Remember That Baby & Dad Having A Convo? They're At It Again In This Sweet Denny's Ad

There's nothing quite like those early days before a child really starts talking, when babies babble and appear to believe they're really communicating. Parents know exactly what I'm talking about — those moments when a toddler is gesticulating wildly with their hands, shouting and looking at you like you should just get it. It's adorable, and that's probably why the internet was so taken by a video showing a dad and his son chatting away like best buds. It was so popular, in fact, that the baby and dad having a full convo in that now incredibly viral video have starred in an adorable Denny's commercial.

The sweet video of the commercial was tweeted out by Denny's on Father's Day, and featured yet another adorable conversation between the father-son duo. The dad — a stand-up comedian who goes by DJ Pryor, according to ABC 30 — and his 19-month-old son Kingston are seen sitting in a booth at the restaurant, as one does when they visit the eatery. Naturally, the baby dominates the conversation with cues from his dad. The little guy can be seen swinging straws around, and even adorably sharing his breakfast with his father.

The video concludes with the father thanking his son for "bringing daddy here," adding, "I appreciate you." As if he understood completely, the little boy stands to hug his father and rest his head on his shoulder.

"Is this your grand finale? 'Cause if so, you buttered me up. You got me," the boy's father says in the clip.

Honestly, same. There's nothing sweeter than hugs from your little ones, especially because they can become scarce as kids get older.

The original viral video of the dad and baby chatting away was posted on Facebook by user Shanieke Pryor, and quickly spread across the internet. The video, which showed the boy chatting away with his dad while they watched a season finale on television together, got more than 58 million views on the social media platform.

The little boy in the video says something to his dad early in the clip, to which his father smiled and asked if he understood what was happening in the show. The boy delivered a clear and concise, "No," before going back to babbling and bantering with his dad. At one point the baby gestures excitedly at the screen as if in shock at what had just happened on the show. His dad reacted, asking, "Really? I was thinking the same thing. We think a lot alike, huh?" The baby quips back, "Bye bye bye."

The viral video isn't just adorable, it also serves as an example of how we should all be engaging with young children. While it may be tempting to use baby talk on a child, a recent study conducted by York University in the United Kingdom found that children who were exposed to lots of adult conversation from a young age had better cognitive abilities when they got older. Adult conversation boosted their language skills, and improved both their drawing and overall creativity.

Speaking to children like adults, to a degree, is more than just sweet and hilarious. It can give your kids a leg up down the road, when they're actually chatting away. That's not to say that you shouldn't ever speak to children like, well, children. That would be weird. But you should absolutely engage their attempts at conversation while language skills are being developed, and encourage them to keep at it — just like the dad in the viral video.

With all that said, is anyone else craving Denny's suddenly?