These Are The Best Baby Formulas, According To Moms On Amazon

Ask 10 different parents about the best baby formulas on the market and you'll get 10 very different answers. Some parents love milk-based formulas; others prefer formulas made with a base of soy protein. You may be too busy to prep baby bottles every day and consider ready-to-feed formulas, which require no preparation, a gift from the formulas gods. Or, maybe you have the opposite outlook on feeding and enjoy the process of mixing water and formula in powder or concentrate brand formulas.

There's no one way, or wrong way to formula feed your little one, and the best choice you can make involves taking your baby's dietary needs, your family's time constrictions, and budget into consideration. Since no two babies are alike, you may need a lactose-free formula or one that is hypoallergenic. Your newborn or infant could suffer from reflux, or colic (which is sometimes linked to reflux) — and the good news is there are formula brands especially made to address these issues. Formulas that closely resemble breastmilk are extremely popular, particularly those that contain DHA and ARA. And often times, finding the right formula takes a little trial and error — but once your baby is hooked on a brand, you'll forget all about the "error" part.

Here are 10 of the top baby formulas on Amazon that parents can't stop talking about. Whether you're a first-time parent or looking to make a formula switch, these are all considered top-notch choices.


An Organic Milk-Based Powder Formula With Iron And Prebiotics

Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula With Iron, $26, Amazon

Marketed as "the closest formula to breast milk," this USDA-certified organic, milk-based powder formula has Omega-3 DHA and Omega-6 ARA fatty acids, as well as iron and prebiotics to boost immunity. What doesn't it have? Corn syrup, synthetic pesticides, or fertilizers. Nearly 1,000 parents agree that this formula is gentle on a baby's stomach and doesn't cause gas or fuss like some other formulas.

One mom says her sensitive baby was a lot happier after switching to this formula. “My son has acid reflux and this has reduced his spitting up to almost none. I wish I would have switched him sooner. Before this he was on gentle formula that my pediatrician recommended. He only has the occasion spit up that is so minimal that it is amazing.”


A Non-GMO Powder Formula By A Trusted Brand

Enfamil Premium Non-GMO Infant Formula, $26, Amazon

Another super popular milk-based powder formula, Enfamil's non-GMO brand is formulated with iron, DHA, a blend of 30 nutrients, and prebiotics for digestive health. This formula brand comes in packets that are easily added to water (measure carefully) and can be prepared right in a baby bottle. This formula is portable, universally loved, and causes less gas and spit-up than other brands, according to reviewers.


A Ready-Made Milk-Based Formula For Busy Parents

Similac Advance Infant Formula With Iron, $73 (24 pack of 8-ounce bottles), Amazon

Parents who are pressed for time sing the praises of this ready-made liquid milk-based formula, which contains a blend of DHA, lutein, and vitamin E. Each 8-ounce bottle contains exactly what you need for a feeding — twist open the cap, pour it into a baby bottle, and you're ready.

"These were so convenient and easy to use for on the go or traveling purposes," one Amazon reviewer wrote. "We used the regular powder at home but when we were going to be out these were our go-to. You don't have to carry water around and it was just easy to pour into a bottle and go! A little pricey but worth it to our family."


A Soy-Based Powder Formula Grown Without Pesticides And Synthetic Fertilizers

Earth's Best Organic Soy Infant Formula With Iron, $26, Amazon

Once again, Earth's Best comes through as a top choice for organic soy-based powder formula that is produced without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Whether your baby is lactose-intolerant or you prefer soy to dairy, this formula, which mixes well with water, is gentle on tummies and contains iron, DHA, and AHA to support brain and eye health.


A Soothing Powder Formula That Alleviates Colic And Fussiness

Gerber Good Start Soothe Non-GMO Powder Infant Formula, $26, Amazon

With a strain of probiotics known to calm colic and fussy babies, this milk-based powder formula with iron is one to try if your infant or newborn cries during feedings and experiences unexplainable stomach upset with other formulas. In studies, this formula actually helped reduce crying time in breastfed babies by 50 percent and it's made with all non-GMO ingredients. But the proof of whether it works truly lies in reviews written by parents who have babies with colic.

One mom wrote: "I AM SOOOO THANKFUL I came across Gerber Good Start Soothe!! The first thing I noticed was that the foam would settle right away after shaking the bottle unlike the previous formulas..then I noticed a change within my baby right after the first bottle! She was burping after her feedings!! She was passing gas easily -- no pain or crying!! She rarely hiccups as opposed to hiccuping for a half an hour after every feeding!! She has not needed any drops!! No more colic -- she is only crying when she is hungry!! This formula also fills her up nicely..she is going 4 hours without eating instead of 2 -- so I am getting better sleep!!”


A Formula With Rice Starch That Reduces Spit-Up

Similac For Spit-Up Infant Formula, $28, Amazon

Unlike other milk-based powder formulas, this one has rice starch which aims to reduce spit-up. The starch may make your formula look a little grainier than others, but reviewers who have babies with acid reflux say this is one of the only brands that curbed vomiting and gas pains. Many go as far as saying this is the only formula their babies will eat and one mom raves about how this reduced spit-up in her son by about 95 percent. The starch may make your formula look a little grainier than others, but reviewers who have babies with acid reflux say this is one of the only brands that curbed vomiting and gas pains. Many go as far as saying this is the only formula their babies will eat and one mom raves about how this reduced spit-up in her son by about 95 percent.


An Organic Milk-Based Formula Without Fillers

Baby's Only Organic Toddler Formula, $46, Amazon

Parents who reviewed this organic powder formula seem to agree on one thing: after finding out about some of the "fillers" used in other formula brands (yep, even organic types), they're over the moon about finding this milk-based formula with an ingredient label they can actually read and understand. This non-GMO formula doesn't contain glucose syrups and has been formulated to meet standards established by the American Academy of Pediatricians. Among the ingredients, you'll find organic nonfat milk, organic coconut oil, folic acid, and a multitude of vitamins and minerals.


A Formula That's Great For Supplementing While Breastfeeding

Gerber Good Start Gentle For Supplementing Powder Infant Formula, $25, Amazon

There may be times when you're nursing when your milk supply is low, or you simply want to get your baby used to formula before transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. This milk-based powder infant formula is ideal for supplementing because it contains proteins that (similar to breast milk) are easier for infants and newborns to digest. Think of it as the training wheel formula that closely resembles breast milk.

One mom reviewer calls this formula the perfect companion to breast milk: “My baby does really well with this supplement. I am, unfortunately, not producing enough and have tried everything possible to increase. Alas, we have had to supplement so we just blend what I express with the supplement and our LO downs it like a champ! He's healthy and happy! I will be transitioning to the good start regular formula once I stop pumping.”


A Ready-To-Feed Formula That Eliminates Allergic Reactions In Most Newborns

Similac Alimentum Ready To Feed Formula, $118 (Case of 96), Amazon

If your baby has allergies, finding a formula that won't cause allergic reactions can be a downright stressful experience. Similac Alimentum is one of the most popular brands of hypoallergenic formula for allergies because its proteins are broken down into small pieces that are easier to digest. As a result, a baby may experience less crying, colic, fussiness, and gas in less than 24 hours. Each of these 2-fluid ounce bottles comes already prepared so that all you have to do is open them and pour the formula into a baby bottle. Because of the small portions, this formula package works best for newborns.


A Soy-Based Formula With Iron And DHA

Enfamil ProSoBee Soy Infant Formula, $18, Amazon

This milk-free, soy-based infant formula is perfect for babies who are lactose-intolerant or experience gas and stomach upset from dairy products. This powder is formulated with iron and DHA and parents say this plant-based alternative is easy on a baby's stomach and perfect for supplementing while breastfeeding. The one common complaint across the board is that some babies become more constipated on soy. If this happens to you, one mom suggests mixing the formula with Enfamil for Gentlease.

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