The 3-Year-Old Gymnast On 'Ellen' Is Both Incredibly Cute And Talented

While those who have been in the business of anything the longest tend to get more attention than the youth, it is necessary to give credit to those who have been working hard on perfecting their craft — despite their age. Ellen Degeneres is one of those people who knows this. Degeneres uses her show to highlight the talents of the youth and show them the attention they deserve — by showing them off to the rest of America and the world to see. So, it is no surprise that the 3-year-old gymnast on Ellen is both incredibly cute and talented — because Degeneres knows talent when she sees it and she does not disappoint.

So who is this talented young girl? The pint-sized gymnastics prodigy is 3-year-old Emma Rester who appeared on The Ellen Show, Thursday March 24 to show off her super awesome skills. The toddler did flips on the bars and back hand springs on a trampoline set up on the Ellen stage.

When asked by Degeneres if she was afraid to fall, Emma replied with a very inspiring message that everyone could take to heart. "No, because then we get back up," she said. Well said, Emma.

Emma has quite the following for only being 3-years-old. Her Instagram account, emma_minigymnastbigdreams has over 67,000 followers. I know, right? I'm jealous, too. Her Instagram features the thing that Emma does best, gymnastics. The profile is full of pictures and video clips of the tot showing off her skills in a way that is both inspiring and also makes me a bit envious.

In an interview with the Las Cruces Sun-News (where Emma is from), her mom, Antje said that the producers of The Ellen Show reached out to Emma through the Instagram account and asked Emma and her mom to come on the show. At first, Antje didn't think the message was legitimately from the crew, but after a Skype call with show personnel, Emma had booked her appearance on the show.

Antje said that she and her husband first enrolled Emma in gymnastics at the age of two-and-a-half because Emma was a little clumsy and they thought gymnastics might help her gain some coordination. As it just so happened, Emma fell in love with the sport.

Emma's Instagram shows me that it is important to dream big and work hard. Is it too late for me to take up gymnastics? Because suddenly I have an urge to learn how to do a back handspring — and I can't even cartwheel.