Happy child on water slide to cool off on hot day during spring or summer

These Are The Best Slip And Slides On Amazon & They're The Key To Outdoor Fun This Summer

by Margeaux Baulch Klein

For outdoor fun that kids can enjoy right in their own backyard, a water slide is the perfect summer boredom-buster. The best slip and slides are durable and relatively easy to set up. Some boast handy adaptors that allow you to attach a garden hose to keep the slide's surface as slippery as possible. Others feature their own mini-pools or other fun features.

First, a note on the term "Slip ‘N Slide": That's actually a copyrighted brand name for the original version sold by Wham-O. So when you're shopping, you may see some models referred to instead as water slides or splash parks, but they all function in basically the same way. Following that, here are some other considerations to keep in mind:

Size & Style

These backyard slides come in a wide range of sizes and lengths, so it's important to pay attention to the dimensions listed on the packaging to ensure that it will fit your outdoor space and that you ideally have a water hose that can reach it. To get the most "slip" to your slide, however, you will want to lay it on on a hill or a slant. Of course, a flat surface can work fine, too, but you may need to add extra lubrication (like from another sprinkler or even dish detergent).

In terms of design, you'll find everything from a single slide to one with multiple lanes and even inflatable kiddie pools. For the most security, look for options that come with stakes that keep the plastic flat on the ground.

Safety Guidelines

Parents and caregivers should look for any recommended guidelines (which can include age, weight, and/or height restrictions) from the manufacturer. Any activity that involves water slides should be used as directed in order to minimize the potential for injuries. Besides making sure it's set up correctly, parents can also remind kids to walk, not run, while around the slippery surface. And sorry adults, this kind of fun in the sun is designed for use by children only due to pretty serious safety risks.

Now that you're ready to turn your backyard into an aquatic fun zone, you'll find a round-up of the best water slides you can buy on Amazon below.

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The Overall Best Slip And Slide

Slide Length: 31 feet

Designed for Ages: 5 to 12

This Team Magnus XL slip and slide is not only a great size, it's also one of the most well-made slip and slides you'll find with thick, heavy-duty PVC construction and a pegging system that attaches sturdily to the ground. The slide is about 5-feet wide and offers dual lanes, so two kids can use the slide at once, and only takes a minute to set up. In addition, it comes with an inflatable bumper that's compatible with a manual or electric pump, two different garden hose adapters, and an extra 6.5 feet of waterproof duct tape to make repairs. So, if you want a durable, long-lasting slip and slide that can be used all summer long, this is a great option.


The Longest Water Slide

Slide Length: 75 feet

Designed for Ages: 5 to 12

If you're looking for an extra-long and extra-wide (it's 12-feet wide) slip and slide that rivals an attraction at a water park, this Wahii water slide should be on your radar. The slide is made of UV-protected plastic and has a patented fastening system that holds it to the grass. It's also easy to install with an initial setup time of only 20 to 25 minutes.

Keep in mind, however, that because it's so oversized, this pick is best used on an inclined slope or hill. It also doesn't have a hose hookup, so you'll need to place a water source at the beginning or nearby to keep it wet. One Amazon fan provided this tip: "We run two different sprinklers on it to keep it really slippery." And if this version is to long for your space, consider grabbing the 50-foot one instead.


The Best Slip And Slide With A Pool

Slide Length: 15 feet

Designed for Ages: 3 to 12

This Banzai splash park includes a curved slip and slide (with a splash pool landing pad), a sprinkler pod, and a small 78-inch long by 50-inch wide inflatable pool with an inflatable slide for triple the fun. It's made of high-quality PVC plastic material and will inflates in just a few minutes with a pump. This pick also includes a hose attachment to keep the water splashing along the slide and through the pod for a fun mini water park-like experience. While there are no stakes to keep it bolted to the ground, you will find a repair kit inside the box for any snags.


The Most Affordable Slip And Slide

Slide Length: 18 feet

Designed for Ages: 5 to 12

This slip and slide is a low-cost option for a backyard water slide that doesn't skimp on fun. It features an inflatable "launch pad" at the front and bumper at the end where water collects for an even slicker place to land. There's also a place to attach your garden hose in order to send water cascading along the entire side of the slide. Note, it doesn't come with any fasteners for the ground, but for the price, several Amazon users are impressed with its durability: "[It] successfully survived a whole summer of use by my four boys under age 5," writes one fan. "It was a hit and used daily in our yard. [...] It held up unbelievably well, nothing ripped, broke or damaged at all!"


A Slip And Slide That Doubles As A Baseball Field

Slide Length: 14 feet per four slides

Designed for Ages: 5 to 12

This Banzai grand slam baseball water slide combines the fun of a water slide with the excitement of a backyard baseball or T-ball game. The 14 by 14-foot square slide comes with a child-size baseball and bat and has four sides so kids can slide to each base. It also takes just a few minutes to set up. Ground stakes, sturdy PVC material, and a water-spurting side rail will also help make this slip and slide a fun and safe experience.