The 10 Most Comfortable Pregnancy Pillows For You & Your Baby Bump

If you had a nickel for every time someone advised you to sleep while you're pregnant "because you'll never sleep again," you'd probably need a bigger piggy bank. It's solid advice, but not realistic — unless you have one of the best pregnancy pillows on the market to help make sleep come faster and last longer while you're expecting.

There is a slew of reasons why you might find it more difficult to get eight hours of sleep while pregnant. Let's start with the obvious one: Your baby bump isn't exactly allowing you to sleep in whatever position comes naturally to you. The American Pregnancy Association recommends sleeping on your left side when pregnant, which can help increase the amount of blood and nutrients sent to your placenta. Unfortunately, your bump may have other plans, causing you to toss and turn as you search for a comfortable way to sleep. Investing in a comfy full-body or wedge pregnancy pillow can actually help you sleep better by restricting you to a side sleeping position.

Another common sleep concern during pregnancy is the aches and pains that can keep you up all night. Considering all of the painful things pregnant women can deal with — from pregnancy sciatica to heartburn — most mattresses and ordinary pillows simply can't offer the support you need. A straight or curved full-length pillow or, if you prefer something smaller, a triangular or round wedge, can be placed under your belly, back, or knees to provide comfort and reinforcement where you need it most.

You will sleep again — yes, even after your baby is born — but why wait a minute longer? These 10 great pregnancy pillows will help you get the rest you need tonight.


A Best-Selling Oversized Horseshoe Pillow That's Earned Thousands Of Reviews

Developed by a Registered Nurse and mom, this total-body pregnancy pillow replaces the four or five pillows you're currently using to hug your frame with one soft, but firm, pillow that supports your back, hips, neck, and tummy. This BPA-free pillow comes with a removable and washable sham and can be purchased in one of three colors: ivory, brown, or sage.

More than 8,000 reviewers are over the moon about this horseshoe-shaped pillow, which is both sizable and lightweight enough to keep you cool all night long. One reviewer even says this pillow has "single-handedly made a difference" in the quality of her sleep since she became pregnant.


A U-Shaped Pillow For Side Sleeping & Nursing

This high-density, U-shaped pregnancy pillow supports side sleepers and provides belly support for when you're sleeping, resting, reading, or just hanging out. And you should definitely continue to hang on to this pillow after giving birth because it doubles as a comfortable resting spot to nurse your baby. The pink and blue machine washable pillow cover is 100 percent cotton and allergenic.

One reviewer raves: "I am 27 weeks pregnant and have been having many issues with muscle aches and pains. I am calling this the "magic pillow" because after one night of sleeping on it, all my aches and pains went away!"


A C-Shaped Pillow With Filling That Adjusts To Your Growing Bump

Purchase this pregnancy pillow during your first trimester and you can feel confident that it will grow with you until the day you give birth. This C-shaped pillow is filled with adjustable polyfill material that contours to your growing bump and changing body. The removable cover is made with soft, hypoallergenic, 100 percent jersey-knit cotton that can be tossed in the washing machine.

One reviewer, who purchased this pillow when she was 6 months pregnant, says it really helped her "feel more comfortable and sleep for longer periods or time."


A Two-Sided Memory Foam Pillow Wedge That Won't Take Up The Entire Bed

Not crazy about full-body pillows that take up lots of space on your bed? No problem — you can place this pregnancy pillow wedge under your bump, between your knees, or behind your back for a supportive, comforting rest. The two-sided pillow features soft memory foam on one side that contours to your body each time you change positions and a firmer foam on the other side — as your needs change during pregnancy, this pillow adjusts to suit them. The soft cover is washable and the perforated foam layer allows more airflow, which is great for hot sleepers.

One expectant mom who found this pillow "fantastic" raves that "it's inexpensive, it is compact, it provides the support need for growing preggo belly, and it's portable..."


A Gel Foam Full-Body Pillow That Stays Cool & Is Hypoallergenic

An oversized body pillow with gel foam memory technology, you can fully expect this comfy and cool pillow to conform to your body no matter what position you sleep in. This pillow and its machine washable and removable pillowcase are made with 40 percent bamboo viscose rayon, which is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

Reviewers are stunned at how simple it is to mold this pillow to fit your body, and yet, how it retains its shape and firmness for a long time. Its size also makes it an ideal pregnancy pillow if you have a tall frame, according to reviews.


A J-Shaped Pillow That's Easy To Clean & Relieves Aches Associated With Pregnancy

A J-shaped pregnancy pillow like this one offers support for side sleepers and helps relieve pains associated with common pregnancy ailments like sciatica and gastric reflux. It can easily fit onto a queen or ing bed and can be used again later to support your newborn while nursing. This pillow is made from 100 percent polyester, which is recommended if you have allergies or sensitive skin, and the entire thing can be placed in the washing machine (on a cold, gentle cycle) when it's time to give it a thorough cleaning.

One reviewer writes: "I can finally sleep through the night. I am 4 months pregnant and wasn't able to sleep at all. This pillow relieved me of my neck, back, and knee pains i was getting!"


An Affordable Super Firm Pregnancy Wedge That You Can Take Anywhere

Hiccapop's pregnancy pillow wedges support your back, legs, and tummy. There's soft memory foam on one side, and firmer support foam on the other side, so as your belly grows you can flip the wedge for what feels most comfortable. It comes with a super soft, plush Velboa cover that's machine washable.

Reviewers who say they wanted an alternative to traditional full-body pillows, or an add-on to them, love the support provided by this wedge. "I was about 27 weeks when it started to get uncomfortable to sleep on my side (even with the pregnancy body pillow I'd been using). My back was so sore in the morning. This little wedge pillow has been a life (sleep) saver. It gives just the right support for my bump without taking up too much space. I noticed the difference the very first day. It also doubles as a nice back support for prolonged periods of sitting. ..."


An Organic-Covered Body Pillow For Hip, Back, & Tummy Support

By providing equal support to your back, hips and tummy and boasting contoured sides that conform to your body, this C-shaped organic body pillow hugs and snuggles you throughout the night, relieving aches and pains. It has an easily removable, washable cover.

One reviewer says she highly recommends investing in this body pillow: "I bought this pillow 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my first, so comfortable, used it for over 3 years, it just got old. I became pregnant this year. I tried out a different pregnancy pillow, big mistake, it was not as firm as this one, and not as comfortable. This one has the right firmness, it supports, and everyone in my household wants to steal it."


A Uniquely Shaped Pillow That Supports You Back & Belly At The Same Time

The unusual shape of this Boppy pregnancy support pillow serves an important purpose: The two comfy bumps support your belly and back at the same time and promote side sleeping. The removable jersey-knit cotton slipcover is easy to wash, and this pillow is so small and light that you can move it to the couch for lounging (or even your car for a more comfortable ride).

"I wanted something to keep me from rolling onto my back and chose this item," one reviewer writes. "It's supportive enough for my needs but also squishy enough that I sometimes use it as a head or knee pillow."


A U-Shaped Total Body Pillow That You Can Wrap Around You For Ultimate Comfort

Think of this U-shaped body pillow as the fluffiest and most versatile around — you can use it for side sleeping, nursing, or just relaxing and reading a book. It was designed by a Registered Nurse and mother of five who had the wisdom to make a pillow that can be wrapped around your body and is stuffed with high-density filling that helps it retain its shape. The extra-long midsection is perfect for your tummy and back, and the 100 percent cotton flannel cover zips off for easy cleaning.

"I am so glad that I decided to invest in this pillow," one reviewer writes. "It made a tremendous difference during my pregnancy and is still very useful while I'm nursing my newborn. I love it!"

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