The 9 Biggest Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Making Without Even Realizing It
by Luisa Colón

The tragedy of makeup mistakes is not knowing you’ve committed a major fail until after the fact. Maybe you’re looking back at a selfie and realizing your smoldering cat eye was slightly skewed. Or maybe one of your friends publicly calls you out for applying more lipstick to your teeth than your actual lips, leaving your face as red as your mouth. The aforementioned mistakes, however, are often one-off errors. It’s the consistent makeup mistakes that you need to worry about.

When it comes to certain techniques, you may not know you’re making a mistake because your friends aren’t makeup savvy enough to notice it. You make think your contouring skills make you look like a model, when in actually they may you look more like a clown (but a super glamorous clown, of course). And this sucks because, after all, you wear makeup to look your best. But unless you can boast Kim Kardashian’s tutorial-worthy makeup skills, everybody makes mistakes.

Fortunately, these mishaps can be fixed with a little practice (and perhaps some helpful tutorials.) From foundation faux pas to lipstick struggles, here are nine common makeup mistakes many women make – and super simple ways to fix them.


Putting Lipstick on Dry, Cracked Lips

The key to smooth, evenly colored lips is exfoliating and moisturizing. Marie Claire recommends exfoliating your pout to help remove the dead skin cells. For persistently dry, flaking lips, lay down some lip balm immediately after you exfoliate to hydrate your lips and then allow a few minutes for it to sink in before you apply lipstick.  

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Not Using Primer

Maybe you’ve shied away from primer because it sounds like something meant for your walls and not your face. But this tool is necessary for creating a flawless look. Applying primer to your eyes, face and lipsnot only enhances the effects you’re trying to create, but makes it all last longer, too.

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Sleeping With Makeup On

I could search out quotes from the experts here, but drawing on personal experience feels sufficient. When I go to sleep with makeup on, I feel gross. I wake up with a stained pillow case, clogged pores, and the always attractive racoon eyes. There are plenty of makeup removers on the market, so find the right one for your skin and take three minutes to wipe the paint from your face. You’ll rest better know that you’re falling asleep with a sparkly clean face.

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Slathering On Too Much Blush

No one ever intends to look like a circus clown in the throes of a very high fever. But sometimes that’s what happens when you over-apply a blush that’s a tad too dark for your skin tone. Benefiting from the flattering effects of blush is a two-step process that involves finding the right shade (which may vary depending on the time of year) and then learning how to put it on properly (hey, that’s what makeup tutorials are for!)

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Choosing the Wrong Under-Eye Concealer

An under-eye concealer that clashes with your skin tone grabs just as much attention – if not more – than those damn dark circles. In addition to selecting a concealer that blends into your skin, find one that’s lightweight and light-reflecting in order to brighten and moisturize under the eyes without drawing unwanted attention to it.

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You’re Putting That Concealer On All Wrong

Instinct may tell you to apply concealer under your eyes in a crescent shape. Unfortunately, this is one of those times when your gut instinct is wrong. Cosmopolitan explains that applying concealer in a triangle shape is the way to go because it will brighten up the entire area around your eye.  

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Going Overboard With Trends

You may be besotted with the latest makeup trends, but remember to keep the purpose in perspective. When done correctly, strobing should give you the glow of an angel (or, if you’re a pro, Beyonce), not the pasty appearance of a ghost. Similarly, if you want big, bold eyebrows, don’t overdo it or you might get unwanted Groucho Marx-type results. Whatever the trend, don’t be afraid to watch a tutorial or practice a few times at home before you take the look out of the house.

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Wearing Lipstick on Your Teeth

No one wants to stain their teeth along with their lips, but it happens all the time. And if you’re wearing a scarlet shade, any rub-off is going to be much more noticeable against your pearly whites, Alan Farer, the Vice President of Color Research and Development at Coty tells Cosmopolitan. Luckily, there’s a very easy preventative measure that simply involves your index finger and what some might consider an obscene gesture (fun!).

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Slathering On Too Much Everything

In your joyfulness at knowing the correct ways to apply makeup like primer and concealer and what-have-you, you may go overboard in putting it all on. Just because you know the right way to use the right products doesn’t mean you won’t end up with the dreaded Cake Face. Allure recommends taking a moment to remove any excess makeup with a damp sponge.

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Images: Kaboom Pics/Pexels; Giphy (9)