The 'Allied' Trailer Starring Brad Pitt & Marion Cotillard Tells A Complicated Love Tale

This Thanksgiving weekend moviegoers have more than turkey to look forward to thanks to Paramount Pictures. Robert Zemeckis' Allied trailer starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard has arrived, and let's just say this WWII romantic action-thriller is definitely one you'll want to catch later this year. According to Time, the film "looks to be one part Casablanca, one part Mr. and Mrs. Smith, all parts old-fashioned old-Hollywood throwback." Sounds pretty good, right?

In the trailer, viewers meet intelligence officer Max Vatan, played by Brad Pitt, and French Resistance fighter Mariana Beausejour, played by Marion Cotillard. The two are on the same side of the war, fall in love, and escape back to London post-war. They start a family and everything seems to be going well. Then, Pitt's character Max gets news that his wife and mother of his child may be a German spy. If she is, he is ordered to execute her. That's when things get complicated.

The two on-screen forces have a steamy relationship in the film, which is only going to get darker and more complicated once Max starts to suspect his wife of being a spy. According to his superiors, in the span of 72 hours, Max will discover if the mother of his child is actually on his team, or playing for the Nazis.

In the trailer, the first thing we hear is Mariana's footsteps as she walks out of a building. Then, right after Max hears the news that his wife might be a spy the faint sound of footsteps plays throughout the rest of the trailer. The rhythmic undertone sounds a lot like Nazi soldiers marching. The footsteps work as the broken record that haunts Max as he tries to determine whether his wife is actually who he believes her to be.

We've already seen Marion Cotillard fill the shoes of a double agent in The Dark Knight Rises. Will she walk the same line here? Based on the musical cues, the answer very well could be yes.