The 26 Best "Take Your Kid To Work Day" Tweets Show It Was A Blast

For those who do not already know, Thursday was "Take Your Kid To Work Day" — the day when kiddos take over your "work life" in the name of education, workplace and occupational exposure, and good fun. (Actually, the official name is "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day," but I digress.) With so many types of jobs and places of employment, where are our children headed today? What are our kiddos learning? (I mean, I work-from-home so I have no clue.) But thanks to hashtags and Twitter, everyone can check out the best #TakeYourKidToWorkDay, or #TYKTWD, Tweets.

But first, what is the history behind "Take Your Kid To Work Day:" when did it start and why did it begin? The first #TYKTWD was held in 1993, and it was actually designated "Take Our Daughter's To Work Day," according to The Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation. The idea behind the event was that, in taking girl's to work, their confidence would grow, their self-esteem would get a necessary boost, and — as a result — these young women would do better in school and in life. However, after a few years, the program's founders realized young men could benefit from this experience too, and in 2002 both boys and girls were invited to participate in the annual event. And 24 years later, this event is still going strong.

But back to today. What the heck are our kids doing today? (And what are adults without children up to.)

Girls Are Creating Websites

Kids Are Sending Powerful Messages

Young Women & Men Are Popping Up In Various Government Places (& Positions)

And In Major Corporations

In Multiple Branches Of Our Military

And "On Set"

Even Superhero's Are Partaking In #TYKTWD

Kids Are Being Observant (& Hilarious)

And, While Snarky, Many Adults "Got Jokes" Too

But That's Because Some Adults ARE Kids — At Least At Heart

And Let's Not Forget The Pop Culture Fun, Like This

And This

And This (Yes, More Star Wars)

Not To Mention Godzilla

And The Pillsbury Doughboy...I Mean The Michelin Man/Baymax/Stay Puft?!

As For Those Stay-At-Home- & Work-From-Home Parents – Like Myself — Enjoy Your Pajamas!