Thinking About Buying A Weighted Blanket For Your Child? These Are The Best & Safest Ones On Amazon

by Margeaux Baulch Klein

In recent years, weighted blankets have been touted as an aid for coping with sleep issues like anxiety or insomnia, but before you get one for your child, you'll need to be aware that guidelines can differ from adults to children. According to pediatric expert, Dr. Jacqueline Jones, M.D., author of the book Medical Parenting: How to Navigate the Health, Wellness & Medical System With Your Child, the best weighted blankets for kids are those that follow guidance from your pediatrician and/or an occupational therapist so that you can ensure it's an absolutely viable and safe option for you little one.

"A weighted blanket provides light pressure to the body which helps to decrease sensory overload," Dr. Jones explains to Romper in an e-mail. Should a parent want to give their child this “safe and cozy [way] to unwind," once they have their child's doctor's approval, she offered the following considerations:

  • Consider your child's needs: Again, before you add this snuggle accessory to your cart, Dr. Jones says that your physician should sign off. Especially, she adds, "If you have a child who hates being touched and is extremely sensitive to labels and clothing." In those cases, a weighted blanket "may not be your best option."
  • Age and weight minimum: Dr. Jones confirms that weighted blankets are only intended for children who are "old enough to be able to remove the blanket themselves— so between 18-24 months of age." And in terms of figuring out the right blanket weight would be, the rules here align to the ones for adults: "The [blanket] should be no more that 10% of their body weight," Dr. Jones adds. So for a 50-pound child, for example, the blanket should be no more that 5 pounds.
  • Choose the proper blanket size: "The blanket should not be so large that the child can become tangled in it," Dr. Jones says. Therefore you want the pressure (from the glass-bead filling) focused directly on your little one's body, so look for a children's "throw" size — either 36 by 48 inches or 41 by 60 inches — which helps cocoon then safely underneath.

With that in mind, I've rounded up the best weighted blankets for kids. They range from 5 to 10 pounds and are all available on Amazon!

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The Best Rated Weighted Blanket For Kids

The HomeSmart weighted blanket is a popular option on Amazon for good reason. This pick, which is ideal for kids 40 to 60 pounds, is made of silky soft, 400-thread count organic cotton — one side even boasts a minky dot textured fabric for extra coziness. In addition, it comes in a variety of fun, kid-friendly prints, including trains, mermaids, dinosaurs, and unicorns, as well as several solid colors. This one-piece blanket is also machine-washable, but because of the micro-glass beads on the inside that give it weight, it should be air-dried only.

Helpful review: “Our littlest guy has always battled sleep! Over his 5 years, we have tried ALL the things! Recently we decided to try adding weighted blankets to his bedtime routine to see if they helped give him the sensory input he needed to calm his mind and body for sleep. We weren’t having the success we knew we could because we just couldn’t find the blanket that worked. Then we found it! This blanket has changed the weighted blanket game for us! He loves it, we love it, he uses it at bed time and for relaxing on the couch!"

  • Available kids sizes: 40 x 60 inches (5, 7, and 10 pounds)


The Most Affordable

This Tempcore weighted blanket is an affordable option for children 5 and over who weigh about 50 pounds or more. It's made of soft, 100% cotton with a 233-thread count and has an inner filling of glass beads and polyester fiber. Reviewers say that this blanket is on the heavier side, so it could be a great choice for colder weather. Plus, it comes in a cute polar bear print. However, one downside for parents to consider with this blanket is that it is not machine-washable. Instead, the manufacturer recommends to only spot clean and air dry it.

Helpful review: “Love this blanket and so does my daughter. She always wants to sleep with another person, but, with this blanket, she sleeps soundly all throughout the night.”

  • Available kids sizes: 36 x 48 inches (5 pounds), 41 x 60 inches (7 or 10 pounds)


The Best Cooling

Available in both solid colors and vibrant prints, this YnM weighted blanket is made of a cooling and breathable bamboo material that helps kids maintain a comfortable body temperature while they sleep. It is designed with multiple layers and small compartments throughout that keep the glass beads and weight of the blanket evenly distributed. Plus, it's easy to keep this blanket clean since it's both machine-washable and safe to tumble dry on low. Keep in mind, though, that while the brand claims it's suitable for kids 60 pounds and up, per Dr. Jones' recommendations, your child should be at least 70 pounds in order to safely use use this blanket.

Helpful review: “This weighted blanket and matching duvet cover are phenomenal. My daughter's sleep has improved dramatically and she hasn't had any nightmares since using it. It's cool enough for warm nights and an additional lightweight blanket has worked for this winter so far. Highly recommend!”

  • Available kids sizes: 41 x 60 inches (7 or 10 pounds)


Dr. Jacqueline Jones, M.D., a pediatric expert and author of the book Medical Parenting: How to Navigate the Health, Wellness & Medical System With Your Child