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The Absolute Best Toys For Keeping Your Toddler Entertained Outdoors

When the weather is nice, the best outdoor toys for toddlers help your little one stay engaged and entertained. These toys are typically too big, too active, or too messy to use indoors — which is why they're so exciting for your child. The best options are durable enough for outdoor use, easy to clean, and free of toxins or choking hazards. And because your toddler is still working on developing all kinds of essential skills and abilities, the toys should be designed for little ones in their age range, so they can safely (and without frustration!) enjoy their outdoor playtime.

Outdoor toys come in a number of categories. Toddler-oriented sports toys (like a plastic T-ball set) or playground structures (like a mini swing set) can be great for getting your little one's wiggles out. Vehicle toys like tricycles can serve a similar purpose. When it comes to sensory playtime, toys like sand and water tables or sidewalk chalk can stimulate one or more of the five senses, which is both fun and beneficial to your child's development.

These nine outdoor toys will surely be a hit with your child. These picks are all durable enough to withstand playtime outdoors and come in a range of prices for any budget.

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A Kiddie Pool With Sprinklers

Ages: 6 months and up

Recreate your little one’s favorite splash pad at home thanks to this SplashEZ sprinkler. The 60-inch base has a bunch of fountain sprinklers that blast water straight into the air, providing the perfect opportunity for a quick cool-down when the temperatures are blazing. And the sprinkler's base is literally the cutest; it features all of the letters of the alphabet and an assortment of different animals.

The sprinkler is highly durable and free of both BPAs and phthalates. It's also available with an image of balloons or a world map on the base.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This has become our FAVORITE go-to toy in my home. It gets pretty hot in the south and my son and his little friends love splashing around in the water to cool down and have fun! I love the educational aspect that they are also pointing out all the letters they are learning. It is also compact so does not take up much storage space when not in use. Seriously this is one of those items I am recommending to all my mom friends, it's a lifesaver on hot days."


A Set Of Sidewalk Chalk

Ages: The manufacturer doesn’t recommend a specific age range, however, similar products are recommended for kiddos 3 years and up.

Let your toddler express their creativity with this sidewalk chalk set from Fat Zebra Designs. The set comes with six pieces of chalk in a range of bright and fun colors — including neon pink, neon green, neon yellow, red, blue, and yellow — so your toddler can make masterpieces on the pavement. The chalk is washable (wipe it off with a damp cloth or with a quick spray of water), dust-free, and nontoxic. Reviewers on Amazon gave this pick a near-perfect star-rating, indicating that this chalk has kept their toddlers entertained for hours on end.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "These chalks are perfect! Bright and durable for little hands. They arrived in perfect condition and are exactly what I was hoping for. Best customer services ever! Thanks so very much. My preschool class will love creating with these."


A Mini Basketball Hoop

Ages: 18 months to 5 years

With more than 6,000 reviews on Amazon and an impressive 4.7-star rating overall, it's clear that this Little Tikes basketball hoop is a favorite outdoor toy for toddlers. And it makes sense that people are into it; the hoop can literally grow with your toddler — it adjusts to six different heights ranging from 2.5- to 4 feet — so they can enjoy dunking and dribbling for years to come. It's also a pick that friends or siblings can enjoy together, so your toddler can practice sharing and cooperating in addition to working on their motor skills and coordination.

Before your toddler plays with this hoop, the manufacturer recommends adding sand to the base for stability. And the hoop is easy to clean — simply wipe it down or spray it with a hose to remove any grime.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "My two year old can’t get enough of this, and it’s actually fun for the whole family. It was really easy to assemble and the adjustable height grows with the child. It comes with three balls and we’ve also been using small plastic balls we already owned, which adds a bit of challenge (lighter/heavier balls demand different amounts of force). My son feels so proud to get the balls in the hoop, it’s been such fun to watch him develop great skills."


A Classic Cozy Coupe

Ages: 18 months to 5 years

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe has been around for decades, and it remains one of the coolest outdoor toys for toddlers. But these days, it comes with some pretty sweet upgrades. The car has a removable floor (so both younger and older kids can enjoy it) and a handle on the back for parent-controlled push rides. The high-seat back makes for a comfy ride, while the storage in the rear ensures that your little one will always have snacks within reach. The car comes with fun features like a faux ignition switch and an open-and-close gas cap so your toddler can get a feel for what it’s like to work a real car. The tires on the car are super durable — no breakdowns, here — and the front wheels even spin 360 degrees, so they're easy to maneuver. Amazon reviewers give this sweet ride a standout 4.7-star rating among 4,800 and growing reviews.

Made out of plastic, this cozy coupe is easy to clean; simply wipe it down or spray it with a hose. The car has a weight limit of 50 pounds.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "We bought this for my 20 month old granddaughter, for Christmas. It has made us her #1 grandparents, that's for sure! She enjoys this little 'Fred Flinstone' car! It has a floorboard that can be inserted for the younger children, that depend on you pushing them in the car, or you can remove the floorboard in case the child wants to push themselves in the car! Our granddaughter loves her little red coupe!"


A Sand And Water Table

Ages: 2 to 6 years

Let your toddler enjoy some sensory time with this Step2 play table, which features two different sides — one for water and the other for sand. The set comes with nine accessories for your toddler to enjoy. Watch as your little one uses their imagination to dig for pirate treasure in the sand or send the figurines down the ultra-fun spiral slide. The play table even has a nautical-themed umbrella, so your child will always be able to play in the shade.

When outdoor play time is done, place the cruise ship lid over the sand to keep it protected. The table holds up to 40 pounds worth of sand.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I have bought this table twice now for two of the toddlers in my life. They both love it! The mini umbrella is a game changer!"


A Slide That Folds Up For Easy Storage

Ages: 18 months to 4 years

With more than 10,400 reviews on Amazon and a solid 4.6-star rating overall, it’s clear that mommas on the site love this Little Tikes slide for their toddlers. The slide is 3 feet in length and features easy-grip handrails, so it is the perfect first slide for little ones. And when playtime is over, the slide can easily fold up for storage.

The slide can be used both indoors and outdoors, so long as it is placed on a soft and stable surface. To clean, simply wipe or hose it down. The weight limit for this slide is 60 pounds.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "PERFECT first slide for any toddler. My 20-month-old son absolutely loves this! The first day we had to place him at the top of the slide, 3 days later he was RUNNING up the steps and sliding down on his own over and over! He's had it for about a month now and every morning we go out to the backyard and he slides and slides. For such a simple toy he's finding new ways to play with it - he sends toy trucks or balls down the slide, he climbs to the top and sits to watch a plane in the sky, or he holds the sides to slide down very slowly. This is one of the best things I've ever bought for my son, possibly THE best toy he's ever had. I researched so many different slides before I bought this as I wanted one that was "just right" for a child his age and this is the perfect pick."


An Adjustable T-Ball Set

Ages: 18 months and up

This Little Tikes T-ball set is not only loads of fun, it also engages your toddler’s growing motor skills and coordination. The tee is adjustable in height, so your kiddo can continue to use it as they grow. The set comes with a bat and five balls. And when play time is up, the tee is designed specifically to hang on the wall, which is great if you have limited storage space.

Amazon reviewers gave this pick a near-perfect star-rating on the site, with tons of reviewers indicating that the bat is lightweight enough that even young toddlers can play with it. Since the entire set is made of plastic, it's easy to clean with a quick spray of the hose or wipe down.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I bought this as a present for my sons 2nd birthday. I'm very satisfied with it and my son loves is. Even though it is made of plastic and is pretty lightweight, it stays up right when he swings at the ball. I also appreciate that it came with 5 balls, because this gives him an opportunity to take multiple swings before having to collect them. Also, the bat is lightweight so he can hold it up and swing, but it is made of strong material so he can't damage it - even hitting it against the brick house!"


A Cute Character Trike

Ages: 2 to 5 years

With more than 6,800 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating overall, tons of reviewers reported that this Fisher Price trike is the best first ride for little ones. The trike features a wide wheel base, easy-grip handlebars, durable tires, and big foot pedals. The comfy seat also lifts to reveal a super secret storage compartment — pretty cool, right?

If your toddler isn’t a fan of the Thomas and friends characters, this pick also comes in Barbie, Dora and friends, Kawasaki, and Harley Davidson designs.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This bike is awesome. I purchased it for my nephew, now all of the kids in my family want one and they fight over this bike every weekend and at every family function. Lol. Easy to assemble, easy for children to learn how to ride and have interactive play."


A Swing Set With A Slide

Ages: 1 to 3 years

Swing, climb, slide — your kiddo will enjoy doing all of these things on this Little Tikes swing set. Perfect for toddlers, the set features a slide with a gentle slope for soft landings. The easy-to-climb rock wall is great for beginners, and the swing has a three-point belt for safety. The little clubhouse below the slide is fun for toddlers to climb and peek through. All in all, reviewers on Amazon were pleased with this purchase and indicated that it is totally worth the price tag.

The whole swing set is easy to clean: simply wipe it down or spray it with a hose. It has a 45-pound weight limit.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "This product is perfect for my fourteen month old granddaughter. She loves the swing, and looks forward to playing with it every time she goes outside to play."