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The Best Amal & George Clooney Baby Memes

On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that Amal Clooney, the accomplished international human rights lawyer who is married to some struggling actor named George Clooney, gave birth to twins: a baby boy and a baby girl. We don't know much about the twins aside from their names, which are Alexander and Ella, according to the Associated Press. Yet people on social media are already celebrating by creating Amal & George Clooney memes to celebrate the twins' birth.

While we don't know much about the twins' birth yet, on Tuesday the Clooneys' publicist released a statement saying “Ella, Alexander and Amal are all healthy, happy and doing fine," before joking, "George is sedated and should recover in a few days." Amal's pregnancy was first reported in February and then confirmed by the couple's friend Matt Damon, who revealed they were expecting twins.

People on social media were thrilled by the news that the Clooney twins had finally arrived. Aside from a few people cracking the same stale "if you've seen one you've seen Amal" joke (NB: this is racist and not particularly funny), most of the reactions were jubilant.

Some, however, criticized the AP tweet saying that the "wife of George Clooney" had given birth, as Amal is an accomplished human rights lawyer in her own right.

Some of these critiques were more tongue-in-cheek than others.

Some people applauded the couple for choosing the names Alexander and Ella, as opposed to embracing the celebrity trend of choosing offbeat names for their progeny. (Though to be fair, Snoopy and Dumbledore are incredible names.)

Others expressed regret that the twins' names weren't more on-trend.

Because the twins were a boy and a girl, some made the inevitable Luke/Leia comparisons.

Some praised the awesomeness of Amal herself.

And many, many people pointed out that the Clooneys had beaten Beyoncé and Jay-Z to the punch.

Calm down, guys. There's room for more than one set of awesome celebrity twins in the universe.