The 2 Zodiac Signs That Get Bored In Relationships The Quickest

by Lindsay E. Mack

When it comes to love, some people require tons of excitement and novelty to stay invested. Maybe those needs are decided at birth? As it turns out, there are a couple zodiac signs that get bored in relationships the quickest, and probably won't put a lot of time into unfulfilling partnerships. If you're one of these signs, then it's crucial to find a partner who will work to make your love life endlessly interesting.

Of course, these tendencies will affect individual members of these signs differently. "Some astrological signs can't resist new adventures and can be prone to dating around. Of course, other aspects in one's chart such as the ascendant, Moon, Venus, and Mars, can add to one's loyalty disposition," as astrologer Lisa Barretta tells Romper. So if you do fall under one of these signs, then you're more likely to find that new relationships lose their luster quickly. But of course you can be a loyal and devoted partner, once you're with someone who responds to this need for romantic adventures.

That said, there's something admirable about these signs who refuse to settle for unfulfilling relationships. Read on to learn more about the people most likely to date around until they find a perfect partner.



Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Geminis were called out more than any other sign in response to this question. "Geminis are known for being the life of the party! Because they’re ruled by Mercury, they’re quite the talkers and LOVE attention. This could make for some issues in the dating scheme," says Jenna Taylor of Obsidian PR, who studies astrology. Their love for novelty is also a factor. "Gemini loves anything new, including people. This sociable sign can be very engaging to the point of crossing over the loyalty boundary," says Barretta. Despite this need to break out of repetition, a Gemini can settle down for the right person. "However, Gemini people are loyal, in their own way, they won’t leave their true love for a fling," says astrologer and spiritual wellness coach Carmen Mayes. If you're with a Gemini, though, it's important to keep things interesting in your love life. (I mean, can you imagine celeb Gemini Zoe Saldana settling for less?)



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Like celebrity Aries Kourtney Kardashian, those born under the sign of the ram are allergic to boredom. "Aries loves a sense of adventure and the chase phase of a potential partnership drives their adrenaline. They have a wandering eye and a flirty nature," says Barretta. Other astrologists agree with this reading of the ram sign. "Aries will literally get bored and then leave or cheat. Fire signs follow their passion; if the object of their affection can’t keep Aries’ fire burning they will move on to someone who will," says Mayes.

Basically, it's difficult to overstate this sign's need for excitement in their love lives. "Aries, symbolized by the charging ram, are the most impulsive people of the zodiac," says Vedic astrologer Griffin Damron. "They crave to experience life to its fullest, taking in all kinds of different experiences, people and places. As such, they can get bored easily in relationships when they feel that they’ve seen every side of their partner." This sign is not one to take romantic commitments lightly. In general, anyone looking to impress an Aries or Gemini better bring the heat.