The 6 Least Loyal Zodiac Signs, According To Astrologers

Loyalty can be something that's really important, whether you're talking about a romantic relationship, interactions with friends, yourself, or anything else. You might not always want to be loyal unconditionally — things change and sometimes you have to do something other than what someone expecting loyalty would prefer, but, generally-speaking, it's oftentimes regarded as a strength. So you might want to know more about the least loyal zodiac signs, because interacting with them might be a bit more complicated and require a little more caution on occasion than interacting with others.

Still, there's so much more to someone's personality than just what might be defined or dictated based on their Sun sign. "It may be difficult to fully categorize any of the zodiac signs; each sign does come with its own disposition or temperament," astrologer Linda Furiate tells Romper by email. "A behavior that may appear to be less loyal may just be that sign expressing its natural tendency or energy."

And just because your sign might be less likely to be loyal, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're absolutely not a loyal person, it just might mean that your sign is more predisposed to being disloyal than some other signs. There might be other factors at play that result in you being more loyal. But knowing which signs might be more likely to be disloyal can give you some valuable insight.



Libra might be the sign that's the least loyal, Suzie Kerr Wright, an astrologer and psychic medium, tells Romper in an email exchange.

"As much as they love everyone and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, they are often unsure of how they really feel and have the 'grass is always greener' syndrome," Kerr Wright explains. "Even when someone is disloyal to them, they can actually see their side because...Libra."



Gemini is another sign that might not be the most loyal of the bunch. "Gemini can talk a good talk, often speaking before thinking," Furiate says. "Gemini may often get caught up in conversation that leads to promises which are left unfulfilled." And that can make it difficult for people to trust them, as well as lead them to say things they might later regret.



"When an Aries has conquered his or her goal — which is often the art of chasing or pursuing a mate — they easily become bored or lose interest," Furiate says. "This is especially true if the partner becomes more attached than desired. Once an Aries feels confined or trapped they may sheepishly disappear, off to a new adventure."

So they might seem loyal initially as they're striving to accomplish something, but it's ultimately about what's best for them and what they want.



Kerr Wright says that Aquarius can actually be a loyal sign, but that they can also swing the other way, seemingly betraying those close to them. "They can be incredibly loyal, but also incredibly self-righteous and persuasive when they want to get their way," she explains. That tendency can make them more likely to be seen as disloyal.



"Pisces, believe it or not, has a hard time being loyal to anyone," Kerr Wright says. "They want so badly to be liked and they have such compassion for everyone that any time there are sides to be chosen, they just can't. Their big hearts make them weep for the underdog no matter whose side they're on."

When they're asked to take a stand against someone they see as the underdog, those asking them to make that decision might deem them disloyal, because it's hard for them to disregard someone's struggle.



Scorpio is another sign that might not be quite as loyal, particularly in relationships. "This mysterious lover may be hard to read, often conveying mixed messages which undermine their intention," Furiate says. "A moment of warmth and passion may instantly become cold and distant if Scorpio feels threatened or out of control." So it can feel as though they're being disloyal, even if they're not always necessarily intending for it to be that way.

Loyalty is something that means a lot to a lot of people. They want to know that those who are closest to them support them, take their side, and won't do anything to betray the trust they put in them. Though you may not be able to tell if someone is going to be loyal or not based solely on their Sun sign, knowing which zodiac signs might be less likely to be loyal can tell you a bit about someone before you're left feeling let down.