These Baby Sleepsacks Are Safe, Cozy, & Parent-Approved — & All On Amazon

Creating a safe sleep environment for your little one means one less thing to worry about as a parent. When it comes to choosing bedding or sleepwear options for your baby or toddler, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends babies younger than 12 months sleep with only a tightly fitted sheet over their mattress— no blankets, pillows, or toys should be in the crib while they sleep. So if your baby is still too young to cozy up with a blanket, opting to use one of the best sleep sacks is a reliable alternative.

A sleep sack, which is also referred to as a wearable blanket, is a sleeping bag that usually zips open and closed and has arm holes. When you're ready to shop for one for your baby, the best way to narrow down your options is to keep the general outside temperature in mind.

Thankfully, there's a helpful rating system in place to help parents identify just how warm an item will keep your baby. A Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) score is a measurement of a fabric's level of insulation. The higher the rating, the warmer the fabric is. Sleep sacks range from a TOG of 0.5 to 2.5.

After that, age is another factor to consider when choosing a sleep sack

  • Newborns & younger babies: A sleep sack swaddle combo is ideal for younger babies because it has adjustable flaps that allow for your baby's arms to be free or still tucked in.
  • Older babies: Once your child starts to roll over on their own, you'll want to consider forgoing swaddling and instead look for a traditional wearable blanket that gives your child more space to flex their legs and the freedom to use their arms.
  • Toddlers: Although it's technically safe for children 12 months to sleep with a blanket, many toddlers (mine included!) often move around so much that bedding ends up in a pile at the foot of their crib. A toddler-sized sleep sack is great because it can't be kicked off and some even have foot holes so your little one can still easily walk around in it.

Whether you're looking for a winter sleep sack for your newborn or lightweight one for your toddler, I've gathered a list of the best sleep sacks for any age or climate below.


The Best Sleep Sack For Colder Temperatures

TOG Rating: 2.5

This quilted sleep sack is ideal for use during the winter months or if you like to keep your child's nursery a little on the cooler side. In fact, the brand's instructions state that caregivers should keep baby's room at a temperature between 64 and 74 degrees when using this blanket. The outer shell is made from 100% cotton while the filling is polyester. Both fabrics are breathable enough to help keep your child from getting too hot while wearing.

It's worth noting that this is the priciest pick on this list, but it has some unique details beyond being just a wearable blanket. It's the only pick with snap-on shoulder straps that easily open and close, making it a cinch to put on when your child is flailing their arms. It's machine washable in cold water and can be tumble dried on low heat.

Glowing review: "If I could give this sleep sack 6 stars, I would. [...] Our little one is 33 inches tall and she fits perfectly in the size M. She has some room on the bottom to grow into. The sleep sack is nice and loose around her waist. The material feels very lightweight, but it keeps her nice and warm throughout cold winter nights."

  • Available sizes: 0-6 Months, 6-18 Months, 18-36 Months


The Best Sleep Sack For Warmer Temperatures

TOG Rating: 0.5

This lightweight sleep sack is constructed out of 100% cotton, offering breathability in warmer temperatures. Several Amazon reviewers mentioned how much they appreciated the inverted zipper, which opens from the bottom up, because it makes late-night diaper changes easier and less disruptive for both you and the baby. The cotton fabric is also soft and extra stretchy, which allows your child to move around as much as they want. It's machine washable and comes in a number of colors and patterns.

Glowing review: “My son loves this sleep sack. I had a big problem with him continually taking his blanket and putting it over his face. If I took it away he would cry and be uncomfortable because he needed something over him for both security, comfort, and warmth. This is perfect. [...].”

  • Available sizes: Small (0-6 months), Medium (6-12 months), Large (12-18 months), and X-Large (18-24 months)


The Best Organic Cotton Sleep Sack

TOG Rating: 0.5

Parents who have babies with extra sensitive skin, or anyone who values organic items, will appreciate the added layer of confidence that this organic cotton sleep sack will give them. It boasts a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, and Burt's Bees confirms that its fabric has not been treated with flame retardants or any other potential irritants like pesticides. In addition, it's lightweight and is the only pick on this list that comes with a clever snap at the bottom to keep the zipper in place if your child kicks around lot in their sleep.

One thing to consider, however, is that — like the Halo pick above— a TOG of 0.5 means this blanket is meant to be used in warmer temperatures. So you'll want to consider adding extra layers underneath if your baby's room is on the cooler side. It's machine washable and comes in several adorable patterns.

Glowing review: “We have several brands of wearable blankets/sleep sacks and this is by far our favorite! They are made so well, soft and the material is the perfect thickness in my opinion! Good for all seasons! Love love LOVE this brand!”

  • Available sizes: Small (0-6 months), Medium (6-12 months), and Large (12-18 months)


The Best Sleep Sack & Swaddle Combination

TOG Rating: 1.5

This is another pick from HALO but that's because the brand just seems to understand the needs of babies — and tired parents — so well. This version has more than 3,000 reviews with many users mentioning how "brilliant" the design is. It can be adjusted in two ways: With baby's arms tucked in just like a traditional swaddle blanket, or with arms free but with the "wings" still securely fastened with a Velcro-like material around the tummy for a more secure fit. And since this pick is machine washable, keeping it clean is easy.

When my son was a newborn, he did really well in a swaddle but made it quite clear that he really wanted to have his arms free. So this wearable blanket was a helpful tool during that in-between stage when he wasn't ready for a roomier sleep sack just yet.

Glowing review: “This Halo Swaddle completely changed our lives. At 10 weeks old our baby went from getting up every 3 hours during the night to sleeping 7 hours straight. It took only 3 nights of wearing this amazing swaddle to get him to 7 hours. And now 3 weeks later he's up to 9 hours at a time!!! Like I said, changed our lives and sanity!!”

  • Available sizes: Newborn (0-3 months) and Small (3-6 months)


This Sleeved Option That Can Also Be Worn On Its Own As Pajamas

TOG Rating: none provided

These sleep bags are made with a microfleece material so they are ideal for colder nights, but what's even better is that unlike any other picks on our list, your baby's arms will be covered with sleeves, which means this blanket can even be worn in lieu of pajamas. If there's one downfall, it's that this sleep sack is designed with a traditional zipper (meaning it zips from the bottom to the top), so diaper changes may be more challenging in the middle of the night as baby's upper body will be exposed. Still, at only $18 for two, this set is a great value and gives you the option of having a spare to use while you wash the other one.

Glowing review: “This is the best item I've purchased so far for my little one. He loves to be swaddled but gets tired of his hands/arms being tucked. This product allows him to be warm and snug with his arms free and he LOVES it. Whenever he's the slightest bit fussy, I can slip it over whatever outfit and he's pacified and off to sleep.”

  • Available sizes: Small (0-3 months) and Medium (6-9 months)


The Best Sleep Sack For Toddlers

TOG Rating: 0.5

If your toddler is anything like mine, blankets will undoubtedly end up anywhere but on top of them by the morning. The good news is there's a solution: this toddler version of a sleep sack — yep, another one by HALO — can't be kicked off, so those wiggle worms will stay warm throughout the night. It has foot holes so your little one can freely use their feet to walk around before bed (or to go potty), yet the blanket itself is roomy enough for them to tuck their feet in while they're off in dreamland. Reviewers mentioned it has also helped curb crib escapees because they can't quite get their legs high enough to climb out. It's made from 100% polyester, which like cotton, is still breathable enough to keep from them from overheating.

Glowing review: “My toddler was able to wear this comfortably for 2 years. After many washes, it is still in great condition! He loves the car picture and feels comfortable and secure. It has helped him sleep soundly without blankets (he threw them off). [...] Great value!”

  • Available sizes: 2/3T and 4/5T


The Best Toddler Sleep Sack For Extra Warmth

TOG Rating: 1.0

This sleep sack is basically a thicker, warmer version of the previous pick above, so it works well for colder temperatures. My 1-year-old son uses this sleep sack and he loves it. We live in an area that gets cold at night and his room isn't well heated. Before purchasing this, he was waking up at least once a night, and now he sleeps soundly likely because he's nice and snug. Personally, I love the soft feel of the fabric, but I still layer pajamas on him at night. During his daytime naps, though, all he needs is a shirt and diaper underneath. It's machine washable and the microfleece material allows it to dry quickly.

Glowing review: “I love it. My son loves it too. It keeps him warm at night and I don't need to worry about him kicking it off the bed. It's big and spacious and it will last for at least another year for the size. Great sleep sack”

  • Available sizes: 2T-3T and 4T-5T


Also Nice: This Sleep Suit To Ease The Transition From Swaddle To Sleep Sack

TOG Rating: not provided

Besides a sleep sack-swaddle combination, a sleep suit is another great way to help transition your baby beyond the swaddle. It keeps them comfortably restricted but they have the ability to wiggle their hands and feet. The suit is designed with a double zipper that zips from the bottom up to make it easy to get your child in it. This version is made from 100% cotton, so it's thick but still breathable (there are also microfleece options available). For added safety, it the neckline is purposely sewn lower than normal, to reduce the danger of fabric covering their face. Although the suit is machine washable, several reviews mention that there's a potential for it to shrink, so consider washing it in cold water and air drying.

Glowing review: "As a mother of 4 month-old twins sleep is hard to come by. I needed something to help transition from the swaddle and help with this hideous 4-month sleep regression. Using this my daughter has been able to fall asleep when [I] put down in her crib instead of in my arms.”

  • Available sizes: 3-6 Months and 6-9 Months

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