These Comfortable Carriers Make On-The-Go Breastfeeding Easier

Hungry babies are simply never going to wait for their moms to finish one of the thousands of things on their to-do lists before a feeding. And that’s the reason why investing in one of the best carriers for breastfeeding is a super smart idea.

Your day is already packed to the gills with responsibilities. It isn’t always easy or reasonable to put off a grocery store trip or a visit to the doctor so that you can find time to sit down and breastfeed for 20 to 30 minutes. But, of course, you also won’t want to put off a feeding because, as you may already know, newborns and infants aren’t exactly known for their patience. When they’re hungry, they’re going to let you know (in the loudest voice imaginable). And throwing their feeding times off can can also affect your baby’s nap and sleep schedules — for many parents, that’s a no-go.

These great carriers for breastfeeding include wraps, slings, and traditional carriers, but all are designed with features that make it easier to give your baby access to your breast without needing to stop everything you're doing. With a little practice and a few trial runs, you’ll find yourself breastfeeding while walking, shopping, enjoying lunch with friends, and even doing chores around the house. Your little one will be so comfy in these carriers that you shouldn’t be surprised to find them resting, eating, and falling asleep while you enjoy a hands-free breastfeeding experience that lets you multitask to your heart’s content.


An Ultra-Soft And Breathable Sling That Places Baby In The Perfect Nursing Position

Inno Tech Baby Sling, $28, Amazon

This highly-rated baby sling is made from comfortable, stretchy French terry material and is described by reviewers as being soft and so ergonomically correct that you can barely feel your baby's weight while wearing it. It's suitable for newborns up to 35 pounds and provides optimum support for your baby's neck, back, and legs. When it comes to breastfeeding your little one, this sling is perfect because it positions small and bigger babies at the exact right height to comfortably breastfeed. It takes a few tries to get the hang of wrapping this carrier around your body and adjusting it for baby, but most reviewers agree that it's worth it: the breathable, ultra-soft material lulls babies to sleep and proves incredibly comfortable while they're breastfeeding or just hanging out.


A Super Popular Sling That Allows For Hands-Free Breastfeeding

Boba Wrap, $40, Amazon

It's one of the most popular baby carriers on the market — and the one parents can't stop raving about. With more than 1,200 glowing reviews, the Boba Wrap stands out because it's super long to accommodate women of all sizes, is fairly easy to tie and adjust, and provides a way to simply and conveniently breastfeed no matter where you go. Reviewers say they can position the baby's head in this sling so that you can enjoy hands-free carrying and nursing. The fabric is soft and breathable, you can toss this sling in the washing machine, and it supports newborns up to 35 pounds.


A Ring Sling Baby Carrier That Is Light Enough For Warm Climates

Maya Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier, $80, Amazon

The advantages of choosing a ring sling baby carrier when breastfeeding are numerous — but the major plus is the ring itself. Position your baby in the sling when hunger strikes and easily adjust the fabric through the ring to ensure your child is in line with your breast. The breathable and lightweight fabric is especially great for warmer climates, it has padded shoulder support for a more comfortable fit, and it features a zippered pocket to store keys, money, and even a diaper. Reviewers say this sling allows for hands-free breastfeeding and is long enough to adjust to fit babies up to 35 pounds.


A Traditional Carrier With Lumbar Support

Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier, $30, Amazon

If you prefer traditional carriers to slings, this baby carrier is one to consider — it has more than 1,500 positive reviews. The detachable hood can be used to cover your baby from the sun or while breastfeeding in public, if you prefer to be discreet. This carrier will carry you from newborn to toddler stages and can be worn three ways: facing in, on the hip, or on the back. It's unique in that it features a wrap and tie design and lumbar strap, both of which help relieve pressure on your back and shoulders to prevent pain.


An Award-Winning Carrier With An Extra Large Storage Pocket

Ergobaby Ergonomic Multi Position Baby Carrier, $116, Amazon

This award-winning baby carrier can be worn three ways: forward facing, on the hip, or on the back when baby gets bigger. It boasts an extra padded waistband and shoulder straps for extra comfort and has a baby food for sun protection and, if preferred, privacy during nursing sessions. This machine washable, 100 percent cotton carrier also possesses one of the roomiest carrier zip pockets for storage you'll find.


A 6-In-1 Carrier That Lets You Control Baby's Temperature For Year-Round Nursing On The Go

LilleBaby Six Position Baby Carrier, $112, Amazon

This versatile, six-position baby carrier truly does it all: it suits babies who weigh between 7 to 45 pounds, supports newborns' heads without a separate newborn insert, and you can even help regulate your baby's temperature, thanks to a unique air panel. Baby will feel comfy nursing and be worn no matter what the season — one reviewer recommends loosening the strap opposite the side you're breastfeeding, shifting a little, and using the accompanying hood if you want privacy. The lumbar support, padded straps, and options to adjust the carrier so that you can wear the straps in an X or classic backpack H style in the back make this a topnotch choice — one with close to 1,000 amazing reviews.


A Moisture-Wicking Carrier That Blocks UV Rays

Baby K'Tan Active Baby Carrier, $60, Amazon

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, this baby carrier, which combines the best components of a wrap, sling, and traditional carrier, is perfect: it's made from moisture-wicking polyester and blocks over 90 percent of UVA and UVB rays. It accommodates babies from birth up to 35 pounds, is super stretchy, and can be worn five ways. Skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding are incredibly easy in this carrier and reviewers say it's perfect for active lifestyles, warm climates and seasons, and babies with higher body temperatures who tend to sweat.


A Sling Carrier With A Postpartum Belt That Is Perfectly Aligned For Private Nursing

Cuddlebug Baby Wrap, $38, Amazon

More than 1,300 reviewers love this baby wrap, which can be worn as a sling carrier but also features ways to use it as a postpartum belt, nursing cover, and blanket. It's made from comfortable French terry cotton and spandex, ties around your body easily and securely, and positions baby perfectly on the breast for simple, private breastfeeding. Several reviewers say this wrap calms their fussy newborns instantly. It provides enough support for their necks and your back and will help lull them to sleep after a feeding.


A Ring Sling Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo That Snuggles Baby While Breastfeeding

Mika's Baby Sling Carrier, $25, Amazon

Give baby the snuggliest breastfeeding experience imaginable with this eco-friendly bamboo and cotton sling carrier. These carriers are extra large, provide optimum back and neck support, and suit babies who weigh between 5 and 30 pounds. Breastfeed in comfort while enjoying a totally hands-free carrying experience that makes it easier to nurse, do chores, hold bags, and even work on your computer.


A One-Size-Fits-All Ring Sling With Extra Fabric That Doubles As A Nursing Cover

Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap Carrier, $63, Amazon

A one-size-fits-all ring sling baby carrier that adjusts to all body types and positions, this one does a great job of distributing body weight evenly so that you won't develop back or neck pains. The more comfortable you are, the longer you can carry your baby while breastfeeding. This wrap is made from breathable combed cotton and can be adjusted to various positions, depending on the size and age of your baby.

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