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4 Walkie Talkies For Kids That Will Keep Your Little Ones Entertained

Walkie talkies are both fun and functional. The best walkie talkies for kids are simple to operate, with a range that will work for your family’s needs. These walkie talkies usually have multiple channels so that your kiddos can always find one with a good signal, or a single channel if you want to simplify things for younger users. These devices should also be lightweight and small enough for little hands to hold.

Most walkie talkies have a maximum range that falls between 1 and 3 miles, which will honestly work for most situations — particularly if your kids are just using them near your home. However, some walkie talkies have a much further range, should you need it. Keep in mind that the listed range is the maximum distance from which the devices can communicate, and this can be impacted by factors like weather or obstacles (like buildings and hills, for example).

You can opt for a walkie talkie with lots of extra features, like a screen or a headset, which might be especially appreciated by older children. But at the end of the day, it's most important that your child's walkie talkie is easy to use. This is especially important for younger kids — the fewer buttons, the better.

Also, be sure to consider the device's power source. Most walkie talkies are powered by single-use batteries. However, there are some that have a rechargeable battery, which may save you money in the long run.

Below, you'll find four walkie talkies that are sure to wow any child. Amazon reviewers indicated that these picks are easy-to-operate, small in size, and have provided tons of entertainment for their little ones.

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The Overall Best Walkie Talkies For Kids

Ages: 3 to 12

Range: Up to 3 miles in an open area (more like 0.5 to 1 mile in a residential area)

Channels: 22

These walkie talkies from Obuby feature a bright and colorful design that will certainly catch your kid's eye. But beyond aesthetic appeal, reviewers on Amazon indicated that they were beyond impressed with the sound quality of this pick, despite the fact that it's made for kids. Reviewers gave these walkie talkies a solid 4.5-star rating on the site, among 2,300 and growing reviews.

Each of the three walkie talkies features simple push-to-talk operation and adjustable volume levels. The backlit screen is easy to read. The walkie talkies are small in size — which is ideal for kids’ hands — and come with a belt clip for even easier carrying. They operate on four AAA batteries.

If you don’t need three receivers, this pick is available in a two-pack, too. The only downside? At 9.6 ounces, these walkie talkies are a bit heavy.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I was skeptical of all of these great reviews because kid’s electronics are usually a bust. But I really wanted to give these as a gift, so I took a chance, and am so glad I did! Opened them to put batteries in and have kids test before gifting them, and they’re fantastic. Sound is loud and crisp, and units are so small... easy for little hands or pockets, and great for parents to store or carry one, too! Getting for my kids for Christmas, and sending link to neighbor parents so the whole pack of them can use together!"


A Pair Of Easy-To-Use Walkie Talkie For Younger Kids

Ages: 2 to 4

Range: Up to a half mile

Channels: 1

When it comes to walkie talkies for kids, it really doesn’t get much cuter than these owl-shaped ones from Retevis. This pick is perfect for young kids since they’re easy to operate (with just a simple push-to-talk button) and only have one channel, so kids won't accidentally switch channels and lose connection to the other device. Plus, the walkie talkies are small in size and super lightweight — just 1.69 ounces — making them easy to hold.

These walkie talkies are powered by three AAA batteries. The average battery life of the receivers isn’t listed, but reviewers on Amazon indicated that it’s sufficient and that auto shut-off after 30 minutes helps to save power. In addition to the owl design pictured above, this pick is also available in an adorable hamster option.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Kids were obsessed - so much fun. We received owl shaped walkie talkies and they are so cute. Tiny - will fit child's pockets. The quality of sound and range is surprising - these little things are powerful. Lots of fun for kids to play until batteries run out. Batteries were not included."


A Pair Of Rechargeable Walkie Talkies For Older Kids

Ages: Not specified (but these adult walkie talkies should be suitable for older kids)

Range: Up to 5 miles in an open area

Channels: 16

Forget wasteful single-use batteries — these Arcshell walkie talkies are powered by rechargeable batteries, potentially saving you money in the long run. They take about 2.5 hours to fully charge (the set comes with two charging docks and a wall plug), and can last anywhere from eight to 96 hours. Amazon reviewers were certainly impressed by this feature; they gave this pick a solid 4.5-star rating on the site, among 3,800-plus reviews.

These walkie talkies feature a high-quality speaker that provides loud and clear sound. They also have a built-in LED flashlight for use at night. This pick includes two belt clips and two hand straps for easy carrying. Each device also comes with an earpiece (with a microphone and a push-to-talk button) that kids just adore using.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This item was my "score" of the season! I gave my 8-year-old nephew this item for Christmas at our Volunteer annual Christmas party. I am not sure which group had more fun playing with the set, adult males, adult females or my nephew. All I do know is he was overjoyed. They actually look and feel like the real deal and come with chargers, so no need to keep buying batteries. I truly could not believe the quality of this item for what I paid for it. It was worth every penny."


These Walkie Talkies With A 16-Mile Range For Older Kids

Ages: Not specified (but these adult walkie talkies should be suitable for older kids)

Range: Up to 16 miles in an open area

Channels: 22

With a range up to 16 miles, these walkie talkies from Motorola are pretty impressive. With three in a set, they each feature an easy-to-read screen, up to 18 hours of battery life (they’re powered by three AAA batteries), and are only 4 ounces in weight. Included belt clips make for easy carrying, too.

Reviewers on Amazon noted that they have gotten tons of use out of these walkie talkies. A lot of people mentioned that these are especially great for road trips when family is spread out between multiple cars — talking back and forth makes for a fun way to pass the time!

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Love these! Took them on a road trip where there was no cell phone reception and were able to use them between cars on the road or on hikes up the mountains. Reception was surprisingly long-distance and clear. Used them again on Halloween as bigger kids wanted a little more freedom to wander ahead and I was peace of mind being able to touch base. Batteries lasted a couple of days."