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These Ridiculously Fun Sprinklers On Amazon Will Turn Your Backyard Into A Waterpark

When the weather heats up, the best sprinklers for kids are a great way to cool down. Kids’ sprinklers come in a bunch of fun and whimsical designs, and should be selected based on what your child would enjoy most. That said, the best sprinklers connect to standard garden hoses, are easy to set up, and are made of durable materials like thick plastic. As with all toys for kids, it’s important to select a sprinkler that is age-appropriate, so pay close attention to the manufacturer’s suggested age range.

From gigantic inflatable creatures that spew water to splash pads and kiddie pools with sprinkler attachments, kid-specific sprinklers come in a variety of fun shapes and sizes — and there’s a sprinkler out there to suit every child’s preferences. Beyond seeking a sprinkler that’s durable, age-appropriate, and easy to assemble, you should pick one that you think would appeal most to your child — a unicorn-shaped sprinkler for a magical creature enthusiast, for example, or a more interactive sprinkler for a kid who might quickly tire of running through a spray of water.

These seven sprinklers have glowing reviews on Amazon. Reviewers indicate that they are durable, easy to put together and use, and tons of fun for kiddos.

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A Gigantic Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler

Ages: 8 months+

This unicorn sprinkler from Jasonwell playfully spews water straight from the horn of the imaginary creature. And what's even cooler is that this pick is literally gigantic in size (it is approximately 82.6 by 33.5 by 65 inches). With a solid 4.4-star rating on Amazon, tons of parents on the site indicate that their little ones adore this magical sprinkler.

The sprinkler connects to all regular-sized garden hoses and is made of a thick plastic material that won’t easily pop. This pick comes with four stakes to ensure that it won't blow away once inflated.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This unicorn sprinkler has probably been one of the best purchases I've made in my life. My kids absolutely love this thing and will play all day long if I let them. It's easy to inflate, as I use an electric air pump, and stays inflated during use. It is made of a thicker plastic material that's durable enough to withstand my toddler terrors path of destruction. This just hooks up to my garden hose and the water sprays from the horn. [...] I'd definitely buy this again, and probably will if/when something happens to ours."


A Whimsical Flower Sprinkler With Multiple Spouts

Ages: 3+

Melissa & Doug makes some of the best kids toys, and this whimsical flower sprinkler from the brand certainly hits the mark. With more than 925 reviews on Amazon and a solid 4.1-star rating overall, reviewers love the fact that this outdoor sprinkler is both adorable and well designed. The sprinkler features a bright bouquet of pink, fuchsia, and violet flowers that reviewers describe as “soft” — aka they likely won't hurt if your child accidentally runs into them. Each flower shoots out water, and you can adjust the water pressure to make it spray higher or lower. The sprinkler connects to all standard hoses.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This is such a fun summer activity! The kids love running through this sprinkler. It gently sprays in all different directions, and the rubbery flowers don't hurt their little feet as they are running by. The kids laugh the whole time they are outside running through this sprinkler...this provides endless fun on a summer day!"


A Hydrant Sprinkler That Sprays Water 8 Feet Into The Air

Ages: 3+

This Fun Splashers fire hydrant sprinkler may be small in size (it's just 8 inches tall), but when you turn it on, you’ll be thrilled with how high it can shoot water — up to 8 feet in the air! Best yet, the sprinkler spins, spraying water all over the yard for tons of watery fun. For just $13, it doesn’t get much better than that.

The sprinkler is made of hard plastic, attaches to any standard garden hose, and comes in three bright colors.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "So Fun! After opening the box and seeing this little plastic toy I didn't expect much but the good reviews are correct this sprinkler is great! With the hose on full it shoots and spins water up and out 8-10 feet! Kids are having a blast!"


An Inflatable Rainbow Sprinkler That Rains Water Down

Ages: 18+ months

Kids of all ages will have an absolute blast getting wet as they play under this Splashin'kids inflatable rainbow sprinkler. The bright and colorful sprinkler is made from a heavy-duty PVC material, so it’s super durable. The sprinkler easily attaches to any standard garden hose.

Reviewers on Amazon indicate that their entire household has enjoyed the sprinkler; at a whopping 86 inches wide, this pick is certainly family-sized.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This is a great sprinkler! after buying the basic sprinkler for years we decided its time for an upgrade. the kids love the bright color rainbow and running through. Perfect for hours of fun and a lot cheaper then having to get a pool. Would highly recommend. Definitely a quality product. Easy set up and kids love it!"


A Spinning Sprinkler That Shoots Water In All Directions

Ages: 4+

This Tidal Storm sprinkler spins and chaotically sprays water in all directions. The sprinkler features six wiggle tubes (made of a soft rubber) that send water soaring through the air every which way! Kids can even grab hold of the tubes and control the direction of the water themselves, making for even more interactive play.

The sprinkler easily connects to a standard garden hose.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Our kids love this. It’s durable. Hours of fun! We’ve had it a few months now and it’s lasted better [than] any others we have bought."


A Splash Pad With Sprinklers For Young Kids

Ages: 6+ months

This splash pad from SplashEZ makes for the perfect first sprinkler for young kids. The splash pad has multiple fountain sprinklers that gently spray water into the air, so your little one can get accustomed to water play time. The pad’s base even features the ABCs and cute animal designs, allowing your little squirt to soak up some knowledge, too. The splash pad is BPA- and phthalate-free, spacious in size (it has a 60-inch diameter), and it connects to standard-sized hoses.

With more than 1,600 reviews on Amazon and a solid 4-star rating overall, plenty of parents have used this pick and can attest that it is super fun for little ones.

This pick comes in a colorful balloon-print design, too.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This has become our FAVORITE go-to toy in my home. It gets pretty hot in the south and my son and his little friends love splashing around in the water to cool down and have fun! I love the educational aspect that they are also pointing out all the letters they are learning. It is also compact so does not take up much storage space when not in use. Seriously this is one of those items I am recommending to all my mom friends, it's a lifesaver on hot days."


An Inflatable Pool With A Built-In Sprinkler

Ages: 2+

This Intex inflatable play center will literally transform your backyard into a mini waterpark. The inflatable play center is dinosaur-themed, and features a bunch of different play elements that are fun for all ages. Your kids will love sliding down the slide (don’t worry, it has a soft landing pad), playing underneath the arch that sprays water, trying to master the ring toss game, and rolling balls down the shoot. And if your kids only wants to use the sprinkler element of this pick, the arch with the sprinkler attachment is actually movable, so it can be enjoyed outside of the pool — just hook it up to any standard garden hose.

Once inflated, this pick is approximately 131 by 90 by 44 inches in size (length by width by height), and holds about 74 gallons of water.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "My two year old daughter and all her friends love this pool! It was such a great deal that I couldn't pass it up and I'm so happy I made this purchase. It takes awhile to inflate, but ours has been blown up for a couple weeks and still hasn't needed any extra air. The pool is big... is say 2-3 toddlers could have plenty of room to play in it together all at once. We've even had some older kids play in it. Plus, I can fit too which is amazing since I'm currently pregnant in the middle of summer! I really don't have anything negative to say about this product!"