The 11 Most Common Makeup Problems People Have & Experts’ Quick Fixes

Anyone who loves makeup can attest to the issues that arise when doing a full face. It doesn't matter if you're a novice or an expert makeup artist, something tends to go wrong when you're striving for perfections. From drawing your eyebrows on unevenly to contouring incorrectly, no one is safe from the wrath that is makeup. Because everyone is human and issues will arise, knowing the most common makeup problems people have and experts' quick fixes, will help solve many frustrating times in the long run.

Though I don't consider myself even remotely good at applying my own makeup, I've done a little research and asked a few questions to my makeup guru friends that have helped me nail the basic looks. I can honestly say that if it weren't for my friends and YouTube, I would still be walking around with a bare face at events instead of a glowing natural look. Of course it took time and a long list of mistakes for me to find the look that I felt comfortable wearing, but keeping a few notes jotted down totally helped.

If you're like me and need a little guidance, these 11 quick fixes from a few experts might help you nail the perfect look.


Creating Box-Shaped Eyebrows

If you're stuck with boxy, caterpillar-like eyebrows before heading out to your function, it could make you want to cancel your entire day. Makeup artist Nicole Imbert recommends solving that problem by eliminating the use of a black pencil when filling in.

"Use a pencil, powder, or pomade that is close to or a shade lighter than your natural hair color," she tells Romper. "This will give the appearance of a more natural brow shape." She notes that you should, "use light strokes to build the product up gradually" and ase a spooley to "diffuse the front of the brow and to give a more gradient effect to the overall look."


Applying Foundation Unevenly

Applying your makeup with your finger may seem like a great idea, but New York-based makeup artist Ethan Hill thinks otherwise. "Applying makeup with your fingers will result in unblended and bizarre results," he says. Hill also notes that, because your hand carry germs, you couldn't be producing unwanted bacteria on your face.


Not Concealing Dark Circles

Tired of caking on the foundation as an attempt to cover up those dark eye circles? Beauty expert Chrissy Woods says it may not be working because you should be using a concealer."If you are fair skinned, you will need a peach concealer," she says. "If you are darker skinned, you will need a more orange concealer." Once you find the right tone, Woods says to pat a small amount over the dark areas to "cancel out your discoloration." Once that's done, you can apply the foundation.


Getting Cakey Concealer

Tired of that cakey look your concealer leaves after you've spent all that time applying your makeup? Florida-based makeup artist Eboni Harris says a liquid concealer could be the solution. "Liquid concealer seem to absorb into the skin a lot better without the cakey effect," she says. "To set, I top it off with a translucent or yellow-based powder."


Not Blending Eyeshadow

Imbert says that having harsh lines after eyeshadow application is a common problem in makeup application. To fix the issue, she recommends using a transition color in the crease of the eye to create a softer, more polished look.


Wearing The Wrong Nude Lipstick

Everyone loves a great nude lip, but if you're not wearing the right shade, you could run the risk of hating the color. "If you are a darker skintone, your nude lips shouldn't look like you ate a powdered donut," Hill says. "Your nude lips generally should look almost bare or close to your natural skin tone."


Applying False Lashes

Wearing a pair of false lashes can up your makeup look to new heights, but when they don't stick or when the band is showing, you might feel a little insecure about them. To solve those issues, Woods says you should wait to apply your lashes after applying your glue. Doing so causes your lashes to slip. Additionally, you should pay attention to where you place the lash. "Place your false lash directly on the base of your natural lash line," she says. "This will prevent your lash band from showing."


Getting Chapped Lips After Applying Matte Lipstick

To solve that annoying feeling of flaky or dry lips after applying matte lipstick, Harris recommends you exfoliate your lips with a washcloth or toothbrush prior to matte application.


Dealing With Smudgy Lipstick

Does your lipstick tend to smear or smudge shortly after putting it on? Woods suggests using a lip liner to solve that issue. "Line your lips with a lip liner the same shade as your lipstick," she says. "Use your lip pencil to fill in 3/4 of your lips, leaving only the innermost areas open. Then apply your lipstick completely covering both upper and lower lips." Not only will the liner act as a base for your lips, but it will also help you color pop.


Not Using Of Highlighter Correctly

With highlighter being a popular trend in the makeup world right now, ensuring that you do it right will keep you from experiencing makeup tragedy. Hill suggests finding the right shade to help. "There are so many finishes and shades of highlighters available, so you want your highlighter to compliment your skin tone," he says. "It shouldn't look like you have aluminum foil or metallic stacked on your face."


Applying Mascara

When it comes to applying mascara, getting it on the top of your eyelid seems to be inevitable and wiping it away can turn into a makeup tragedy really quick. Woods says that allowing it to dry first and then using a Q-tip to wipe away the excess will be a quick fix to this untimely mistake.