Block Out Light & Get More ZZZ's With These Adorable Nursery Blackout Curtains

Parents can always use more sleep, and one way to get more shuteye is to create a dark and cozy space for baby’s naptime and bedtime to help them sleep better. The best blackout curtains for nursery rooms eliminate light thanks to their triple fabric weave and are just as easy to put up as they are to open for letting light in during the day.

Babies sleep better in dark rooms, and to find a truly opaque blackout curtain, look for at least three layers of fabric: a dense layer of woven fabric, another insulating layer that can also keep the room warmer on cold day, and an outer decorative layer that can match decor and make the blackout effect even more effective. While lighter curtain colors may be a better match for your nursery decor, keep in mind darker curtains block out the most light.

While installation mechanisms vary, make sure to chose one that you'll be able to install with ease. The options on this list range from curtains with panels that slide over a rod pocket to portable curtains that stay put with suctions cups or Velcro. Either way, you’ll want to choose a blackout curtain that can be easily tied or pulled aside when it’s time to wake up. If you already have a curtain rod up, sliding a blackout curtain over it is a cinch.

Curtains vary in terms of size, so be sure to check the available dimensions for each pick so that you can be sure you're shopping a curtain that fits your space.

With all this in mind, keep reading for the best blackout curtains to add to your little one's nursery. You and baby will be sleeping better in no time.

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These Insulated Blackout Curtains With Cute Bow Ties

  • Available Dimensions: 46 by 63 inches

These insulated blackout curtains are made of a triple weave fabric with an insulated layer and a high-density black yarn layer for a truly blackout effect. This highly rated pick, with over 2,500 reviews, comes in more than a dozen colors, including blue, black, and gray; keep in mind darker colors block out 99% of light while lighter colors block 85% of light, according to the manufacturer.

This single panel has a rod pocket for sliding onto a curtain rod. Use the ties to make a practical yet cute bow that not only allows you to create different and unique looks, but folds up the curtain and lets in light during the day. For wider windows, use two panels for more coverage but know these won't slide to the side like curtains with grommets would.

A helpful review: “Excellent product. I used these curtains for my nurseries and my own room. Completely pitch black! The material is nice and thick and it blocks the heat out [of] the room during summer and keep[s] the heat in during the winter.”


A Set Of Patterned Blackout Curtains

  • Available Dimensions: 52 by 63 inches (per panel);52 by 45 inches; and 52 by 84 inches

Make more of a statement in your nursery decor with these patterned blackout curtains in a sweet starry motif. The set of two blackout panels are made of triple weave fabric with an insulated layer.

This highly rated pick has grommets that measure 1.6 inches for installing over a curtain rod, and they slide fully open or closed throughout the day. The cute silver star pattern comes in five curtain colors, including gray, navy, and beige.

A helpful review: “Love these! Purchased for our son's room and they fit his nursery theme perfectly. Truly blackout. Makes the room very dark. Buying some for my own room!”


These White Blackout Curtains That Brighten Rooms

  • Available Dimensions: 52 by 63 inches (per panel); 52 by 45 inches; 52 by 54 inches; 52 by 63 inches, 52 by 84 inches; 52 by 96 inches, 52 by 108 inches

Blackout curtains are most effective when used in darker hues, but you may prefer a lighter color to brighten up a dark room or match your nursery decor. These white blackout curtains cater to all of these needs thanks to a triple weave construction with a top white layer, an insulated layer, and a blackout layer that faces the window.

With a 4.6 rating and nearly 2,000 reviews, one reviewer commented, “These are the first 'white' curtains I've seen that actually block sunlight.”

This pick provides two panels that slide onto a curtain rod with 1.6-inch grommets. They're also available in a few other sizes and several colors, including khaki and gray.

A helpful review: “Purchased for my daughter’s nursery for daytime napping. It’s so dark that I can barely see two feet in front of me. Worth every penny. For those who said that the 'white' color has a tinge of gray because of the black backing, I didn’t notice it too much. [...]”


Some Portable Blackout Curtains For Traveling

  • Available Dimensions: 78 by 51.2 inches

Hitting the road doesn't need to disrupt your baby's sleep schedule. This portable blackout curtain adheres to windows with suction cups for a quick installation in a hotel room or at a relative's home, and it has hook and loop fasteners for adjusting the size of the curtain as needed.

Even though this is not a triple-weave curtain, reviewers commented the highly rated pick is very thick, keeps the light out, and is heavy enough to help keep a room insulated against outside heat or cold.

This single curtain panel comes with a matching storage bag for compact packing and is also available as two-pack for wider windows. You can choose from five color and pattern options, including moons, dinosaurs, and hearts.

A helpful review: “This is SUCH an awesome find. My kids never nap when we travel because seeing the light gives them FOMO. This stayed up all weekend without falling and blocked light better than my actual blackout curtains at home. Plus it folds small so you can throw it into your suitcase anywhere you go. My kids napped on our recent vacation thanks to this sucker.”


Also Great: A Totally Blackout Window Cover That’s Customizable

  • Available Dimensions: 36 by 48 inches; 45 by 66 inches

If you don't have a curtain rod already in place, consider this blackout window cover that adheres directly on the window without needing drills or measuring tape. Simply cut the cover to fit your window and apply hook and loop tape along the edge to cover, press, and seal. This blackout cover is made of vinyl and completely blocks out light; use it alone or in conjunction with curtains. Reviewers say they simply roll up the bottom when they want a bit of light to peek in.

The black cover has a slight white checkered pattern that helps with cutting the cover to size, and it's also available in white.

A helpful review: “OMG, this thing rocks! I installed it in the nursery and created a baby bat cave. It was easy to cut and fit to get the perfect seal around the window. And I love that I can remove it or roll up part of the bottom for some light.”