The 2016 ModCloth Black Friday Sales That You Can Enjoy From Home

by Ni'Kesia Pannell

Every year on Black Friday, I get the worst anxiety. Though I love scoring the deals from my favorite stores throughout the day, I absolutely loathe lines and massive amounts of people running around chaotically. Sure, in-store sales are guaranteed to deliver some of the greatest steals of the season, but shopping online could be a little better. One online store in particular that's sure to give you amazing sales and, not to mention, no chaos is Modcloth. That's why having knowledge of the 2016 Modcloth Black Friday sales will be more than beneficial than you know.

You Can Shop The Modcloth Black Friday Sale At

Although I'm not a regular shopper of the popular online site, one thing I will admit to is knowing that they have so great looking clothes for women. There's literally something for every occasion on this site, so at no point can you say "they don't have what I'm looking for." I'm not familiar with what their sales have looked like on Black Friday in year's past, but this year, a representative tells Romper that the Black Friday sale will go from 9 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 23 to 8 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 27.

Since Modcloth is the coolest, it offers consumers different promo codes for the amounts that they spend during the sale. For 40 percent off of $200 or more, use the code FRIDAY40; for 30 percent off of $100 or more, use FRIDAY30, and for 20 percent off sitewide, use the code FRIDAY20.

If you need a little help choosing a few of the hot picks that will be available, take a look at these 15 items to get you going.


Cheer Uplifting A-Line Skirt In Parks

Cheer Uplifting A-Line Skirt In Parks, $42, Modcloth

This cheer uplifting a-line skirt in parks ($42) is a great steal for the fashionista at heart.


Pointe of View Tulle Skirt in Blush

Point Of View Tulle Skirt In Blush, $56, Modcloth

ModCloth's gorgeous point of view tulle skirt in blush ($56) is the perfect fit for any holiday gathering you're planning to attend.


It's A Wrap Cardigan

It's A Wrap Cardigan In Ice, $35, Modcloth

ModCloth's it's a wrap cardigan in ice ($35) is a stylish and trendy top that should be on your radar this year.


Podcast Co-Host Top in Navy Floral

Podcast Co-Host Top In Navy Floral, $45, Modcloth

There's something so beautiful about this podcast co-host top in navy floral ($45) that will make any fashion lover empty out their accounts.


Applaud Your Elegance Maxi Dress

Applaud Your Elegance Maxi Dress, $210, Modcloth

In need of a elegant party dress for this season's gatherings? Be sure to nab the applaud your elegance maxi dress ($210) at a discount on Black Friday.


Elegant Excellence Floral Dress

Elegant Excellence Floral Dress, $150, Modcloth

If the maxi dress is a little too much for your taste, this elegant excellence floral dress ($150) is a suitable fill in.


Face Your Cheers Vegan Flats

Face Your Cheers Vegan Flats, $45, Modcloth

Go super vintage in these Care Bear-inspired face your cheers vegan flats ($45).


From The Luxe Of It Heel

From The Luxe Of It Heel, $99, Modcloth

Hello, from the luxe of it heel ($99). Take all of my money, now.


In Rare Warm Cardigan

In Rare Warm Cardigan, $55, Modcloth

Stay warm (and cute) in this trendy in rare warm cardigan ($55).


Flirty Festivities Jumpsuit

Flirty Festivities Jumpsuit, $90, Modcloth

'Tis the season to slay and this flirty festivities jumpsuit ($90) is sure to help you do it.


Secret Garden Floral Skirt

Secret Garden Floral Skirt, $80, Modcloth

This secret garden floral skirt ($80) is a top pick for your Black Friday shopping.


Capital Class Trench In Plaid

Capital Class Trench In Plaid, $100, Modcloth

Step out in style after the Black Friday chaos is over with this capital class trench in plaid ($100).


Care To Converse Pants

Care To Converse Pants, $70, Modcloth

When I first saw these care to converse pants ($70), I knew that they would be on my list of items to snag. They should totally be on yours, too.


I've Austin Wondered Bag

I've Austin Wondered Bag, $78, Modcloth

Modcloth's "I've Austin Wondered" bag ($78) is surely the one that will set your holiday outfit off this year.


Just Be Your-Selfie Bag

Just Be Your-Selfie Bag, $88, Modcloth

If you ever needed a reason to be a little cheesy, this just be your-selfie bag ($88) is your perfect excuse. And, if you're not into selfies, gift it to a friend. . .or me. Gift it to me.