The 15 Most Hungover Cities In America Will Have A Painful Jan. 1

Ah, the hangover. A self-inflicted punishment for indulging a little too egregiously the night before. The physical state you battled through like a champion in college, but that has become more immobilizing with each passing year.

There are certain days you can expect to be dealing with a hangover. July 5, March 18, and January 1 to name a few. And it turns out, there are certain cities that are more likely to be hungover, especially in the aftermath of these holidays. Thanks to real estate site Trulia, there exists a map of which cities are going to be the most incapacitated come the first day of the new year.

Trulia's hangover index was completed by taking into account the, "nightlife establishments, bars, breweries, comfort food, restaurants, and drugstores per 10,000 households." It found a pretty strong correlation between the cities that party hardest and the ones who are the most hungover, which really should come as a surprise to no one.

Hangover recovery, on the other hand, did not pair up quite as nicely with those who would have the worst hangovers. It turns out the number one hungover city is only the tenth best at recovering. So if you live there, chances are you're in for a pretty painful January first.

So without further ado, here are America's most hungover cities, the fun spots to spend a Saturday night, but terrible places to get through a Sunday morning. If you plan to visit any of these nightlife hubs to ring in the New Year, be sure to pack lots of Gatorade and Advil, and save some money in the budget for a greasy brunch the next day.


Fairfield County, CT

Looks like suburbia is getting in on the party.


Worcester, MA

I can only imagine the drunkies correcting visitors on how to pronounce "Worcester" (contrary to any phonetic logic, it's Woo-ster).


Orange County, CA

If you're wealthy enough to live in the OC, then chances are you can afford some top-of-the-line hangover-curing fresh-pressed juices.


Cambridge, MA

Seems that work hard, play hard is the mantra for all those Harvard folk.


New Haven, CT

At least Pepe's pizza will be right there to satisfy the need for grease and cheese.


Portland, OR

Even though this is a super active, outdoorsy city, I doubt you'll see many bikers and hikers come New Year's Day. They'll be too busy trying not to barf.


Long Island, NY

Looks like The Hamptons and Long Island aren't just a summer party mecca. They won't let cold weather stop their raging.


San Diego, CA

It may be called "America's Finest City," but I doubt its residents feel that way the morning after.


New York, NY

The city that never sleeps probably takes a nap to ward off that headache.


New Orleans, LA

It should come as no surprise that a city known for it's partying lifestyle is high on the hangover list — except who knew they stopped drinking long enough to actually experience the hangover?


Providence, RI

Rhode Island may be the country's smallest state, but they sure don't drink small.


Philadelphia, PA

Give me liberty (from this pounding headache) or give me death.


Las Vegas, NV

I mean, is anyone surprised? There's an entire movie dedicated to this phenomenon.


Boston, MA

Those Bostonians sure do love their Sam Adams.


San Fransisco, CA

And the winner is: San Francisco. If you're celebrating in the city of tech, trolley cars and rolling hills — we wish you all the luck come New Year's Day.

Images: Kevin Briody, Vin Crosbie, JON_CF, 6SN7, Amy the Nurse, Michael Silberstein, Jordan Confino, peasap, Lars Plougmann, Eric Harrison, Bev Sykes, ADTeasdale, Katie Haugland, Guiseppe Milo/Flickr; Bravo; unsplash/Pexels; Trulia