'The Bachelor' Says If You Can Cook You Can Get Married, & People Aren't OK With This

Most of the things you learn from The Bachelor shouldn't really be applied to your dating life. If people got their romantic tips from Chris Harrison, love would require extremely expensive aerial dates and accepting a proposal from someone after knowing them for two months. But tonight, The Bachelor told fans if you can cook you can get married, a "life lesson" will forever go down as one of the most Bachelor-y things that has ever happened on the show.

On Ben's first group date in Mexico City, he took the women to an indoor market where they were tasked with finding the ingredients to a recipe, then creating that recipe for two cooks to judge. Before presenting their completed meals to the cooks, one of them told the women that in Mexican culture, they can usually tell if a woman is ready for marriage based on whether she knows how to cook.

Cue every woman talking about their cooking skills in hopes that Ben will notice their readiness for marriage.

Though I have no beef with traditional Mexican culture, I couldn't help but do a million eye rolls at how much this sentiment seemed to dictate the rest of the date. If it's bad enough that 10 women are on a date with one man, cooking their way to his heart, they need to be reminded that their marital worth will be judged on whether or not they can perform "wifely duties."

As you can imagine, Twitter had a field day with that piece of advice.

Stay tuned for Ben's next group date where the girls compete to see who can clean the mansion the best, and make a sandwich the quickest.