The Miami Trip Inspired A Whole New Crop Of 'RHONY' Memes & Tweets

The Real Housewives of New York have always given fans incredibly gif-able moments, but Season 11 soared to new heights with one of the wildest girls trips we've ever seen. (And that's saying a lot after Scary Island.) The three-part trip to Miami was truly memorable and provided plenty of fodder for new RHONY memes and tweets. But there are also some classics that'll go down in history when the franchise celebrates twenty years of Housewives — a milestone I have literally zero doubt they'll reach.

This season captured what many echoed was the best two minutes of Real Housewives in the franchise's history when Bethenny Frankel completely melted down over Luann De Lesseps' protracted period of self-involvement following her newfound sobriety. Bethenny had clearly been holding it in all season — her few attempts to gently address the issue went mostly ignored — and she really let it rip on the girls trip. What happened next was one of the most compelling moments the show ever aired. Bethenny finally confronted Luann with her mounting resentment over Luann behaving so atrociously under the guise of pursuing "wellness" after Bethenny's fiancé Dennis Shields, who financially bailed Luann out during her intervention, died of a drug overdose. It was both an incredibly painful moment to watch and very clearly an important thing for Bethenny to say.

It remains to be seen how that night resolves, but at the very least, the memes and tweets it spurned became some extremely relatable content.

Luann Gazing At Her Own Poster

One popular genre of tweet after the Miami trip was send-ups of Luann admiring her own cabaret poster — even going so far as to ask a passerby to take photos of her with it — after abandoning the group. Whomst among us hasn't looked fondly back over our own timelines and taken pleasure in our wit and/or beauty?

Dorinda's Most Relatable Moment

Dorinda's certainly better known for one-liners like "make it nice," but my most relied upon RHONY gif by far is when she rolled up on Ramona at a party and responded to the question "how are you?" with "I'll tell you how I'm doing: not well, b*tch" — complete with her signature tipsy Dorinda hand gesture.

Bethenny In The Berserkshires

Bethenny and Ramona's awkward slut-shaming confrontation is partly responsible for why the ladies coined their annual trip to Dorinda's country home "The Berserkshires." Plus, "mention it all" is a useful gif for anytime someone can't stop spilling tea.

Life Is Not A Cabaret

One of the most iconic moments from Bethenny and Luann's confrontation in Miami was when Bethenny finally, blissfully shut down Luann's constant cabaret talk. I don't think any RHONY fans will think of the Liza Minelli musical in the same way again.

A 'Big Little Lies' Crossover Moment

Meryl Streep letting out a barbaric yawp on Season 2 of Big Little Lies was instantly memed for any moments of great frustration. Bethenny's reaction any time Luann mentions the cabaret is perfect usage.

For Your Consideration

This isn't the only RHONY fan who thinks the Miami meltdown deserved an Emmy, but all of them are precisely this passionate about it.

Dorinda's Most Indecipherable Catchphrase

Season 9 took the Real Housewives of New York to the Bronx for an authentic Italian luncheon where the red wine was flowing. Dorinda got into a heated argument with Sonja and at some point just started repeatedly yelling the word "clip," apparently in an attempt to shut Sonja up? It made no sense and yet, it was easily one of Dorinda's best moments.

Dorinda Learns Her Martini Limit

Of all the Housewives, Dorinda has some of the easiest tells when she crosses her personal alcohol threshold. After seeing herself on the show, Dorinda had this prescient realization about her martini limit.

Get Off My Jock

Bethenny's one-liners are prolific, but "get off my jock" was one of her earliest viral moments. It even inspired an Urban Dictionary entry for people who didn't know what it meant.

Scary Island's Biggest Outburst

"Scary Island" was such a classic girls trip that Season 3 is frequently considered the golden age of Real Housewives. Bethenny yelling at an utterly incoherent Kelly Bensimon to go to sleep is the gif that keeps on giving.

Be Cool

A deeply hungover Luann making a sunglasses-shielded plea to the group to be chill about letting boys come over to their vacation house during a Season 9 girls trip also makes the cut as one of the show's most memorable rants.

Tinsley's Truffle Fries Moment Is All Of Us

Tinsley screaming "Truffle! Truh-fuhlll!" as the group tried to decide what kind of poolside french fries they wanted on the Miami trip was one of her most relatable moments, in my opinion. Personally, I've taken to yelling it randomly to signal that I'm hangry. (And only real ones know what it means.) Poor Tins never did get her truffle fries, since Sonja burst into tears, ruining their pool day. But "justice for the truffle fries" remains a relatable sentiment.

Dorinda's Mixology 101 Class

Dorinda taking over cocktail-making duties from the bartender on call at the Miami house was utterly hilarious, and I, for one, have been known to advocate for a self-pour station at open bar situations. Dorinda is the ally we need in this endeavor.

It's been eleven seasons, but the New York Housewives have consistently delivered for all this time. It's no wonder they're Andy Cohen's unofficial favorite.