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Fans Are Predicting Some Dark Outcomes For The Pearson Family On 'This Is Us'

This Is Us fans are constantly theorizing on what the next big twist on the show will be. People are wondering weird things like: Is Kevin actually a carpenter? Does future Rebecca have a neurological condition? Is one of the "Big Three" going to die very soon? These are just a few of the five weirdest This Is Us theories floating around on the internet. Since the structure of the show relies on time jumps to keep fans on the edge of their seats, all bets are off. Some of these just might be true and fair warning —"weird" doesn't necessarily mean that if a theory comes true it won't break your heart.

Over the years, it's become clear that it's basically impossible to predict what comes next on This Is Us (Who could have seen that slow cooker assault coming?). But that hasn't stopped people from trying. Lots of people think that someone is going to meet an untimely end, while others keep their theories a little more upbeat. I love TV, but I'm not a fan of rollercoasters. I try to pick the path that will require needing the least amount of chocolate and tissues when it comes to the Pearsons. But theories are still fun to read.

Kevin Will Build Nicky A House

User Warhol2 wrote on Reddit that they think Kevin will build Nicky a house next to his trailer. The theory goes that this would fulfill Nicky's dream of having a boat and two houses when he grew up. And emotionally, this would help Nicky remember Jack and bring Kevin closer to his father. The thought is sweet and I think Kevin would make for a hot carpenter in his next movie. But I'm not convinced he'll be picking up a hammer any time soon.

Rebecca Has A Neurological Condition

Redditor NurseRoo thinks Rebecca may have a neurological disorder. The user pointed to some small moments that seem to have no explained significance so far — like Rebecca having a panic attack going over a bridge in Season 2 and her waiting for MRI results because of possible vertigo. They also recalled a moment in Season 1 where Rebecca told Randall she felt weak but was getting stronger. Sounds just tragic enough to be totally possible!

Something Is Wrong With Kate & Toby's Baby's Heart

Krallie on Reddit thinks that Nicky might be the key to saving Kate's unborn baby. The user thinks that Nicky knows that Jack's heart condition was the reason he wasn't drafted. Kate mentioned on the show wanting to pass on "something of Dad's," so could the heart problem be that thing?

Krallie writes that if Nicky mentions the heart issue to the family, he could save Kate's baby and gain favor with the other Pearsons again at the same time. No one in Jack's immediate family knows about the condition yet. That doesn't bode well for Kate or her baby if it's hereditary, but Nicky's knowledge just might save the day.

Kate Is Going To Die

Quite a few Redditors think Kate is going to die in childbirth. HighGirlfriend thinks that the promo for Season 3 Episode 14, "The Graduates" shows Kate going into labor even though she is not far enough along in her pregnancy. Though The Wrap has confirmed that in the flash forward scenes "her" refers to Rebecca, some fans are still convinced that "her" is actually a dead Kate.

It may seem blasphemous that the show would kill off a Pearson sibling — especially when This Is Us is still young — but as user Heisroberta wrote in a comment within the same thread, characters dying on this show doesn't mean their role is over. Jack, for example, has been dead from the beginning but he's still very much a part of the story.

The Series will Have a 'Titanic' Ending

Redditor NurseRoo began a thread for series finale predictions in light of the news that the show will likely end in Season 6. User Philsphan26 imagines an end that is reminiscent of the one Jack and Rose have in Titanic, because This Is Us has foreshadowed Jack and Rebecca reuniting already.

User Mizrasgardia imagines a scene with Rebecca on her death bed, seeing Jack in the corner of her room. Her eyes light up and then Jack says, "Hey Bec. Let's go home." For some reason this reminded me of the old couple in Titanic dying in their bed holding hands and now I need tissues.

Watching TV is an emotional rollercoaster, and This Is Us is among the worst. So, I like to follow the rules and keep my hands and feet inside the vehicle by just watching what's on screen and trying not to worry. But if you like your theories off the rails, more power to you!