This Code Will Get You 15 Percent Off *All* Mother's Day Arrangements From 1-800-FLOWERS

It might sound a little cliche, but one of my favorite parts of Mother's Day is waking up to a surprise bouquet. I never know what color or type of flowers there will be, and the fact that my kiddo was the one who picked them out makes it such a sweet tradition. And if my group of fellow mommy friends are any indication, an awesome arrangement is still a top way to celebrate the mom in your life. So you might be interested to know all about the best deals from the 1-800-FLOWERS Mother's Day sale. No matter your budget, style, or particular needs, there is a breathtaking bouquet for it all.

If you're wondering why flowers are such a big deal this time of year, you're not alone. In my findings, as it turns out, flowers have long since been a popular way to love, honor, and remember mothers. In fact, in Victorian era England, "children who worked away from home were able to take the Sunday off to visit their mothers and often picked up flowers, which they shared with their mothers in her honor," as 1-800-FLOWERS noted. Eventually, "Anna Jarvis started a letter writing campaign to establish an official Mother’s Day holiday after her own mother passed away — President Woodrow Wilson made it an official national holiday in 1914."

The best news is that there is a special code just for you. 1-800-FLOWERS has you covered this Mother's Day with 15 percent of your purchase (any off the site) when you use the code word ROMPER, and it's valid through May 31 — that's way later than Mother's Day, even, so you can buy a gorgeous arrangement for yourself or a loved one after the holiday just because.

Here are some beautiful offerings from their special Mother's Day collection to get you started.


Succulent Centerpiece

Succulent Centerpiece ($55, 1-800-FLOWERS)

Does your mom zig when others zag? If she marches to the beat of her own drum, then she'll love this twist on the traditional tabletop arrangement. The Succulent Centerpiece is sure to add a touch of intrigue to any room.


Vibrant Blooms Bouquet

Vibrant Blooms Bouquet (from $40, 1-800-FLOWERS)

Complete with a stunning green vase, the bold bouquet is almost as bright and beautiful as your own mother — almost.


Beautiful Blue Phalaenopsis Orchid

Beautiful Blue Phalaenopsis Orchid (from $60, 1-800-FLOWERS)

If the mom you're celebrating this May 13 is beyond compare, then she'll appreciate the elegant and unique Blue Phalaenopsis Orchid. Who knew a single stem could be so striking?


Spring Passion Tulips

Spring Passion Tulips (from $35, 1-800-FLOWERS)

First off, how cute is that little pail in lieu of a traditional vase? That little hint of rustic charm pairs perfectly with these vibrant tulips.


Only the Best for Mom™

Only the Best for Mom™ (from $200, 1-800-FLOWERS)

If you want to pull out all the stops this Mother's Day, then you can go big with this jaw-dropping arrangement. Plus, the plush bear, chocolates, balloons, and vase are all included.


French Country Garden Bouquet™

French Country Garden Bouquet™ (from $100, 1-800-FLOWERS)

Who doesn't love a little slice of the French countryside? A virtual smorgasbord for the eyes, the garden bouquet looks good from any angle.


Assorted Tulips: 60 Stems

Assorted Tulips: 60 Stems (from $80, 1-800-FLOWERS)

Nothing says, "you make my heart burst with love," like this showstopper. An amazing 60 stems of beautifully colored tulips will convey your heartfelt message just fine.


Spring Sensation™

Spring Sensation™ (from $99, 1-800-FLOWERS)

Even though the month of May is more towards the end of springtime, you can still capture the biggest and most beautiful blooms of the season with this arrangement.


Blushing Blooms™ Bouquet

Blushing Blooms™ Bouquet (from $60, 1-800-FLOWERS)

A bit on the more demure side, this dreamy collection of flowers in soft shades is a sweet addition to any Mother's Day gift.


Fresh Spring Tulip Pitcher by Southern Living™

Fresh Spring Tulip Pitcher by Southern Living™ (from $60, 1-800-FLOWERS)

The simple addition of a pitcher (perfect for pouring mimosas later, just saying) really ties this whole arrangement together in such a classic way.

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