The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Stay Faithful To Their Partners

There are a lot of things that your zodiac sign might be able to tell you about your personality. From your strengths and weaknesses, to your fears, likes, dislikes, and more, your sign can help explain a bit about who you are. And just as your zodiac sign might tell you about yourself, your partner's zodiac sign might give you some insight about them, as well. If you're wondering how they'll fight or communicate, if they'll cheat on you, and more, knowing about their zodiac sign might help a little. Knowing the zodiac signs that are most likely to stay faithful to their partners obviously doesn't guarantee that your partner will or won't cheat because cheating is a complicated issue, but sometimes knowing what someone might be more or less likely to do can just make you feel like you know what to expect.

"In astrology, the temptation to cheat also depends on additional factors, such as rising sign, fifth and seventh house planets, and aspects between those planets," Ally Mead, of Sassy Psychic, tells Romper in an email exchange. "So it’s always best to get a complete read on a chart, rather than just focusing on the sun sign." So while knowing your partner's sun sign still might not give you the definitive answer you may be looking for, it's still fun to know what their zodiac sign might say.



Mead says that because Cancer tends to be sensitive and concerned about others' feelings, it's not a sign that's likely to cheat on their partner. Plus, because Cancer is close to their family and loyal to partners, chances are good that they'd be wracked with guilt after cheating, Kelly Noel Rasmussen, an intuitive, Reiki master teacher, and astrology expert, tells Romper via email.



Taurus is an earth sign, so it perhaps makes sense that they might not be the most likely sign to cheat. "Taurus may be the most least likely sign of the zodiac to stray from its partner," Linda Furiate, an astrologer, tells Romper in an email exchange. "They prefer security and stability over change, so this may allow them to work through or ride out a tumultuous patch in their relationship. Taurus may take a long time to commit although once Taurus does commit it may guarantee a solid, secure and long-term connection. This long-term security is priceless to them. It may not be worth the risk for a Taurus to devalue a relationship that has taken precious time to build."



Capricorn is another earth sign, so, again, it might seem logical that they wouldn't be as likely to cheat. "Capricorn would foresee the consequences of such an action and — unless there was a very good reason — not want to risk upsetting the stability of the preexisting relationship, partnership, or marriage," Rasmussen says. Because they can see what might happen if they'd cheat, they recognize that it would be a big risk. Furiate says that it's because they're "cautious, serious, and practical," that Capricorn can see the potential ramifications of their actions. It could also have a ripple effect beyond their relationship with their partner, also affecting relationships with friends and family members.



"Once Virgo finds and commits to the right person they make take the job of partnership quite seriously," Furiate says. "They prefer quality over quantity. Seeking romance or sex just for the sake of pleasure and fun does not appeal to Virgo." While it might take Virgo a bit of time to find the person they're meant to be with, once they do, they're not overly likely to cheat on them and put that relationship in jeopardy.



Pisces, like Cancer, is a water sign. Mead says both signs are super sensitive and "unlikely to do anything in a relationship they wouldn’t want done to themselves."

"Pisces, especially, is also very intuitive, and would likely catch someone cheating before doing it," Mead adds. That intuition of theirs can sometimes really affect relationships.

Rasmussen says that, again, like Cancer, Pisces would feel quite guilty after cheating, if they were able to bring themselves to go through with it. Between the guilt and the other emotions associated with cheating for Pisces, they're probably not a sign that's likely to cheat.

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