The 13 Best Parenting & Kids Vines In Honor Of The App's Imminent Downfall

After purchasing short-form video app Vine — which had yet to launch — for a reported $30 million in 2012, Twitter has announced it will be discontinuing the mobile app in the next few months. The news comes amid reports Twitter is reducing its global workforce by about 9 percent after continuing to lose money and facing difficulty finding a buyer, according to The Boston Globe. The company provided no specific reasons for the impending shutdown, but it did say in a post on Medium that it would be keeping the website open and allowing users to access and download their existing Vines. In honor of the gone-too-soon social media site — which, as of November 2015, boasted 200 million monthly active users — let's take a look at the best parenting and kids Vines sure to turn that quivering frown upside down.

Before we get started, here's a quick rundown of Vine and why the internet is so sad over its seemingly sudden demise: When Vine first launched in January 2013, it quickly became a popular format for sports highlights, visual effects, and comedy, thanks to its looping six-second clips. Some Vine users have even found fame after becoming popular on the site — like Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas, who signed a film deal with AwesomenessTV in 2014 after reaching a combined 11 million followers.

Without further ado, the 13 best parenting and kids Vines will cure all of your sadness about Vine's demise:

1. Monkey On The Car

Really, what else can you say when there's a primate hanging out on your vehicle?

2. Dance Battles Pt. 2

The kid definitely wins this one, right?

3. Look At All Those Chickens

Close, but not quite.

4. The No Yelling Sock

Please note: We're almost positive this is a joke.

5. Slippery Broccoli

Why make it any harder for a kid to eat their vegetables?

6. Parenting After Star Wars

Not sure this is healthy parent-child conflict resolution.

7. If A Baby Ever Pees On You

Please, don't ever urinate on a baby. They didn't mean it!

8. Like A Girl

She's probably not going to grow up to be a WNBA star after that.

9. No Regrets

Agreed — it's way too late to be asking that question

10. Daddy, How Old Are You?

This many, kid. This many.

11. Parenting Priorities

What is he eating, exactly?

12. Parenting 101

They never listen.

13. No Monster Spray

There's a kind for teenagers, too!