4 Video Baby Monitors That'll Help You Keep An Eye On Your Baby From Anywhere

by Lisa Fogarty

When your baby comes home from the hospital, it might seem like they spend way more time sleeping alone in a bassinet or crib than by your side. Even when you're only one room away from them, having one of the best video baby monitors can make the experience less stressful, keep you connected, and alert you to any issues so that you can handle them pronto.

Chances are you've already got an audio baby monitor (either set up, or on the way) that you plan to use to hear your baby's cries so that you can respond to them. But why not consider a monitor with a screen — if you haven't already. Watching your baby napping peacefully on a clear screen can ease your worries, while unique features like talk-back give you a way to communicate with and soothe your little one without disturbing them with a full-on nursery entrance. There are even video baby monitors that have night vision and a temperature monitor with an alarm — as soon as it gets too hot or cold in your baby's room, you can adjust the temperature to make it just right.

These four baby video monitors are some of the best around. Depending on your needs and budget, one of these monitors are bound to make your life as a parent at least a little bit easier.


The Highly-Rated Baby Video Monitor Considered 'Best Overall Value' By Consumer Reports

If you want a great baby video monitor that doesn't cost a fortune, this innovative product has been described as "best overall value" by Consumer Reports. Here are some of the reasons why this monitor is so special: For starters, it's a leader in its category as the first-ever monitor with an interchangeable optical lens. You can switch among different lenses on the camera to change the focal length and viewing angle so that it suits any room. An up-close lens might be perfect for your newborn, but a panoramic lens is better for a growing, more mobile infant or toddler.

This monitor is bursting with other great features, as well. There's a two-way talk option, invisible IR night vision, an alarm function, and a remote temperature display. You can use up to four cameras on this one device, which is amazing if you have a large family with several small children. And, setup is super easy — because busy parents don't have a spare minute to spend fumbling with wires and buttons.


The Best Baby Video Monitor If You're On A Budget

Shopping for baby products and necessities can get expensive, but it's absolutely possible to find a quality video baby monitor that won't break the bank. Consumer Reports considers the Babysense Video Monitor one of the best monitor choices if you're on a budget — and even if you aren't, you may be blown away by its large 5-inch flat-screen color LCD video display and a range of up to 600 feet. You can zoom in for closer views of your baby and there are sound-activated LEDs that provide parents with a visual alert when noise is detected in your baby's room.

The swivel-camera design is great for positioning this unit to capture various angles of the room, and you have the option of mounting it on the wall. Add up to four cameras to this unit if you have multiple children and an automatic black and white night vision feature almost makes up for the lack of a night light. This isn't the monitor that comes with a whole lot of bells and whistles, but it provides the basics, won't cost you a fortune, and will ease your mind as a worried parent.


A Great Smartphone-Compatible Baby Video Monitor For On-The-Go Parents

If you're a tech-lover or traveler who wants a baby video monitor that connects to your smartphone so that you can view your little one everywhere you roam, Consumer Reports is singing the praises of the Nest Cam. Simply plug it into your baby's nursery, download the Nest Cam app, and receive 1080p HD videos of your little one right onto your phone. The camera has a 130-degree wide-angle view, night vision and picture quality that has been described as incredible, and a built-in speaker and microphone that lets you communicate with your baby from anywhere.

The Nest Cam stands apart from other smartphone baby monitors because it lets you set up alerts that tell you when your baby is making noise or stirring and it allows for 24/7 live streaming. Whether you want to check in on your baby from the office, restaurant, even an airplane, or simply prefer tech solutions whenever possible, this monitor won't disappoint.


The Multi-Tasking Baby Monitor That Plays Lullabies & Controls The Room's Temperature

If you're not convinced you need a baby video monitor with a lot of extra features, but still find them intriguing, it helps to know what you can expect when you spend a bit more. This Motorola monitor, which has more than 1,500 reviews, boasts a 3- by 5-inch color LCD screen, infrared night vision, and up to a 200-meter range with an out-of-range warning when you venture a little too far away from your baby. But what really makes it stand out is its remote camera adjustment, five LED alerts for changes in noise levels, and the ability to play five built-in lullabies if you notice your baby could use a little help falling asleep.

And who can forget its room temperature monitor? Yes, if your little one's room gets too hot and stuffy or becomes cold during the night, a sensor sends you an alert so that you can adjust the temperature accordingly. Real-time video with up to 25 FPS video playback only adds to the sense of security this monitor provides.

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