Pinterest's Top 5 Maternity Costumes For Halloween Are Classic, Clever, & Cute

I love baby bumps. Not only are they simply adorable, but they're these beautiful, front and center reminders of what a woman's body is capable of creating. On Halloween, these bumps become the best accessory ever. Sure, you could slip on a witch's robe or hide your belly in an oversized pumpkin suit, but why? Get a little creative and give your baby bump a starring role this holiday, with inspiration from the top five maternity Halloween costumes of 2018, according to Pinterest. Each costume is original, hilarious, and can be the very first "mommy and me" costume of the many, many to come.

Search any of these phrases on Pinterest, and you'll quickly see that mamas-to-be have run with these ideas in all different ways. The fun part about crafting a DIY maternity Halloween costume is that you can take whatever creative liberties you'd like, depending on your personal preferences, the size of your bump, your own crafting skills, and so on. If you're feeling extra artsy (and have the extra time!), make it a family affair by crafting a corresponding costume for your partner. Remember, your precious bump will be gone by next year, so embrace it while you have it!



I love a good pun almost as much as I love a good baby bump. This "mummy-to-be" costume was created by Delia of Delia Creates, complete with a bow and some little baby eyes peeking through her wraps. Pro-tip: Delia kept her wraps from the waist up, which is wise considering most pregnant mummies are running to the bathroom every half hour!


Gumball Machine

Instagram user @rubiazulauren turned her 36-week bump into a gum ball machine for her pregnant Halloween. Lauren cut out a piece of white felt (roughly the size of her belly), and then hot-glued colored puff balls onto that. She hot-glued the entire creation onto a long sleeve shirt (along with a silver slot for quarters!) and instantly turned into the cutest candy machine I've ever seen.



@Govictoria on Instagram thought of the perfect way to incorporate her baby bump into her Halloween festivities with this DIY kangaroo costume. She tucked a stuffed baby kangaroo into her camel-colored Solly baby wrap, added a kangaroo nose with some face paint, and completed her look with a pair of kangaroo ears.


Mommy To Bee

You might not be able to get a buzz at your Halloween party this year, but this brilliant mommy-to-bee costume should give you all the buzz you need. Make your own by adding yellow stripes to a black maternity top, and add some wings and antennae to create the full bumblebee look. Major bonus points if you can get your partner to dress up as a beekeeper.


Mama Bird

How incredible is this bird's nest costume created by the crafty geniuses over at Brit+Co? Get into the mama bird spirit (and show off your perfect little egg) with this full bird's nest costume tutorial on their site. This is definitely the most involved craft on this Pinterest-inspired list, but I think we can all agree that the finished product is well worth it!