The 4 Bras To Avoid While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding gives the word "fashion" a whole new meaning. All of a sudden, you are looking for bras, tops, and dresses that have easy access to your nipple. And although it may be easy to find out what to wear while nursing, you may be hard press to find information on the bras you should avoid while breastfeeding that have nothing to do with the aesthetic or style of the bra.

Any woman who has breastfed for any length of time can tell you that breastfeeding boobs and non-breastfeeding boobs are two vastly different sides of the same coin (or, woman.) Breastfeeding boobs, in a word, are unpredictable — sometimes they leak, sometimes they're hard as a rock, sometimes they feel a lot like pre-nursing boobs. But nursing moms will also tell you that the proper nursing bra can make the difference between boob jail and boob semi-liberation. Since not wearing a bra when you're breastfeeding (especially at first,) is risky business, finding bras that fits well and isn't too constricting should be high on your priority list.

Knowing the types of bras not to buy is a good starting place for jumping into the vast yet unfortunately limited world of nursing-friendly bras.


Bras Meant For Exercising

According to Our Everyday Health, wearing bras that are too tight or restrictive can put pressure on your breasts and milk ducts, which can block the flow of your milk and perhaps cause engorgement or a blocked duct.


Bras That Are Difficult To Access

Not only are inaccessible bras nearly impossible to breastfeed in, they'll be extremely uncomfortable while you are breastfeeding.


Bras You Wore Before You Were Pregnant

Although there's nothing wrong with wearing non-nursing bras while you breastfeed, the fact that your pre-baby bras aren't designed for your new breastfeeding boobs can make them uncomfortable to nurse in. According to Stutter Health CPMC, wearing underwire bras or bras made from tight, non-cotton material can be harder to nurse in.


Bras That You Don't Like

When it comes down to it, wear the bras that feel best to you. I wore a combination of nursing bras, stereotypical mom bras, and bras that made me feel sexy and "normal." Every woman prefers different things and the bras that make nursing easy and comfortable are the ones you'll probably stick with.