The 'Baby Boss' Trailer Proves You Don't Have To Be An Adult To Call The Shots

It's a boy! Get ready to fall in love and become suspicious all at the same time. In the new trailer for Boss Baby, starring Alec Baldwin, we find out that 7-year-old Tim Templeton leads a perfect life, that is until his parents bring home a blonde-haired baby bro. Imagine Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother being zapped by a shrink ray, with Stewie Griffin's attitude, and he's what you get. The newborn wears a suit and has a miniature briefcase the size of a build-a-bear accessory. Yet, audiences soon learn that the infant is as adorable as he is manipulative.

The DreamWorks Animation film is a play on every kid's worst nightmare: to be out-shined and replaced by a new baby. This film takes that concept to the next level. In the trailer, Tim overhears his new sibling having an adult conversation on an alleged toy phone from the hallway. He barges in the room to find that the youngster isn't as innocent as he looks. The jig is up, so the baby boss can show his true colors — colors that turn out to be darker than baby blue.

After Tim discovers that the baby can say a lot more than "goo-goo, ga-ga," the mini man pulls a wad of cash from his diaper. I guess he learned a thing or two from watching Tommy in The Rugrats. The tiny tyrant proceeds to throw cash on his older brother's face treating him disrespectfully like a bad boss treats an intern.

"Get me a double espresso, and see if there's some place around here with decent sushi. I would kill for a spicy tuna roll right about now" he demands as he adjusts his tie. He's so mean, but so darling, like a human Chihuahua. By the way, first Storks, and now Boss Baby? The big screen is being taken over by little ones.

And wow! Madagascar's Tom McGrath sure got Alec Baldwin's facial expressions down in the flick. Look at that mouth droop and raised eyebrow. We've seen this look before, yes? Yes, as previously mentioned Baldwin rocked the vote, before rocking the onesie.

See who is boss on March 31, 2017.