The 6 Zodiac Signs Whose Personalities Change The Most Throughout Life

by Lindsay E. Mack

Why do some people change so much over the years, while others pretty much stay the same? For instance, some of my friends basically become a new person every year, whereas others haven't changed much since high school. Well, maybe the answer is written in the stars. As it turns out, there are certain zodiac signs whose personalities change the most throughout life. Perhaps that dramatic shift in interests and priorities in your late 20s is just part of being a Pisces.

Of course, most every sign changes at least a little bit through the years. "Everyone's sun sign moves about one degree per year. So personality change is a dynamic fact for most everyone over the course of their life," as astrologer Brian Ma of tells Romper. But some of the signs really take these changes to the next level, to the point where they practically take on a new personality. Honestly, this idea would explain a lot about my more mercurial friends.

So to learn more about signs that change most over time, Romper spoke with some astrology experts who shed some light on this fascinating idea. Here's what they had to say about signs whose personalities change the most throughout life.



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Of all the signs, it looks like those born between December 22 to January 20 just might experience the most developments over time. "Capricorn natives change the most throughout life," as professional astrologer Donna Stellhorn tells Romper. "When Capricorn natives are young they often have great ambition and yet, little confidence." But this confidence and self-assuredness grows with time. "Old Capricorns have it all," says Stellhorn. "They still have ambition but also the track record and skill set needed to achieve what they want." Like famous Capricorn Kate Middleton, these signs may undergo many awesome transformations throughout life.



Next, different types of signs are more prone to experience changes. Water and air signs typically manifest 3 to 4 Enneagram personalities over their life cycle, which is more than the rest of the signs, as Brian Ma, astrologer at, tells Romper.

One such water sign is Cancer, or those born from June 22 to July 22. A nurturing homebody by nature, Cancer signs may become more invested in reaching personal goals and taking charge over time, according to Bustle.



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Another water sign, Scorpios tend to change their personalities frequently, according to Thought Catalog. Change is simply a part of their charming and mesmerizing character. Just consider all the transformations famous Scorpio Kendall Jenner has already embraced.



Appropriately enough, the fish is also a water sign. And as it turns out, the friendly, sociable Pisces are likely to party less as they mature, according to The Talko. They might take a little more "me" time as the years progress.



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Born between May 21 to June 21, Geminis include celebs such as Naomi Campbell. And as it turns out, this passionate air sign gets better at managing their emotions over time, according to Love To Know. They tend to chill out with age.



Another air sign, Libras are known for their sociability and flirtatious nature. Later on in life, the mature Libra excels at cooperating with others and creating effective compromises, according to Alive Mag. Libras, like many of the other signs, will change and mature over time.