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Some Of The Most Popular Baby Girl Names Of 2018 Are Pretty Surprising

The Security Administration won't be releasing the official list of top 2018 baby names assigned in the United States until next year, but there are other baby-related sites that have put together their own robust compilation of the most-used monikers. Case in point: Baby Center's list of the most popular baby girl names of 2018 which is based on data submitted by over 742,000 parents of new babies. While some of these names will make you say "Duh," a few might elicit a, "Whoah, really?"

Choosing a name for a new baby is freaking hard. Speaking from experience, as I am currently pregnant, it's a delicate dance to choose a name that your baby won't share with three other classmates, yet won't have to spell out or pronounce multiple times for everyone they meet. I repeatedly hear moms lament, "I love this name, but it's so dang popular!" Whether you use this list for inspiration or, conversely, so you know which names to avoid, I always remind other moms-to-be of one thing: once you meet your sweet daughter, it really won't matter if she shares her name with others, because she's the only one that matters. And even if 100,000 babies were blessed with the same moniker that very year, your bundle is still every bit as unique as she would be if she had a completely made up name that no one else could possibly have.

One thing to note: these names are the most popular for Baby Center users. Yes, many of them will reflect national trends, but these aren't the official U.S. rankings that take into account the actual number of humans walking (well, crawling) around with this name.



Sophia, and the alternative Sofia, has been a fixture on U.S. top 10 lists for over a decade. The name, which means "wisdom" according to BabyCenter, is often shortened to the adorable nickname Sophie.



The name Olivia was given to 18,632 girls in 2017, and it's popularity clearly isn't slowing down. This name, which Nameberry says means "olive tree," has been a favorite since Shakespearean times. The related name, Oliver, is solidly in the top 20 names for boys, too.



Emma was the #1 most popular name in the U.S. in 2017, and it has remained at the top this year. This short and sweet name means "universal" according to Babble, so it makes perfect sense that it's so universally adored. Fun fact: this is the only name that claimed over 1 percent of all births in the country according to the Social Security administration.



It only takes three letters to make one of the sweetest names of the decade. The moniker has a few different meanings, including "life," "serpent," or even "bird," according to The Bump, but it's a beautiful name no matter which definition you prefer.



This ultra girly name held on to it's spot in the top 10 this year after being the #4 most popular name in 2017. With precious nicknames like Izzy and Bella, this name is one that will grow beautifully from infancy to adulthood.



The name Aria has a few meanings, including "air" or "song or melody," according to Nameberry. Or, if you're like me, it means "Lucy Hale's character from Pretty Little Liars." This name was #20 in 2017, but will possibly climb to a higher spot by the close of 2018.



This name, which originated as a last name, has become wildly popular for both girls and boys. The name means "brave" per Babble, and it has accumulated a fair share of spellings over the years, including Rylee, Ryleigh, and Rylie.



A name that means "industrious" and striving," according to The Bump, this is a fitting name for a strong, independent little girl. The 2018 Amelias will join 11,800 Amelias born in 2017.



Another super short yet undeniably strong name gracing the top 20 list this year is Mia. This name means "mine" according to Baby Center, which is pretty much the most darling thing I've ever heard. It finished 2017 at #6, and it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon.



Though Layla means "night" per Nameberry, it's a gorgeous name for babes born with dark hair, light hair, and everything in between. Though it didn't grace the Social Security Administration's top 20 list in 2017, Baby Center predicts that 2018 is its year. This is the name's first time in Baby Center's top 10.



Maybe because there simply aren't that many Z-names, but the name Zoe instantly brings to mind a fierce and spunky little girl. The name, which means "life" according to The Bump, is sometimes spelled Zoey and even Zoie.



Quite possibly popularized by Russian actress Mila Kunis, the name Mila means "dear one" in Russian. It didn't make the cut for the top 20 Social Security list last year, but sits solidly in the #12 spot for Baby Center.



Charlotte has been gracing the top of baby lists for years, and it's not going anywhere. This sophisticated name means "free man" according to Nameberry, and it got the royal seal of approval when Kate Middleton and Prince William gave it to their daughter, Princess Charlotte, in 2015.



"Originally a last name meaning someone who plays the harp," according to Baby Center, this name continues to be music to our ears. Given to 10,451 baby girls in 2017, this name continues to be a national favorite.



Often used as a nickname for Lillian, the name Lily/Lilly is proving it can stand on its own just fine. The name comes from the stunning and colorful lily flower, She Knows shares, and has proven to be a timeless choice for a baby girl.



Chloe is a name of Greek origin that symbolizes "new growth," according to Nameberry. While traditionally spelled with a C, a variety of K spellings have become popular thanks to Kardashian sister, Khloe.



Though the name Aaliyah hasn't ranked higher than #36 in 2012 according to the Social Security Administration, Baby Center users clearly adored this name in 2018. The Arabic name means "exalted" according to Baby Center, and has been growing in popularity since the early 2000s.



While this name wasn't an official top 20 name last year, it's clearly a favorite among Baby Center users. With several variations, including Adalynn, Adeline, Adelyn, Adelynn, Adaline, this name is uber feminine and undeniably cute.



Evelyn is an old-fashioned, romantic name that is incredibly deserving of the massive comeback it's had in recent years. The name, which means "wished for," according to Babble, has the added bonus of several cute nicknames, like Evie and Eva.



The unisex name Avery is back in the top 20 for girls after holding the #14 spot in the U.S. last year. The name means "ruler of the elves," according to Nameberry, which makes it 100 times cooler in my humble opinion.