Stuffing & Pumpkin Pie Pringles Exist, Bc Thanksgiving Is All About Being Extra

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If you think Thanksgiving is all that and a bag of chips, then I have some great news. Pringles flavored like classic Thanksgiving dishes are here for the holiday season, so you can snack on these rich tastes all month long. Basically, these chips are a real-life version of the Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum from Willy Wonka. It's an entire holiday meal in a can, so snackers everywhere can get their turkey fix any time.

Available in turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie flavors, the Thanksgiving Dinner Pringles are sure to generate some serious snacking buzz this holiday season. After all, the canned chip company is pretty spot-on when it comes to flavor recreations, as anyone who has sampled the cheeseburger or pizza Pringles knows. It's uncanny. So of course snack fans are pretty stoked for these chips to arrive.

The company launched a similar product last year, but the 2018 Thanksgiving chips are now more widely available. "When we launched Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner last year, it was so exciting to see Pringles fans’ positive reactions celebrating how insanely accurate the flavors were,” said Yuvraj Arora, senior vice president of marketing for Kellogg’s U.S. Snacks division, in a press release. “We knew that we had to get Pringles Thanksgiving flavors in more people’s hands this year — particularly hearing that Turkey, Stuffing and Pumpkin Pie not only were delicious, but truly tasted like the real deal." Now I'm seriously curious and eager to try out these flavors for myself. Can all the subtleties of roast turkey really come through in simple chip form?

That said, don't try to find these special chips in a store. They're only available online, if you want to order some Pringles Thanksgiving flavors and try them out for yourself, as noted on Elite Daily. The chips are for sale in a 3-pack for $15, and they're available until supplies run out. In other words, if you're curious about these quirky turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin chips, then buy a pack ASAP.

Some lucky snack aficionados have already sampled the chips and reported back with positivity. Although the turkey had a bouillon cube flavor, both the stuffing and pumpkin pie flavors were spot-on, according to The Takeout. Now I'm super excited to try the pumpkin chips, because it sounds like they're kind of savory. Yum.

If you want some other treats to round out the Thanksgiving snack feast, well, there are tons of unexpected options. For instance, Jeni's ice cream has a Thanksgiving collection with flavors like Pumpkin 5-Spice and Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallows, which honestly sound exquisite. Also on the ice cream front are the roasted cranberry sauce sorbet and roasted peach & sage cornbread stuffing ice cream from Salt & Straw. Really, there are so many ways to enjoy the classic Thanksgiving flavors without cooking a single thing.

Whether you're trying to fight off those stuffing cravings until the actual holiday hits, or you're just eager to host the most low-key Friendsgiving ever, these Thanksgiving-inspired snacks are worth a shot. Now, I just need someone to make gravy-flavored chips, because that's my vote for the best Thanksgiving day flavor of all.

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