4 Popular Costumes For Toddlers You're Sure To Spot On Your Trick-Or-Treat Route

by Lindsay E. Mack

Dressing up your toddler for Halloween is one of the fun parts of being a parent, because your imagination is the only limit. In anything, there are too many choices. So if you're a bit stumped, look to the most popular Halloween 2018 costumes for toddlers, according to Pinterest. Those crafty Pinterest folk have pretty much crushed the costume game, as you might expect.

Drawing inspiration from classic movies, superheroes, and beloved children's characters, these costumes are all incredibly adorable choices. Plus, they can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. For each popular costume, I've provided an option that's for sale at costume shops, as well as links to DIY ideas. Really, you might have the basics for these costumes already hanging out in your closet, making it super easy to throw together.

And if you're a little challenged by crafts like me, these tutorials are all simple and clearly explained. On the flip side, more experienced crafters can use the costume tutes as a starting point for more elaborate costume creations. Really, if you add in the possibility of makeup looks, there's no end to the way you can style these costumes. Read on to find the perfect look for your tot this year.


Raggedy Ann

Toddler Rag Doll Costume, $25,

This adorable, classic kid costume is still wildly popular for Halloween. For your own little kiddo, the toddler rag doll costume from is super sweet. Just look at that adorable yarn hair.

Of course, the Raggedy Ann costumes have over 25,000 saves on Pinterest, so there's a on of tutorials for this look as well. If you're feeling creative, then there's a great rag doll Halloween costume DIY from A Beautiful Mess. It's an easy way to turn your baby into an absolute doll.



Woodland Baby Deer Costume, $41, Pottery Barn Kids

Everyone will fawn over your little one in this outfit. The one-piece hooded jumpsuit makes getting dressed a cinch, and the faux fur will feel nice and cozy for your baby. Seriously, the baby deer costume from Pottery Barn Kids could not be cuter.

But because cute deer costumes have been saved over 26,000 times on Pinterest, there's a whole wealth of DIY tutorials available as well. For example, the deer costume tutorial from McCoy and Co is super adorable. Also check out the cool Baby Deer Halloween Makeup Tutorial from YouTuber Alana Dawn for inspiration. She puts the makeup on an actual kid, which gives you an idea of what to expect. (There's a lot of squirming and giggling involved, but the end result is amazing.)


Baseball Girl

A League Of Their Own Dottie Costume, $50,

Whether you're a sports fan or not, this costume is a home run. Your kid can dress up like one of the courageous baseball players from the classic movie. With over 65,000 saves on Pinterest, these costumes are beyond popular.

And of course, there's a way to make similar costumes on your own. In fact, the DIY Rockford Peach Costumes from Amanda Van Voorhis are beyond adorable. There will be no crying in these costumes.


Clark Kent

Superman Clark Kent Costume, $25, Spirit Halloween

Go incognito this Halloween. Clark Kent toddler costumes are super popular, with over 11,000 saves on Pinterest. To go the store-bought route, there's the baby Clark Kent costume that's super cute.

But this one can be assembled at home pretty easily, too. Check out the Clark Kent Toddler Costume tutorial from Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home. Your kid can get supercharged in no time.