Google assistant. Plus, it comes with a mounting system, so you can even install it to the underside of tables and desks.


These Eco-Friendly Makeup Remover Pads That Can Be Washed & Reused

Take off foundation, eye makeup, and more with these environmentally-friendly makeup remover pads made from sustainably-harvested bamboo. They're machine-washable, so you won't be adding to landfills, and they come with a laundry bag to keep them together in the wash. The set includes 12 velvety soft pads for day-to-day use and four scrubbing pads for exfoliating.


4.This Dehumidifier That Prevents Mold & Mildew Growth

Don't let the small footprint of this dehumidifier fool you; it's capable of removing moisture from spaces of up to 1,200 square feet, leaving the air dry and your home free of mold and mildew. With whisper quiet operation, this lightweight unit features an LED light that notifies you when it needs to be emptied, as well as an automatic shut-off function that turns it off when full.


An Brush-On Sunscreen That Also Refines Your Pores

This brush-on mineral sunscreen doesn't just protect you from UV rays, it also diminishes shine and blurs pores for a totally polished look. The SPF 30 formula is transparent, so it's suitable for all skin tones, and the addition of antioxidant-rich sea kelp works to soothe skin and boost protection.


This Plant-Based Bug Spray That Fends Off Mosquitos

For a natural way to repel mosquitos and other pests, check out this natural DEET-free bug spray made from oil of lemon eucalyptus. One application lasts for up to six hours, and the pleasant smelling formula is non-sticky and non-greasy, so you won't mind wearing it at all.


These Cold Therapy Slippers That Relieve Achey Feet

Keep these cold therapy slippers in the freezer and slip them on anytime your feet need some chilly relief. The one-size-fits-most slippers are ideal for reducing pain and swelling caused by pregnancy, running, or long hours on your feet, and they're also a great way to relieve pain caused by arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and other foot conditions.


This Foot Cream That Relieves Itching

If you've got dry, itchy feet, or yellowing toenails, this anti-fungal foot cream can be a great help. It makes use of nature's most powerful antimicrobials, like tea tree, rose, and eucalyptus essential oils, along with soothing lavender to fight fungus and bring feet back to prime condition.


The Gloves That Put The Moisture Back In Those Overwashed Hands

If you've been washing your hands on repeat, these moisturizing gloves will restore some much needed moisture back to your skin. Slip them on after applying lotion or cream, and they'll lock in the hydration while you sleep. Made from 100% cotton, they're lightweight, breathable, and will keep your sheets from getting greasy from any heavy-duty moisturizers.


These Child Locks That Keep Everything Safe

Keep cabinets and drawers safe from young prying hands with these child locks. Adjustable from 3 to 7 inches, they're backed with ultra-strong 3M adhesive that secures easily to any surface, and the sliding mechanism makes it easy for adults to unlock. Each order comes with four locks, but you can also opt for an eight-pack if you need more coverage.


The Fan That Makes Strolling So Much Cooler

This stroller fan is an easy way to keep your baby comfy and cool when you're out for a walk. Available in three colors, it features flexible arms that secure to the stroller, and the pivoting head means you can aim the breeze where you like. It operates on three speed settings and even has a built-in light for evening strolls.


A Stroller Organizer That Cuts Down On Stress

With this ingenious stroller organizer that fits right over the handle, you can keep everything you need right within reach. It features two holders (one for a bottle and one for a cup of coffee), an inner compartment, a zippered pouch, and a mesh pocket for your phone. Plus, it's waterproof, so you don't need to stress about spills.


These Car Seat Mats That Prevent Scuff Marks

Whether they can help it or not, your kids are going to kick the backs of your car seats. Luckily, these car seat kick mats can prevent permanent scuffs and damage. Adjustable to fit seats of all sizes, they loop right around the car headrest and latch at the bottom for a snug fit.


A Bandana That Helps You Stay Cool During Outdoor Fun

These cooling towels are an easy way to beat the heat when you're outside or working out. Just wet, wring, and snap to activate the unique cooling technology, then wrap around your neck like a scarf or even wear as a bandana. Each pack comes with four towels, and you can choose from several color combos.


This Cutting Board That Doubles As A Dish Basin

If you have a small kitchen, this cutting board that doubles as a dish basin is a great way to free up space. Collapse it and use as a cutting board to chop veggies during meal prep, and when dinner is done, pop it up and fill it with soapy water for cleanup.


A Glass Cook Top Cleaner That'll Make Your Stove Sparkle

Make your stove look brand new with this glass cook top cleaning set. The heavy-duty cleaning formula polishes and shines, while the specially designed, non-abrasive scrubber easily removes burned and stuck-on food. It even comes with a scraper in case you run into any tough spots. And with more than 5,000 five-star ratings, reviewers swear by the results.


This K-Beauty Mask That Brightens & Hydrates

A K-beauty fave, this hydrating mask will — in the words of one reviewer — "bring life back into your skin." This all-around fantastic formula work to soothe skin, diminish redness, prevent breakouts, and brighten your complexion. Use it two to three nights a week, and you'll feel like there's a filter on your face all the time.


This Multi-Purpose Organizer That Can Be Used Both Vertically & Horizontally

This organizer could be used in dozens of ways: Put it on your desk for storing office supplies, in your bathroom for your cosmetics, or on your dresser for jewelry. And it's versatile, too — use it horizontally for easy access or stand it up vertically to maximize space.


An Organizer That Keeps Your Sunglasses Safe

Calling all sunglasses connoisseurs: This sunglasses organizer keeps all your shades safe and easy to find. It hooks over your door or onto your closet rod and is made from soft felt to prevent lens scratches. It has space for up to 16 pairs and comes in color likes gray, rose, and light blue.


The Rotating Lawn Sprinkler That's Efficient — & Fun

Water the grass and throw epic sprinkler parties in the backyard with this rotating sprinkler. Covering up to 3,000 square feet, it attaches to a hose and features multipe spinning nozzles that can be adjusted for water density, size, and scope. Great for your grass and great for entertainment on hot days.


This Bag That Rids Your Yard Of Flies

For a pest-free backyard, hang this fly trap on a tree in the far corner. With a 40,000-bug capacity, the lure's scent attracts flies, so you can enjoy dinner on the patio without having to swat every few seconds. But be forewarned: The scent isn't pleasant to humans, so don't hang it right next to your patio.


A Desk Mat To Make Things Tidy

This desk mat is the perfect way to protect your desk from scratches, stains, and spills, and it doubles as a mouse pad, too. Made from faux leather and plant-based cork, it's water-resistant and wipes down easily with a damp cloth. It's available in three sizes and lots of colors, like lavender, wine red, and black.


These Straps That Make Your Mask More Comfortable

If your mask tugs at your ears or is loose around your nose and mouth, these mask straps are an easy way to get a better, more comfortable fit. Made from soft silicone, they rest against the back of your neck and feature multiple hooks for the mask loops, so they don't have go around your ears. This makes whizzing through grocery shopping so much less annoying.


These Acne Patches That Help Speed Up Healing Time

Diligently wearing masks comes with a small cost: maskne, also known as mask acne. These acne patches, though, are an excellent remedy. Made from translucent hydrocolloid dressing, they absorb excess oil, prevent irritation, and keep stray fingers from picking. Each order comes with 36 patches.


The Rotary Grater That's So Much Easier On Your Wrists

This rotary grater is perfectly engineered to produce grated cheese and veggies in a flash — and you won't have to wear out your wrist using it. Just insert your piece of food and turn the crank to grate. It comes with three barrel blades for coarse grating, fine grating, and slicing, along with a peeler and cleaning brush. Choose from five colors.


The Scrubbers That Do Your Dishes Without A Funky Smell

Designed to last seven times longer than traditional kitchen sponges, these scrubbers are an economical way to wash the dishes, and they're sanitary too: The wide netting doesn't harbor water, which means they're resistant to germ growth and odor. They're safe to use on most surfaces and can be put in the dishwasher for a refresh now and then.


A Tool That Opens Doors & Presses Buttons Hands Free

Obviously, we're all trying to do the "no touch" thing as much as possible, and this door opening tool is a great asset. Not only does it let you open variety of doors without having to use your hand, it also lets you punch elevator and crosswalk button. There's even a built-in stylus for ATM PIN pads. Even better? It loops onto your key ring, so you always have it nearby.


This Hair Rinse That Makes It Look Like You've Just Had A Blowout

This L'Oréal hair rinse is a fast and easy way to make your hair look like you just left the salon. Use the 8-second rinse between shampooing and conditioning, and it'll establish a shield around the hair's shaft to smooth the strand's surface without weighing it down. Ideal for fine and curly hair, it eliminates frizz and leaves behind a smooth and shiny mane.


This Baby Wipes Dispenser That Attaches To Your Stroller

This baby wipes dispenser loops onto your stroller handle, so you'll never be without wipes again. Made from water-resistant silicone, it features a tight seal and an inner spring that makes it easy to grab one wipe at a time. It holds up to 25 wipes, and the side opening makes it easy to add more at any time.


The Gadgets That Take The Guesswork Out Of Plant Watering

If you're heading out of town or just forget to water, check out these ingenious terra cotta plant watering spikes. Simply stick them in the soil with your plant, then insert a wine bottle filled with water into the opening. (The bottle will be upside down.) The water will very slowly flow through the terra cotta, supplying your plant with steady hydration.


This Easy Way To Mix & Chop At The Same Time

I love a two-in-one cooking gadget, and this combination mixer and chopper is no exception. Perfect for tasks like browning ground beef in a skillet or mixing ingredients for a homemade tomato sauce, it features beveled blades that gently chop while you stir. It's dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant up to 400 degrees.


These Magic Cleaning Pads That Erase Dirt, Scuffs, & More

For tough messes, there's nothing better than these magic cleaning pads that scrub off stains, grime, and even pen marks in a hurry. The non-abrasive pads are safe to use on all kinds of surfaces, including leather, marble, and steel, and of course — thy're ideal for those totally scuffed up walls. Each pack comes with 20 sponges for a thorough home cleaning.


A Squalane Moisturizer That's Super Protective

Derived from pure olive oil, this squalane moisturizer absorbs quickly and locks in hydration. With nearly 2,000 reviews and consistently high ratings, the lightweight, antioxidant-rich formula will leave skin protected from environmental damage. One reviewer wrote, "I swear its magic, there is no oily feel, my skin feels almost velvety and super hydrated."


The Pet Hair Remover That's A Cult Favorite

If you're tired of people asking you, "What kind of dog do you have?" the moment they see your furry sweater, this pet hair remover is for you. With a dual brush system, it effortlessly traps and removes fur when you run it back and forth across clothing or upholstery. When you're done, just open the chamber and dump the fur into the trash.


These Sheets That Make Your Bed Feel Luxe For Less

You'd expect to pay a lot more for these sheets, considering how soft and dreamy they are. Another popular pick with more than 100,000 glowing reviews, they're made from breathable and wrinkle-resistant microfiber, and even the pickiest sleepers swear by them. They're available in both regular and deep pocket fits, in dozens of colors, like paisley gray, burgundy, and striped blue.

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king


These Storage Hooks That Help Keep Your Car Organized

Instead of throwing stuff on the floor of your car, you can now hang your purse, backpack, or shopping bags neatly on these car storage hooks — which means nothing will tip over and spill when you take a tight turn. They loop around your car headrest and each set comes with two.


These Attachments That Turn Your Drill Into A Power Cleaner

With these power drill cleaning brush attachments, you can scrub your bathroom in record time. The nylon bristles won't scratch delicate porcelain, and the three brushes are shaped to take on different tasks. Scouring the tile, restoring the grout to like-new condition, and getting into the corners of your shower has never been easier.


The Facial Brush That Delivers A Spa-Like Treatment At Home

This sonic facial brush uses vibrations and magnetic beads to deeply cleanse skin, exfoliate, and stimulate circulation for a brighter, clearer complexion. It features four vibration modes and 24 bristle sizes to reach every level of skin, and it's waterproof, so you can pair with your favorite cleanser. Choose from three colors to get your own home spa treatment.


This Device Lets You Steam Your Face Like The Pros

For an at-home facial, use this next-level steamer that generates nano-ionic steam to more deeply penetrate skin. It's the most relaxing way to end your day, and it's ideal for opening up pores before applying serums and moisturizes, or before performing extractions (four extraction tools are included). Bonus: This is great for clearing sinuses when allergy season rolls around, too.


These Bamboo Cutting Boards That Double As Cheese Plates

Made from eco-sustainable bamboo, these cutting boards are pretty enough to double as serving platters for cheese, charcuterie, and other fancy snacks. The grooves around the perimeter catch runoff juices, so you don't have to deal with a messy counter, and the handles on the sides make transport easy. Each set comes with three cutting boards in different sizes.