The 10 Best Amazon Prime Day Deals For Moms


Do you know what today is? It's Amazon Prime Day! (OK yes, every day is Amazon Prime day when you've got 2-day shipping and an iPhone to keep you company at 1 a.m. when you're nursing.) We all know the perks you get as a Prime member. When you sign up for AP, you get, yes, 2-day shipping (sometimes 1-day!), and streaming of Amazon's TV shows and movies. But June 16 is an extra-special day. From 3 p.m. EST today till 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, June 17, there is a temporary sale on for all Amazon Prime Members. That is 36 hours of amazing nonstop sales. So, with this big day there are some of the best Amazon Prime Day deals for you and your family that you don't want to miss out on.

And don't forget to treat yourself. It's not always about the kids. Whether it's Amazon's version of a Fitbit or an Echo Dot, you deserve something that will make your life just a little easier. Even if it's just something to occupy the kids. Don't forget about the Pampers Dash Button. It is by far one of the best deals. With one click, you can conjure diapers to your door; this is a lifesaver.

It's APD time. So, put the kids down for their nap and scroll through Amazon for some hidden gems. To save some time, we've also pulled a list of items on sale that look like a hot ticket.

1Activity Tracker

Garmin Activity Tracker


Who needs the gym? This activity tracker makes keeping track of your health a whole lot easier. As a parent, you are always running around. So, you might as well get something to keep track of all the steps, and calories you are burning, chasing after your kids as they run away with the TV remote laughing their little bellies silly.

2Fire 7 Kids Edition

Fire 7 Kids Edition


Some parents like to limit their children's screen time, and I get it. With this kids' tablet, there are many "games" that they can play that will not only help them learn, but keep them occupied, too. Got a plane ride coming up? Walk don't run to this deal.

3Pampers Dash Button

Pampers Dash Button


The last thing you want as a new parent is to run out of diapers (::scream face::). Thankfully this Pampers Dash Button makes it easy to stay stocked on your favorite Pampers product. With one push of a button, you will reorder what you need without having to scroll through all the sizes, brands, and quantities of diaper on offer.

4Kindle for Kids

Kindle For Kids


A Kindle is more than just an e-book. With Kindle for kids, you can set reading goals, and track your kid's process. There is also a vocabulary builder to help your kid tell you exactly what they would like for their tenth snack of the day with more eloquence.

5Instant Pot

Instant Pot Ultra


How to make cooking easy and quick? An Instant Pot of course. This is a gadget arguably every mom needs. Not only does it make cooking easy, but it makes it fast, and opens up a rabbit hole of Pinteresting for anyone with a cupboard of garbanzo beans and no clue what to do with them. The thing is Instant Pots aren't cheap. Thankfully, with APD you can save big and not have to pay full price.

6Bath Foam Letters

Bath Foam Letters


Bath time: some kids love it, most kids hate it. How can we help moms make bathing fun? The same way celebrities pull off covert pregnancies. WITH A DIVERSION. In your case, try foam letters! Distract your L.O.'s with some alphabet play while you wash the no-cry shampoo off their little heads.

7Coffee Scrub

Arabica Coffee Scrub


If you thought that gulping down cold brew by the gallon had maxed your caffeine consumption out, think again! A coffee scrub is a natural way to take care of yourself as parenting pushes you to the limit. The scrub claims to help prevent early signs of skin aging, and improve signs of cellulite and acne. It will that will help make your skin glow, and give you an excuse to jump into the shower for 10 minutes to yourself.

8Glass Food Storage

Glass Food Store


Not only are there harmful chemicals in plastic, but not all plastics can be recycled (didn't you just learn this at your aquarium visit?). So, with this big sale, it is a great time to go green. As a parent there are always leftovers. So, grab some glass containers — and why not order some metal straws while you are at it.

9Backpack Diaper Bag

Mancro Backpack Diaper Bag


Satchels are great if your child goes through one diaper every six hours, and doesn't need you to carry a sippy cup, book, rattle, spare pair of pants, and pretend iPhone. That is where the Mancro backpack comes in. Perfect for any parent fond of their spine, it is not only super cute, but it can hold a load of ~supplies~, so you don't have to worry about those long days out of the house.

10Echo Dot

Echo Dot


Want your very own personal assistant to yell at in the privacy of your home? Well, her name is Alexa, and she is on sale for the next 36 hours.Ask her anything, the weather, have her call your S.O., find recipes when it's ten to 6 and you've got nothing. An Echo Dot is a gadget that will make your life so much easier.