The 11 Most Common Household Accidents During Christmas & How To Avoid Them

With Thanksgiving gone and Christmas right around the corner, the stresses of gift shopping, cookie decorating, and travel planning are now in the forefront of your minds. Though each of these things are very important in their own right, there are a few other things that you may prioritize during the holiday season. When it comes to getting your household prepared for the big day, there are so many potential accidents that could occur. You feel like it could never happen to you, but there are so many common household accidents during Christmas that you should be aware of.

In the movies, characters always seem to be dealing with one holiday disaster after another. When I see these scenes I think, "that could never happen here." But, I was wrong. One year, while decorating our Christmas tree, my cat and dog were playing nearby and knocked it over right on top of me. Now granted, it wasn't a real tree and it wasn't all set up. But the point is, I was proven completely wrong.

Though my accident wasn't as serious as ones that others have experienced or seen, it still made me realize that I'm not exempt from any of the Christmas household accidents that I've seen on TV. If you're not sure what other types of accidents occur every year, these 11 will help you stay on watch this year.


Trees Catching On Fire

According to Forbes, one of the most common accidents during Christmas is having your Christmas tree catch on fire. Christmas trees are responsible for more than 200 fires each year, so ensuring that your tree is healthy and that the lights are working properly is important.


Slips Down The Stairs

The National Health Service noted that the stairs can be an accident hotspot during the Christmas holiday, especially if you've been drinking or are tired. Be sure to keep the staircase free from objects and well lit during this time.


Electric Shock From Decorating

According to Meridian Integrative Wellness, getting electric shock from putting up decorations is a common accident The site noted that more than 5,000 people are treated due to both indoor and outdoor electric shock because of careless decorating.


Outside Lights Starting Fires

Forbes also noted that outside lights can start fires if they are not properly set up. Be sure that you are not using inside extension cords outside because they are not waterproof and can catch fire or shock you, especially in damper climates.


Tripping Over New Toys And Cords

Another common accident that happens during Christmas is tripping over toys and cords, Urgent Care Location noted. According to the site, about 2,000 people are treated every winter for lacerations, sprains and more from tripping over cords. Make sure that you're watching where you're going.


Injuries From Christmas Trees

Injuries from your Christmas tree are another common accident that occurs, according to National Health Service. Ensure that you are not overreaching when decorating and use a step ladder when you need to.


Back Injuries From Carrying Luggage

Though the holiday season is the perfect time to get some good travel in, lifting all of that heavy luggage can cause bodily injuries, Meridian Integrative Wellness noted. Shop for sturdy luggage and or consider packing light.


Burning Wrapping Paper In The Fireplace

Burning your wrapping paper in the fireplace may seem like a good thing to do on Christmas Day. But Accident Doctor noted that wrapping paper burns quickly and intensely, so this can cause an unexpected issue.


Injuries From Hanging Lights

Much like overreaching when decorating your Christmas tree, not using a step ladder when putting up lights can cause accidents, too. Make sure you're being as safe as possible when hanging your lights both indoors and outdoors.


Lacerations From Opening Presents

Meridian Integrative Wellness noted that lacerations from opening presents is a common accident as well and that an average of 6,000 people are treated for this yearly. Although gift opening can be very exciting, take your time and pay attention to what you are doing.


Kitchen Injuries

Since people spend more time in the kitchen during the Christmas season, many accidents occur. According to Consumer Reports, cooking fires and injuries from kitchen appliances are on the list of most common holiday accidents.