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Here's What 'The Bachelor' Star Katie's Instagram Tells Us About Her

After Elyse's dramatic self-elimination in Week 5, Colton is down to his final 12 contenders for the final rose. Some of those women have gotten a lot more screen time than others, thanks to this season's lively feuds. But Katie, the 26-year-old medical sales rep from Sherman Oaks, hasn't made a single enemy. While many women lean into their villain narratives by poking fun at themselves on social media — a cunning PR move, for sure — The Bachelor star Katie's Instagram confirms that she really was there to make friends (and find love). She posts tons of group shots, usually with glowing captions about what a strong, fierce, closely knit squad she found on Season 23 of The Bachelor. It seems like she truly got along with her castmates and walked away with lifelong friends.

For the uninitiated, it may sound strange to hear that a couple dozen women vying for one man's affection (and an engagement ring) at the end of six weeks wind up being besties for years to come. But as any die-hard Bachelor fan will tell you, one of the best parts of the show is watching friendships develop amongst women in the house. Some argue it's a bigger draw for viewers than watching the romantic relationships develop. (And frankly, the friendships tend to last longer than the engagements.) Regardless of how you feel about the The Bachelor's realism, the experience of being on it is undeniably unique and tends to form strong bonds between people who have gotten through it together.

Aside from Katie's good relationships in the house, her Instagram points to a strong support system outside of it too; she has plenty of shots at friends' weddings, some cute moments with sibling, and, of course, plenty of LSU and LA pride. Here's a closer look at what we can glean from her Instagram.

She Genuinely Supports Her Castmates

One of Katie's sincerest Instagram dedications came on the night that Caelynn's heartbreaking story about being sexually assaulted in college aired. She posted a group photo affirming that she and her castmates always had each others' backs, no matter how alone they felt.

She's The Master Of Beach Pics

Last month, Katie attended a friend's wedding in Jamaica and one thing is for sure: this Bachelor contestant knows her way around a camera lens on the beach.

She Was A Dancer At LSU

Katie's ABC bio states that she was on the Louisiana State University dance team and she definitely still has a soft spot for both college football and throwbacks to her high kick glory days.

She's A Twin

Katie has a few photos posted with her brother Hank, who 2017's Christmas post revealed is actually her twin! A post from the previous month is affectionately captioned "Wittle brudder," so it looks like Katie wears her technically-older-sibling badge with pride.

She Loves LA

Katie is an LA transplant and her Instagram shows just how much she loves her adopted city. As one of three contestants Colton got to meet in a segment on Ellen before The Bachelor started filming, Katie told Colton that her dream date would include a trip to Malibu and a picnic at Pepperdine University. Both of those locations are featured on her Instagram account, along with shots of her at Venice Beach, Runyon Canyon, Big Bear Lake, and Big Sur. She's obviously staked her claim as a California girl.

How far Katie comes on this season of The Bachelor remains to be seen, but it looks like she's genuinely grateful for the experience no matter what.