Your Little Helper Will Reach New Heights With These Step Stools For Toddlers

Trust me, your increasingly independent toddler is going to need a step stool. My 2-year-old son loves being able to reach things himself using one of the best step stools for toddlers, and I'm petite and end up using it all the time, too. To find the best one for your family, make sure it fits with your room decor and is high enough for your child to reach the area in question, whether it's a sink, counter, or toilet.

Step stools for toddlers are typically made of plastic or wood. Plastic is lightweight and easy for your toddler to carry around the house. Plastic also tends to be more affordable and effortlessly wipes clean, especially in bathrooms. A wooden step stool is durable and can be a better fit with your home decor; you may consider the added weight of wood a positive for keeping the stool more sturdily in place, especially if your little one is in a throwing-things phase.

Step stools typically have one or two levels. A two-step stool is useful as your little one grows, and a stool with rails and adjustable step levels can help your toddler get up to the bathroom sink or the kitchen counter. For added peace of mind, some step stools have texture or grip on the steps, as well as non-skid grip on the feet of the stool. And if you don’t have the space to keep a step stool out, I’ve included an option that conveniently folds away for storage.

Since you may be thinking that your stool would also be perfect for the adults in your home, make sure you pay attention to the weight limit for each.

Below are seven highly rated stools on Amazon, including great picks for small spaces, siblings, and gifts.

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This Potty Step Stool

This step stool for toddlers is made of sturdy and lightweight plastic so it's portable enough to use anywhere around the home. The non-slip base and textured dots on the step add grip and stability for your little one. This pick is 5 inches tall, and the curved shape fits around the base of a toilet for your potty-training toddler.

This stool is highly rated on Amazon with more than 1,500 reviews, and conveniently, it requires no assembly. And it has a weight limit of up to 175 pounds.

A helpful review: “This is the perfect size and shape for little ones using to learn the potty. I have a tall daughter who also uses it to brush her teeth. The top has little rubber dots that help grip when they stand on it and the bottom has rubber that keeps it from sliding on the floor. I don't think it's sturdy enough [to] support grown adults but works great for kids. I'm very happy with this purchase and think it's a great value. I'd def buy it again.”


An Affordable Two-Step Toddler Stool

If you have a younger toddler who is trying to reach a higher sink, try this two-step toddler stool. The first step is 5 inches high and the second step gives a boost of 10.5 inches; each one is wide and covered in non-slip rubber panels.

This plastic stool also has anti-skid rubber feet for added stability, and the dual heights work well for both younger and older toddlers. Handles on the sides allow you or your little one to move the stool around as needed, and it holds up to 396 pounds.

There's no assembly required with this highly rated stool, and several reviewers commented that they love the added height of this stool. Choose from white or pink.

A helpful review: “Perfect for my toddler. It’s her new best friend. She takes it everywhere around the kitchen, turning the lights off, washing her hands. Gives her a sense of independence. Very pleased with it. It's def better for having the dual height. Would recommend it.”


A Stylish Two-Step Wooden Step Stool

Here's a two-step stool for toddlers with an especially stylish aesthetic. The wooden stool features mint sides that fit in with most kid decor. The step heights are 5 and 10 inches, and the stool can hold up to 154 pounds.

This highly rated pick assembles quickly with the provided hex wrench, and you'll love that the steps have textured patterns for added grip. Plus, it has handles for easy carrying and is designed to not tip over.

A helpful review: “I wanted something cute and functional. This is it! My 21 mo old loves this stool. We have normal height counters with the raised bowl sinks. This allows my son to easily reach the raised sink to brush his teeth and wash his hands. Not slippery when wet. Easy to assemble, all the screws and the little tool was included. This has good weight to it and isn't flimsy. My toddler hasn't tried to move it yet but I don't see him lifting the stool, he would be able to easily drag it across the floor. Very happy with this bathroom stool.”


An Adjustable Toddler Step Stool With Rails

For even more options, this adjustable toddler step stool offers up to three height levels on the second step, from 11.5 to 14.5 inches. The first step is fixed at 8 inches high.

With built-in railings, wide handles, wide platforms, and rounded edges, this wooden stool offers your little one extra support for getting on and off the stool independently.

Reviewers report this stool is easy to assemble and find it useful for themselves, too; it holds up to 250 pounds. Keep in mind this larger stool takes up more room than others, but it would be useful around the house, especially at a kitchen counter for your mini sous chef.

This natural wood hue fits in anywhere, but this pick also comes in more than a dozen colors using nontoxic paints, including grey, white, and blue.

A helpful review: “This was a great addition to our bathroom so our toddler can stand at the sink and wash his hands or brush his teeth. It is very sturdy and the handles are great for both moving it around and keeping our high energy son focused on the task at hand. It is heavy enough not to tip or fall over, but easily carried. [...] The different height options are great as our children grow, and allow for multipurpose use. It is easy to change the heights, but has a strong security mechanism to ensure that the steps don’t come loose or move without focused intent."


This Folding Step Stool For Easy Storage

Tight on space? This folding step stool fits anywhere. It's a bit of a cult favorite with over 3,000 Amazon reviews, and this plastic stool impressively holds up to 300 pounds.

The 8-inch-high step has rounded corners for safety and a handle for easy carrying. Textured dots on the step add grip, and there's no assembly required to set this one up. When not in use, the stool folds into a slim shape for storage.

Choose from white, black, or blue.

A helpful review: “This handy stool is very well made with so many useful things you can do with it. Our toddler uses it to step up to the sink, get on the couch and bed and step up to the toilet. It is lightweight (but very sturdy) and super easy for our toddler to carry around and open and shut. [...] The seat or standing area on the top of the stool has rubber circles on it to prevent slipping as well as rubber pads on the bottom of the legs to keep it in place on the floor. It is very handy and compact for storage since it folds up flat. Great space saver to take with you in the car to go to parks, etc. [...]”


A Personalized Toddler Step Stool

This personalized toddler step stool is highly giftable with a colorful built-in puzzle of your little one's name. The wooden stool has a timeless look and feel, and the step is 9 inches high.

The highly rated stool holds up to 175 pounds and nontoxic, water-based paints are used for the letters. The stool requires only screwing in the legs to assemble.

One reviewer recommended adding rubber feet to the stool's legs to keep it sturdy in the bathroom. Keep in mind the stool has a maximum of eight letters (or seven if a space is required for two names).

A helpful review: “We are going on our third generation of these little stools! My mom gave my 10-month-old granddaughter, Hazel, one for Christmas - a sweet gift that will last forever. She already enjoys pulling up on it and playing with the letters. My four year old grandson uses his all the time; brushing his teeth, washing his hands and helping in the kitchen. It has even helped him learn how to spell his name."


A Unique, Tiered Step Stool For Siblings

If you have a couple of kiddos who need help reaching the sink, you'll want to take a closer look at this sibling step stool.

This plastic stool is wide enough to fit two little ones with split levels for younger and older toddlers or preschoolers. The taller step is 10.5 inches high, while the shorter step is 6 inches high. The whole thing holds up to 300 pounds and requires no assembly. The stool can also be used as a seat for your toddlers, which can be helpful when putting on shoes.

The stool has handles so it's easy to move around the house, and footprints on the steps make it obvious to toddlers where their feet should go while adding traction for stability. This highly rated pick also has anti-slip pads on the bottom for added stability.

A helpful review: “My 17 month old and 2.5 year old love it. Helpful at the kitchen sink to clean their hands or when they help out. So innovative. Don't need 2 separate stools.”