Spruce Up Your Space Without Commitment With These Removable Wallpaper Options

by Mackenzie Edwards

Wallpaper is one of those dreaded home improvement tasks that can be damaging to walls. But peel-and-stick wallpaper has opened up a whole new world for renters and homeowners alike. The best removable wallpaper is made from vinyl or waterproof fabric that can hold up against moisture and is thick enough so that it won't tear — equally important is what it won't leave behind. A quality peel-and-stick wallpaper gets reviewers' seal of approval for its ability to be effortlessly removed without leaving gluey adhesive and mess behind.

Here are a few things to consider before you start your next home project.


Most removable wallpaper is made with vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that can withstand moisture. Other options are designed using fabrics like linen. These fabric wallpapers are usually not ideal for rooms that have a lot of humidity or potential for stains, such as bathrooms or kitchens, so it you are looking to upgrade those rooms, make sure you opt for a paper that is listed as being waterproof and easy to clean.

Application & Removal

Depending on your crafting skills, a wallpaper that features measurement markers on the back makes it easier for you to cut the precise amount of paper you need for a space. And always check reviews to find out what reviewers have to say about how easy the wallpaper is to remove. A non-committal wallpaper should leave walls and paint perfectly intact.

Whether you're a fan of neutral shades and fabric textures or wild and bold stripes and florals, this list has a chic removable wallpaper to suit any style.

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A Modern Herringbone Style In Classic Black And White

  • Available sizes: 17.7 x 9.8 feet

This modern black and white herringbone removable wallpaper is made of a waterproof vinyl that is designed to go anywhere in your home, from bathroom walls and cabinet doors to windows and countertops. This vinyl wallpaper easily peels off when you're ready to remove it, according to reviewers, so you can adjust or switch it out later. One roll covers about 14.5 square feet and there are helpful markings on the back that make it easier to cut. Several reviewers confirm this is a thick paper that is sturdy and holds up well over large spaces.

Helpful Review: “I wanted to cover my fridge and I needed to find an inexpensive and removable (I rent) contact/wallpaper. Most of the ones I considered would've cost over $200. I decided on this one because of the cool graphic print and because it was only a fraction of the price of my other options. [...] The quality of the paper is high. it really feels like wallpaper and not cheap slick contact paper. It was easy to reposition while I was installing it. The best part is that because the pattern isn't a perfect repeat, it is very forgiving if you are a little off."


This Bold Floral Pattern To Brighten Up Any Space

  • Available sizes: 20.5 inches x 18 feet

It's hard not to smile when you see this brightly colored floral removable wallpaper. The vinyl-coated paper is thick and goes on smooth over walls and surfaces, according to reviewers who also confirm it's simple to remove and reposition if needed. It features a botanical damask print that has a vintage flare that pairs well with many interior styles. One roll covers about 30 square feet. This paper does not have measurement markings on the back, is not ideal for textured walls. While it's not listed for being specifically waterproof, several reviewers have reported success hanging it in their bathrooms and kitchens.

Helpful Review: "I put this up by myself, literally not taking any care whatsoever to match it up, and it still looks good. [...] The color is beautiful. I plan on picking up a color from this paper and painting the rest of the bathroom in it. Going to look amazing. I think this is a very classy looking pattern."


A Rustic Removable Wallpaper That Looks Like Wood

  • Available sizes: 197 x 17.7 inches (featured here); 78.7 x 17.7 inches; 393 x 17.7 inches

Laying hardwood or warming up a space with wood materials can get pricey, but this rustic removable wallpaper achieves the same natural aesthetic for far less money and work. The vinyl peel-and-stick option offers the look of real, two and four-inch wide floor planks with a blue accent color. Reviewers say the pattern is forgiving during an application but that it is on the thin side and best reserved for a small feature wall or to dress up a piece of furniture. Luckily, they say it's simple to remove if needed.

One roll covers about 24 square feet and there are helpful markings on the back for easier cutting. It's not apparent if the paper is waterproof but reviewers have used it in kitchens and bathrooms.

Helpful Review: “This is exactly what I was looking for! The roll had so much on it and I had extra that I am going to use to line the drawers. This product is so easy to cut and use. No bubbles and when you place the pieces next to each other they match perfectly. The colors really pop on this. I was worried that the print would look faded or wouldn’t be good quality print but I was wrong! This looks so good and very expensive! [...]"


This Textured Wallpaper That Adds Depth To Rooms

  • Available sizes: 15.7 x 120 inches (featured here); 15.7 x 78.7 inches; 15.7 x 197 inches; 15.7 x 394 inches; 24 x 120 inches

This textured wallpaper is made with linen and designed to look like grasscloth, giving your walls depth and interest. This paper is waterproof, with measurement markings on the back. Reviewers say the textured cloth is extremely thick and has a plain pattern so it's simple to line up the seams, making them nearly invisible. Reviewers suggest slowly peeling off the vinyl backing as you stick it to the wall, rather than pulling it off all at once and placing on the wall. The 15.7 by 120 inch option covers about 13 square feet and this wallpaper is available in six colors, including blue, gray, dark gray, and cream.

Helpful Review: "I was very intimidated by the whole idea of me wallpapering anything myself. I put it off all day thinking that it was going to be a huge pain. To my delight and surprise it was super easy! And super easy to cut and trim around the light socket which was something that had concerned me. Granted it was a small space but now I am encouraged to try something grander. And the price for this small project was under TEN bucks but makes a huge decorative statement because it looks expensive. It is EXACTLY what I had hoped for!"


An Elegant Wallpaper With Metallic Accents

  • Available sizes: 198 x 20.5 inches

This removable wallpaper features metallic gold accents that create an elevated look wherever you use it. This thick vinyl wallpaper is moisture and steam-resistant (though not waterproof, so direct contact with water is not recommended), making it an ideal choice for so many different living areas. Reviewers say the paper can be easily removed and re-applied if you notice bubbles or other imperfections. One roll covers 28 square feet. It doesn't have measurement markings on the back, however. Chose from four colors: midnight and metallic gold, cream and metallic silver, silver-grey and metallic gold, and pink with metallic gold.

Helpful Review: "This is definitely a nice mid-priced, quality adhesive wallpaper. It's not see through and doesn't rip. I had only had experience lining drawers and closets with cheap, see-through contact paper, so this went above and beyond my expectations. I got the midnight & metallic gold, which I still can't decide if it's actually blue or just might be on the blue side of black. [...] The gold is what I would call antique gold' — it's not super yellowy gold. It looks great! Very happy with how it came out!"


A Mediterranean-Style Removable Wallpaper That Looks Like Tile

  • Available sizes: 20.5 x 16.5 inches

This mosaic removable wallpaper looks like real Mediterranean tiles at a fraction of the cost. The vintage-style wallpaper is made from natural fibers, according to the manufacturer, with some reviewers saying it's a nylon material that can be easily repositioned, washed, and stripped so application, care, and removal are all a breeze. Reviewers note that the paper is thicker than most and can withstand common wear that happens in bathrooms or kitchens, though it isn't specified whether it's waterproof. It comes in blue, black, and teal and one roll covers about 13 square feet. It doesn't have measurement markings on the back so grab a ruler and pencil beforehand.

Helpful Review: "I am IN LOVE. I bought this to use as a backsplash in my rented studio apartment kitchen, which has potential to be pretty but really needs some help. [...] The pattern is so easy to line up and it looks so good! My tiny dark apartment instantly looked bigger and brighter. Even up close I can’t tell where the seams are."