Ryan Plummer/Hallmark

This Hallmark Rom-Com Stars Real-Life Lovers But Can You Guess Who?

Casting is an integral part of any good movie or series — and maybe particularly for Hallmark movies. Without a stellar cast to sell the plot, are you really going to believe these two long-lost lovers are really going to find their way back to each other? A new Hallmark confection, set aboard a luxury yacht, is no different, but luckily the All Summer Long cast is up for the job.

All Summer Long follows Tia (Autumn Reeser) and her ex, Jake (Brennan Elliott) when Tia lands her dream job captaining a dining cruise, then learns Jake will be head chef on the same ship. Their relationship ended abruptly 12 years earlier, but both are left wondering if they'll be able to "navigate the sea, and each other." The two manage to get along (and maybe even reunite sparks), just as a huge snafu endangers the fate of the voyage. Jake and Tia must learn to work together to get through it, but whether it's enough to recapture what they once had, that remains to be seen.

So without further ado, here are all the actors in the latest Hallmark flick, since I'm sure you've been wondering where you've seen one or two of them before.

Autumn Reeser

Reeser is no stranger to the Hallmark Channel. In fact, she also starred in Love on the Menu which aired in February, opposite Kavan Smith and Barbara Niven. But there's more. Reeser is also a busy mom whose Instagram highlights the delicate balance between acting and family time.

Anne Marie DeLuise

DeLuise plays Julie on the Hallmark movie, and if she looks familiar, it's probably because she's been a prolific actor since the early '90s. She's appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows including Pretty Little Liars and Smallville.

Brennan Elliott

Elliott stars opposite Reeser as new chef, ex-boyfriend, Jake on All Summer Long. He, too, has been cast in other Hallmark films, as well as TV shows like UnREAL, Criminal Minds, Rizzoli &Isles, and more. Seeing as Elliott's career began way back in 1991, you've probably caught this Alberta, Canada native's talent somewhere.

Peter DeLuise

DeLuise, who, yes, is married to costar Anne Marie DeLuise, plays Roland on All Summer Long, though he is mostly known for Stargate SG-1 and 21 Jump Street, according to IMDb. He and wife have appeared in multiple projects together over the years. And since he also directed this film, perhaps their real-life love story gave it a little boost in the romance department.

Christopher Russell

Russell is another Canadian and fellow Hallmark alum, in this film playing Bennett. Previous roles of his include Flashpoint, Supernatural, and Van Helsing, to name a few. You might've even caught him on the BH90210 reboot as a pig farmer. His Instagram page shows his love of animals, and to be honest, that's my favorite part.

If the cast isn't enough to pull you in to All Summer Long, think of the potential with a ship at sea, an ex-boyfriend, and possible shenanigans that could ensure. You might even be inspired to set off on a high seas adventure of your own.

All Summer Long premieres on Aug. 24 at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark.