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'Bachelorette' Fans Were Not Happy With That Mid-Episode Recap

After another installment of Luke P. drama in Week 6, The Bachelorette took a break from your regularly scheduled programming to do something different. It left the Latvia behind for a sit-down interview between Hannah B. and Chris Harrison in which they regurgitated everything viewers had already seen in the previous hour. And The Bachelorette recap episode was not a hit with fans on Twitter, as these reactions prove.

Many fans criticized the sudden swerve as a complete waste of time, though it didn't help that it followed on the heels of an already-frustrating episode. Fans were ready to say goodbye to Luke — as were the rest of the men in the house — but Hannah just couldn't seem to let him go. She was just as exhausted by all the squabbling as viewers may have been, though. It led to her giving all of her suitors a dressing-down after chugging some champagne, but apparently that didn't address the issue enough. The Bachelorette felt it had to do an in-depth analysis of events the audience had quite literally seen play out mere moments before. And that's where everyone's patience was truly tested, which resulted in some serious Twitter venting.

I'm Not Mad, I'm Disappointed

This fan's disappointment level exceeded a typical 1 to 10 scale, so you know it's pretty dire. Hopefully next week's episode will be able to tip the scales back.

Time's A-Wasting

Having to relive something you already saw after you just saw it is understandably exasperating — especially because it was a surprise. Fans kept waiting for the episode to get back on track, and it didn't.


Having to rely on fast-forward to get yourself through the less interesting aspects of an episode really says it all.

Nobody Likes A Clip Show

If the recap came at the end of the season, perhaps it would have a purpose. It would show how far Hannah had come. Instead, it felt redundant.

Just End It Early

It looks like some viewers would have been fine with a shorter episode if it meant less repetitive scenes.

Picture That Gif Of Lindsay Lohan Screaming "I'm Bored!"

I don't know if Chris Harrison's girlfriend would be on board with this Twitter user's shipping preferences. But he and Hannah sure do have a lot to talk about!

Previously On

Maybe someone who started watching the episode in the middle would have found the recap useful, but no one else could say the same.

Thanks But No Thanks

Somebody got played, that's for sure.

Second Verse Same As The First

It's like your own personal version of Russian Doll: reliving the same Bachelorette episode over and over again, with only minor differences!

Never Again

Considering the backlash against the mid-episode interview was swift and harsh, I doubt the show will be trying that format again in the future. Save all the sit-downs for the After the Final Rose special instead.

Better Luck Next Time

Uh, constructive criticism is a good thing, right? Let's write off all these tweets as some friendly, helpful advice about what the audience is looking for from this show.

Every episode of a TV show can't be a gem; there's bound to be a dud or two once in a while. Fans can stay positive, and hope that The Bachelorette gets back on track as Hannah's journey to find love continues.