4 Critical Things About Your Personality, Based On Your Rising Sign

by Sarah Bunton

If you're anything like me, your understanding of astrology is loose at best. You probably know which sign of the Zodiac you are, but you may draw a blank if someone were to ask you about your ascendant sign. Who knew there were so many elements to deciphering what the cosmos have to say about you? Whether you're a casual horoscope-reader or an astrological expert, you might be interested to know the four most critical things about your personality based on your rising sign. After all, it's always fun to discover new aspects about yourself.

If you're still lost as to what a rising sign is, it is, "the planet or star which is ascending above the horizon in the east at the moment of one’s birth is said to describe one’s character," astrologer Linda Furiate tells Romper. If you don't remember the exact time you were born, don't worry. You can easily figure out your rising sign for free using Cafe Astrology's calculator. Even if you're not completely sure about when you made your grand entrance into the world, you can still use an estimate. If you're ready to see what the skies have to say about you, then check out the four most critical things about your personality, based on your rising sign.



Those with an Aries rising sign are, "eager, courageous, independent, and easily go after what they want without regard to others," Furiate says. Your ambition may rub people the wrong way, but you don't let that stop you from achieving your goals.



A rising sign of Taurus indicates a personality which is, "stubborn, practical, lives for luxury, and in love with all things beauty," millennial astrologer Valerie Mesa tells Romper. To paraphrase the great Madonna, you're living in a material world and you are a material sign.



"Bubbly, fun-loving, quick-witted and curious, these people seem to never stop moving," Hazel Dixon Cooper, an astrologer and author, says. Don't ever count a Gemini out for a good time.



"Cancer rising people are motivated by emotional stability, financial security, sometimes moody, and always creative," astrologer Sharon Smith tells Romper.



Leos are, "optimistic, creative, romantic and generous," Furiate says. "They typically have a magnetic personality that draws others toward their light." It's no surprise the sign represented by the lion would be a bold one.



"Often shy, understated in both appearance and manner, a bit standoffish, and they worry a lot," Dixon Cooper tells Romper of the Virgo rising personality. Despite your occasional bout of social nerves, you're still quite dependable when it comes right down to it.



"Those with a Libra rising sign are naturally persuasive, sophisticated, elegant, never choose sides." Mesa says. "They're natural mediators just like those with their sun in Libra." It makes sense that the sign represented by scales would be all about balance and fairness.



"Scorpio Rising people are sexy, charismatic, often misunderstood, and crave intimacy, but are masterful at pushing it away," Smith says. Once you do decide to pursue romantic partnerships, little to nothing can stand in your way.



"Highly spirited, fueled by their fiery nature, storytellers, and seekers of truth," Furiate says, are hallmark traits of a this rising sign. "Ask a Sagittarius rising their opinion on something and be prepared to hear a lively, passionate, and rather lengthy sermon." At least no one can ever call you indecisive.



"Capricorn rising appear confident, competent, have a hilarious dry wit, and work hard to succeed," Dixon Cooper says. "They need dedicated partners who can help them loosen up."



"Intellectual, incredibly savvy, electric, and eccentric," Mesa tells Romper, are just a few of this sign's vibrant traits. "This rising sign wants to stand out in a crowd and eing ordinary is their absolute worst nightmare."



"Pisces rising are seen as soft, sensitive, highly intuitive, and easily swayed," Furiate says. "They are visionaries and can probe the depth of the universe to bring about the most beautiful creations through art." Creative seems to be an understatement for you.