Kids & Teens Will Have Fun And Stay Active & Motivated With These Fitbits

by Andrea Hannah

If your kids are anything like mine, they'd rather spend a Saturday in front of a video game console than joining me for a jog. While I've tried bribery and a healthy dose of parental guilt, I'm convinced the best way to get them up and moving is with one of the best Fitbits for kids that motivates and monitors their progress, but is also durable and can run a long time on a single charge.

When it comes down to it, kids tend to be way more inspired by fun than anything else, which is why kid-friendly activity trackers are such a hit with parents and kids alike. Similar to the adult versions, Fitbits for kids should boast motivating features like a visual representation of steps and exercise minutes. The younger your child, the more any Fitbit should play up the "game" aspect of exercising by including simple and accessible challenges. Fitbits that are designed for younger children have an age recommendation of "six and older" and you may have to go outside of the Fitbit brand to find similar fitness trackers that work for even younger kids, like preschoolers. This list includes two highly rated Fitbit alternatives so you have the most options when it comes to age.

If you're investing in a Fitbit for a small, messy human, durability is definitely important. Be on the lookout for a shatter-proof and waterproof activity tracker for sure, and bonus points if you can go days between charges. As a parent, the last thing you need is to keep track of charging one more device.

Not sure where to start? Here's a round-up of the best Fitbits for kids to help you narrow it down.

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The Best Fitbit For Younger Kids

When it comes down to it, there is no better activity tracker for younger kids than the Fitbit Ace 2. For one, it's basically indestructible. This tracker is designed for kids ages six and up and features a flexible, waterproof band that can hold up to everything from major spills to dives off the deep end of the pool. It also features an interactive interface that allows kids to see their steps and active minutes throughout the day. Kids set their goals, and each time they reach one, characters cheer and celebrate on-screen. They even earn virtual badges that provide additional motivational. Plus, this Fitbit can hold a charge for up to five days before it needs to be charged, so kids can spend even more time moving.

This Fitbit tracks steps, sleep activity, and sets bedtime reminders and alarms. It has a timer and stopwatch and parents can track their kids' activity via an app and even set up reminders to move and get active.


The Best For Older Kids

Not only is the Fitbit Inspire great for adults, but older kids will love it, too. For one, kids can interact with the interface without using the app, so they don't need to have a cellphone to participate in fun challenges with their friends or to monitor their own activity. This tracker is also pretty low maintenance, automatically tracking active minutes and workouts without your child having to physically start and end their exercise minutes on the tracker. The band is durable and the tracker is water resistant up to 50 meters. Plus, this Fitbit can also go a full five days before it needs a charge, making it a great choice for busy kids on the go.

This tracker lets kids record their steps, swims, and bike rides, distance, and hourly activity. It also keeps track of their sleep, sets silent alarms (a buzz on the arm will wake them instead of a loud ring), and comes with two bands — small and large — for the perfect fit.


The Best For Athletes-In-Training

The Fitbit Inspire HR has all the bells and whistles of the original, only with the added perks of a highly accurate heart rate monitor for active kids. The monitor works 24 hours a day, as long as they're wearing the tracker, and automatically tracks your child's health metrics, whether they're sitting at their desk or running sprints at soccer practice. It even monitors sleep, and can give older kids valuable information about how much sleep they're getting and how much time they're spending in deep sleep each night.


The Best Fitbit Dupe

If you'd rather not go all in on a Fitbit just yet, this really affordable fitness tracker is a great starter option for kids of all ages. The waterproof tracker features a super slim, lightweight band made of flexible, durable material that's perfect for kids eight years and older, and has a touchscreen interface that provides for easy interactions. It also automatically monitors sleep, steps, and activity, and as a bonus, this tracker can last for up to a full seven days on a single charge.


The Best Fitbit Dupe For Preschoolers

If you're searching for an affordable fitness tracker designed for preschoolers, this fun and functional option is perfect for children ages four and up. The swim-proof tracker has a sturdy, adjustable wristband and tracks steps, sleep, and 60 minutes of activity to ensure little ones get their daily recommended exercise. It syncs with an app that parents can use to schedule alerts and even chore reminders for little ones.

It comes in six kid-friendly themes like Star Wars, Minnie Mouse, Frozen 2, and Spider-Man. Each time a child crushes an activity goal their reward is that they advance in a mini adventure specific to their tracker's theme, which makes fitness even more motivational and fun.