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Break A Sweat With Your Little One With These Safe & Comfy Jogging Strollers

by Ileana Morales Valentine

Standard strollers lack the essential features needed to run with a little one in tow, which is why jogging strollers have become popular on registries. The best jogging strollers for runners can handle speed and any bumps in the road, while keeping your child comfortable and safe mile after mile. Keep the following considerations in mind while shopping.

Safety Features

Certain safety features set jogging strollers apart from traditional strollers. You’ll notice a jogging stroller’s air-filled wheels are more heavy-duty to absorb shock while running and handle tougher terrain with rear-wheel suspension. It should definitely have a front-locking wheel so it remains steady while moving forward quickly; the best jogging strollers have an option to swivel or lock, so you can easily turn when just strolling.

Other safety features to look for include: a wrist strap to remain tethered to the stroller even if you lose your grip; a parking brake; and a five-point harness to keep your child safely inside.


Padded sling-style seats with an adjustable recline will make your child more comfortable for longer runs, and a canopy protects your little one from the sun. A hand brake is ideal for hilly areas and provides a more comfortable descent downhill.

Age & Weight Limit

Though some jogging strollers can safely take your newborn baby for just a stroll, keep in mind that for running it’s safest to wait until your baby is 6 to 8 months old and has enough head and neck stability to handle the movement (it's best to check with your doctor first, especially since terrain varies). If you're searching for an option that doubles as an infant stroller, be sure to choose a jogging stroller that’s compatible with an infant car seat (or a reclining seat) but know it will be heavier to push. Also, consider height and weight limits; investing in a stroller with a higher limit could keep you and your running buddy going well into preschool years or beyond.

Other features that may be convenient include an adjustable handlebar, a peekaboo window in the canopy, and trays for both the parent and child, ideally with cup holders.

Any of the highly rated jogging strollers below will help you get your mileage in, so keep reading to find the best one for you.

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The Overall Best Jogging Stroller For Runners

  • Weight/Height limit: 50 pounds; 42 inches

This jogging stroller provides a smooth ride while running yet is nimble enough for everyday strolling, and folds down for compact storage, with tires that are removable for an even slimmer fold. Your little one is safely tucked in with a five-point safety harness with reflective details, and this pick has other nice features like a wrist strap, parking brakes, and a locking swivel front wheel. The padded seat reclines, though not as flat or upright as some other strollers. The canopy has UPF50+ protection and the foam handlebar provides a soft grip, though its height is not adjustable.

This stroller includes a snack tray for your kid and a handlebar tray with two cup holders and a closed compartment for your phone or keys. Plus, it includes a car seat adapter that fits certain car seats from Graco, Evenflo, and Britax. Parents commented that this highly rated pick assembles quickly.

A helpful review: “The stroller is more on the narrow side so it’s easier to fit in your car and maneuver in stores, etc. The price point is incredible for the quality of the stroller. I love the space for my phone and keys at the top of the stroller, the storage space underneath has plenty of room and the tray is super easy to remove and clean ... does not shake when the front wheel is locked and I have had that issue with other joggers."


The Best Splurge: A Jogging Stroller For Toddlers & Babies

  • Weight/Height Limit: 75 pounds; 44 inches

This BOB jogging stroller is certainly more expensive than my previous pick, but it's a worthy investment if you plan to run with it for many years or tackle rougher terrain. The swivel front wheel locks and has suspension like a mountain bike, plus its weight limit means it can comfortably seat your child from infancy through 75 pounds (which may be up to the age of 10).

Other safety features include a five-point harness with no re-threading (so adjustments are easy), a swivel-locking front wheel. Plus, this stroller's padded seat reclines nearly flat but also can go fully upright, meaning your child will be comfortable as an infant and a toddler or older. The UPF50+ canopy provides shade.

Notable extras on this stroller include an adjustable handlebar, six storage pockets and an extra-large cargo basket, and a peekaboo window in the canopy, though this one doesn't include any snack tray or cup holders. A cup holder handlebar attachment for parents be purchased separately. This stroller is compatible with most infant car seat brands, though you have to purchase your car seat's specific adapter separately. It folds in two steps and has reflective accents for safety on evening strolls.

A helpful review: “Got this for jogging, but it's turned out to be a really great stroller. The wheels make the ride very smooth and weightless. There's a see through window so I can see over the top of the stroller without having to pull it back. Quality on this stroller is top notch, no comparison when comparing this to my previous stroller. Makes it fun to jog with. Have used it for a few days and love it, little pricey but I think so far it blows away my previous stroller."


The Best Jogging Stroller Travel System

  • Weight/Height Limit: stroller: 50 pounds; 42 inches; carseat: 30 pounds; 30 inches

This jogging stroller travel system comes with a stroller and a matching infant car seat and base, and it boasts an impressive 4.5-star rating with more than 2,000 reviews.

The stroller has a locking front wheel, a five-point harness, a parking brake, and a wrist strap. The padded seat reclines to multiple positions, and the padded handlebar is wide and comfortable to hold, though no adjustable.

This travel system is a great all-in-one deal, but if you'd prefer just the stroller, it's also available as a budget jogging stroller. Either one has a canopy with a peekaboo window, though it doesn't have built-in UPF protection. You'll love the parent tray with two cup holders and a covered compartment, as well as a snack tray for your child. The tires are easily removable for slim storage.

A helpful review: “This is a stroller you can actually RUN behind. Lock the front wheel and go — I was able to run a 8.16 min mile (which is almost as fast as I can go on my own & definitely faster than 'jogging'). [..] Overall - Best Jogger travel system for the price range & functionally comparable to many higher-end joggers. It is not an 'everyday' stroller tho — is too bulky & heavy to be pulling in and out of the car multiple times a day or trying to wheel thru the mall. But for your carseat & outdoor/heavy duty stroller it cannot be beat for the price."


The Best Double Jogging Stroller

  • Weight/Height Limit: 100 pounds (total)

This double jogging stroller is lighter than some single jogging strollers and it fits through a standard doorway. The seats are padded and go fully upright to fully reclined, so your children can ride comfortably as infants and when they're older. The front swivel wheel locks and each seat has a five-point safety harness.

Keep in mind this two-seater isn't designed for attaching to car seats. The handlebar height isn't adjustable and there's no snack tray, but the provided parent organizer with two cup holders and a zippered compartment are convenient. Storing this stroller is simple with a convenient one-handed compact fold and easily removable tires. The air-filled tires of jogging strollers periodically need refilling, and this one includes a pump with brilliantly built-in storage, so it's always on hand. It has a linked brake system that lets you lock both rear wheels with one foot pedal.

A helpful review: “Its comfy for the kids. Has great canopies, and plenty of pockets for drinks and whatever else you need to bring along. Very smooth ride, easy steering and fits through a doorway. This is now my go-to for a jogger. The ease of use is unbeatable and you're not losing out on any other features or durability.”


The Best Multipurpose: A Stroller That Attaches To Bikes & Skis For Active Parents

  • Limit: 100 pounds (total)

If you're a runner who wants to explore the great outdoors with your kids, you may want to consider investing in a multipurpose stroller. With the Thule Chariot Cross Sport, you can jog and stroll, but you can also attach it to a bike or even go skiing with it. (This includes kits for biking, jogging, and strolling.) Plus, this stroller has two seats and a greater overall weight limit, so one child can enjoy the extra room or you can take two kids along.

Each padded seat has a five-point safety harness and a one-handed recline feature. A front-locking wheel keeps the ride steady and the handlebar and tire suspension are adjustable. Parents commented that they love how easy it is to switch between activities.

This highly rated stroller is not infant car seat compatible. It does fold down surprisingly compact for storage, and the wheels are removable. It has a brake pedal and you can purchase a separate hand brake kit.

A helpful review: “Yes this is super expensive. But yes the quality and engineering makes it worth it. If you are an active family that bikes, jogs, and walks with the little kids a lot then this will be worth it. We constantly are complimented about this when we are out and about.”